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Ambari Meetup: Architecture and Demo


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Ambari Meetup: Architecture and Demo

  1. 1. Welcome to Ambari User Group Meetup!April 2, 20131. Overview and Live Demo of Ambari – Yusaku Sako (Hortonworks)2. APIs and SPIs of Ambari (How to Integrate with Ambari) – Tom Beerbower (Hortonworks)3. Teradata ViewPoint Hadoop Integration with Ambari – Steve Ratay (Teradata)4. Ambari Futures – Jeff Sposetti (Hortonworks)5. Open Discussions Page 1
  2. 2. Apache Ambari: Mission“Make Hadoop management dead simple”1. Provision – Easy installation of Hadoop clusters (GUI-based or headless)2. Manage – Services: start, stop, test, reconfigure, config versioning, reassign masters – Hosts: add, decommission, remove – Stack Upgrade, HDFS Mirroring, Rolling Upgrade, more3. Monitor – Cluster utilization (HDFS, MapReduce slots, CS queues, system metrics) – Graphs and Heatmaps – Notification upon critical failures, warnings, performance degradation (NameNode down, HDFS capacity low, etc) – Job Analytics (MR, Pig, Hive)4. Integrate – REST API for doing ALL of the above! Page 2
  3. 3. Architecture Web Client REST API for 100% REST integration JS Ambari /clusters Web Configurable java Ambari Auth Provider Server Auth Provider Cluster REST APIConfigurations RDBMS Request Dispatcher AD/ LDAP DB User postgres Orchestrator SPI Repo Pluggable python Ambari Metrics Alerts Mirroring puppet Agents ganglia nagios ivory jmx Page 3
  4. 4. Ambari 1.2.2: Live Demo1. Managing and Monitoring a Hadoop Cluster using Ambari2. Installing a Hadoop Cluster using Ambari Page 4
  5. 5. Ambari Releases• Ambari 1.2.0 (released Jan)• Ambari 1.2.1 (released March)• Ambari 1.2.2 (RC available now; official release in a week)• Ambari 1.2.3 (target May)• Ambari 1.3.0 (target June) Page 5
  6. 6. Get Involved!• Project Website –• Ambari Users – Ask questions on the mailing list: – File bugs and enhancement requests on JIRA• Ambari Developers – Go over design docs and development guidelines – Build from source (see Wiki) – Contribute patches on JIRA Page 6