Salesforce Marketing 101 for Non-Profits


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San Francisco Non-Profit User Group Meeting - May 8th, 2013

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Salesforce Marketing 101 for Non-Profits

  1. 1. Salesforce Marketing 101for Non-Profit OrganizationsSan Francisco Non-Profit User Group MeetingMay 8th, 2013
  2. 2. WelcomeBonny HinnersWifi = SFMHS@TheOldMint
  3. 3. Who Am I?... I’m Joshua HoskinsSalesforce MVP, Senior Consultant & Community Leader• Active in Salesforce Ecosystem since 2006• Blog• Process Engineering• Implementation/Solution Delivery• Data & Integrations Architect• Cast Iron, Jitterbit, Dataloader• Orlando Salesforce User Group Leader 2009-2012• San Francisco Developer User Group Co-Lead• Produced “Dreamforce To You!” 3 Years in a Row• Operations Producer for Orlando’s PRIDE Weekend – 3 Years• Contributed Salesforce Expertise to several Non-Profits Orgs
  4. 4. “Interactive” Agenda Introductions Salesforce Campaigns– Terminology– Preparation– Setup & Configuration– Standard Workflow Non-Profit Phone Banking Case Study Questions & Answer
  5. 5. Terminology Campaigns – Collection of People Campaign Members – Leads or Contacts in a Campaign Campaign Member Status – Status of Campaign Member [duh!] Responded – Campaign Member Status Response Indicator
  6. 6. Preparation Defining Campaign Goals– Lead Generation, Band Building, 360 Degree View– Email, Direct Mail, Events, Seminar Determining How to Target Campaigns– Who & How Categorizing Campaigns […]– Group/Split Messaging Tracking Campaign Responses– Tracking is KEY! Defining Campaign Access– Configuration
  7. 7. Categorizing Campaigns What specific types of campaigns do you run? Do you want to see how campaign are influencing yourcash flow? What type of advertisements do you run?
  8. 8. Tracking Responses Key to tracking ROI/ROE! Meaningful Statuses for each channel:– Web Form, Phone, Personal Email, Registration/Conference What type of advertisements do you run? Leverage the “Campaign Update Wizard”
  9. 9. Put it all together….Standard Campaign Workflow1. Create a campaign in Salesforce2. Create a list of individuals youll target with thecampaign3. Run the campaign either online or offline4. Track responses to the campaign5. Create reports to analyze campaign effectiveness
  10. 10. Show & Tell / Defining Campaign Access Marketing User Checkbox Creating a Campaign Managing Statuses Adding Campaign Members Changing Campaign Member Statuses Campaign/Member Custom Fields, Page Layouts
  11. 11. Case Study Organization Summary & Landscape Challenges for Non-Profit Marketing/Engagement Landscape of the Solution Screen Shots of Final Solution Summary of End Result
  12. 12. GroundswellMarketing/Engagement
  13. 13.
  14. 14.
  15. 15.  30 Staff Members 25 Users ~410,000 Leads ~3,500 Households ~5,000 Contacts ~771 Campaigns ~1600 Campaign Members
  16. 16. Marketing Challenges for Non Profits Information/Data Quality & Visibility Inflexible Systems / Scalability Reporting– On-Demand, Accurate & Repeatable
  17. 17. How Marketing Works at Groundswell
  18. 18. How Marketing Works at GroundswellBasic Definitions Lead/Contact – Person being asked to Action. Campaign – Marketing Initiative Campaign Member – Lead/Contact within a specific campaign.
  19. 19. How Phone Banking Works at Groundswell
  20. 20. Phone Banking Process1. Create Campaign2. Add Campaign Members3. Volunteer Views Information4. Volunteer Makes Phone Call5. Volunteer has a Conversation– Set/Confirm Appointments– Edit Contact Information– Add Notes6. Campaign Member is Updated7. …Repeat…
  21. 21. Solution Landscape Salesforce.comMarketing– Campaigns Customizations– Native Workflow– Sites– Visual Workflow– Apex & Visualforce Gotchas– 100+ VolunteersNeeding Access toSFDC Data
  22. 22. Demo
  23. 23. Sample Visual Workflow – Sample Input Interested inVolunteering? Which Activities? What Days? What Times? Customizable
  24. 24. Results / Output –On-Demand, Accurate & Repeatable
  25. 25. Campaigns Out of the Box
  26. 26. Useful Links Campaign Implementation Guide Campaign Influence Video– Import Call Lists into Salesforce (video)– Campaign Summaries Salesforce Marketing 101– Campaign Combiner by GroundWire (video) Answers–
  27. 27. Questions from the Singapore Non-Profit User Group We’d like to start using Campaigns in Salesforce, How do we linkOpportunities to our Campaigns. How, When & Why do I use Campaign / Campaign MemberRecord Types. How do I use campaigns to get more value?
  28. 28. How do you want to LeverageCampaigns in your Organization?Open Discussion
  29. 29. MVP Office Hours – This FRIDAY!MVP Office Hours provides another channel for advancedsalesforce administrators to engage with community advocatesvirtually via video conferencing to ask anything Whether you have a challenge you’ve been dyingto run by someone or want to have additional conversation aroundthe question you posted to Salesforce Answers this is the forum foryou to get real time feedback from subject matter experts.Next Session Session:Friday, May 10th, 20139:30am-10:30am PSTSession Capacity: 20 PeopleProposed Session Frequency: Bi-weeklyHow do you participate?Register prior to the session then Simply join the WebConference using the URL below, VoIP will be enabled, if youprefer to use the phone the dial in information will be displayedafter you join the session.Registration Link:
  30. 30. THANK YOU!