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HTC Android developers contest


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HTC Android developers contest

  1. 1. – client – project author 1st place “The most effective PR campaign” (2010) Project period: April – July 2010
  2. 2. Background HTC is officialy entering Ukrainian market and presenting theіr new smartphones based on Android OS. The main advantage of the modern smartphones is the possibilityto use localized mobile applications, which had become a part of daily life worldwide. At the time of HTC launch in Ukraine there were no Android applicationsfor Ukrainianmarket. Challenge: to ensure the emergence of localized mobile applications for Ukrainian users. How can we do it? By involving local developers!
  3. 3. Research and Planning At the time of campaign launch Ukrainian developers aren’t creating Android-applications. Why? — they don’t see any business opportunities in it; — number of Ukrainian users is still too low; —Android Market just recently opened in Ukraine and have not gained popularity. How to motivate developers? — We should answer a question: “Where is business?” Key messages of the campaign: — Android OS platform is #1 in the rate of growth, developing for Android is perspective; — Number of Android users in Ukraine will be growing, because Ukraine is one of the priority markets for HTC; — Foreign development success stories: Android can build a successful business.
  4. 4. Objectives — “heating up” the interest in the new HTC products; — positioning HTC devices as the best phones running under OS Android. — to create conditions for significantly increasing ammount of the localized Android apps; — motivating developers; — showcasing OS Android business opportunities for developers. Additional objectives
  5. 5. Decision — three stage strategy Starting Idea Contes — to stimulate interest for Android and give a tips for developers what apps users are waiting for; and Developers Contest — motivation for development of localized applications for Ukraine. Supporting existing Android activities and developers communities. Making several Master-classes for Android developers – helping to learn a platform and prepare for competition.
  6. 6. Implementation Project’s communication platform — Additional communication channels —
  7. 7. Implementation Experts and members of the jury Mediapartners — placed Contests’ banners and information materials — Pavlo Orlinsky, HTC regional director in central Europe, Russia and CIS countries — Dmitry Sholomko, Business Development Manager, Ukraine and Baltic States at Google — Roman Harhalis, editor “Computer Review” — Taras Mishchenko, editor, — Alex Taranenko, editor, — Sergei Mitjaev, editor, — Arseniy Finberg, Android-fan, “Interesting Kiev” coordinator Kyiv GTUG Center Along with local group of Google technologies users, educational program for developers was created. Thanks to Android experts involvement, we were able to provide comments on submitted ideas and apps very quickly.
  8. 8. Android Idea Contest — All ideas were judged and commented by Idea Contest Experts. — Top 30 ideas were selected by experts from all submitted ideas. — People voted for submitted ideas, to choose the best idea. 1st place: Wardrobe Organizer Author: Darina Ryazantseva Developers created five programs using ideas, submitted to the Idea Contest 406 ideas for Android applications were submitted to the Android Idea Contest
  9. 9. Android master-classes Master-classes topics: — There were 3 master-classes with 2 workshops attended by 10 speakers; — Total number of participants exceeded 500; — 360 participants watched master classes online. — Learning the basics of Android programming(practical workshop from professionals) — Making business in mobile applications, success stories, Android Market (from experienced market players) — Copyright and legal aspects for developers
  10. 10. Android Developers Contest Ukrainian Android-smartphone users got applications, that: 39 applications were developed. — show information about the places and events around; — monitor the info about fuel discounts at Ukrainian gasoline stations; — help to find taxi or bus; — help listening the radio; — help to book a hotel; — help to play with or nurse a child. App was reviewed by authoritative blog The best Android apps for your car 44 thousand downloads Period: 3 month (data for 09.10) 1st place: Parkdroid Author: Denis Zadorozhny
  11. 11. Results Contest’s site (01.04.10 — 21.07.10): ~ 15 thousand unique visitors, more than 2 thousand hours spent on site; ~ 33 thousand visits, 27 thousand – from Ukraine. . Story about the contest were placed on the main page of the most popular IT-community Received 39 applications and 400 Android app ideas. According to our data, it almost 5 times exceeds the number of local applications for iPhone. Total number of contests’ applications downloads exceeds 700 000* * data from Android Library, September 2010
  12. 12. Why this project is really effective? — HTC Android Developers Contest is the first project in Ukraine, which created a local market of mobile applications for OS Android; — the project formed the Ukrainian Android developers community and gave a push for its development; — free mobile apps were created for Ukrainian users during the project . Next steps: — HTC is planning to promote mobile applications and improve the culture of mobile applications usage; — company is planning to launch a second Android developers contest in Ukraine.
  13. 13. Communicationsagency HOSHVA PR is celebrating its 5th anniversary in autumn 2010. We managed to become one of the TOP PR-agencies in Ukraine for this period. Nowadays HOSHVA PR actively develops its Digital PR practice. Agency’s Digital PR practice provides Social Media monitoring and analytics, SM strategy development, creation and maintenance of SM accounts, SM policy development, online newsroom,web-site and social networks design, development control and launch. About us Oksana Hoshva, director +38(050)384-71-78 Skype: oksana.hoshva