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Flickr as a PR tool


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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Flickr as a PR tool

  1. 1. Flickr as a PR tool December, 2008
  2. 2. General info 1.  Flickr is a social media networking tool for PR 2.  It’s a way of sharing visual information 3.  Flickr is used for online branding 4.  … and also for events promotion 5.  It’s useful for building media relations 
  3. 3. What popular bloggers say about Flickr? Jeremiah Owyang, Web Strategy:   “The Technical Evangelist at Microso2, Robert Scoble,  frequently uploads pictures of products that he's passionate  about ‐ Microso2 products, see yesterday's photo. There are SO  many other examples, just be aware of it going forward ‐‐this is  a form of PR (which means relaGng to the public), whether it's  realized or not.” 
  4. 4. How to use Flickr in your PR-campaign? To illustrate your blog/article To promote your event To increase you linkability and SMO To stimulate a traffic for your blog/site To build a community of your blog readers in social media platform
  5. 5. Some tips Event •  Define and use one specific promotion tag for all photos from event •  Google and Technoraty SMO index Flickr photos •  You could create posters and PR other staff from your photos using Flickr tools •  Flickr provides a way of Blog sharing information – badgets and pictobrowser builder
  6. 6. How to use Flickr to promote your event? 1.  You could upload some photos ( or charts, schedules etc.) before event to illustrate some “starting discussion” topic, in that way you enable people to get more interested and involved. This is the power of visual information. 2.  You should create a set from your event photos and a group, so all participants could collaborate and share their photos after event. The most important thing here is to ask attendees to use specific tag for event. 3.  Create special set with photos for journalists, send them links, not megabytes of pictures (Flickr allows to upload high-quality photos).
  7. 7. Cases Offline/online event at SXSW Individuals were encouraged to take pictures of attendees badges, and then upload to flickr with specific tags. This is a form of viral event marketing. Future Marketing Summit Organizers use group photo gallery for participants collaboration and sharing. They managed to create a lot of positive buzz  Even Churches are using Flickr for marketing!
  8. 8. Useful links   PictoBrowser Builder   Spell with flickr   retrievr   Web Strategy: Flickr for Marketing, PR, and Online Demos   An Insider's Guide To Marketing On Flickr
  9. 9. Contacts: Kholodylo Kateryna new media relations manager