Final nctli in rural area


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Final nctli in rural area

  1. 1. PLANNING FOR A NCLTI IN A RURAL SETTING The Road to Technology Education
  2. 2. CURRENT LTI’S3 High Schools with FullOne to One LaptopEnvironment • GranvilleEarly College (140 students) • South Granville Campus (900 students) Discuss landscape of GCS Number of Schools • JF Webb Campus (1200 students)
  3. 3. OTHER INITIATIVES• Interactive Classrooms • TarRiver Elementary School- Model Technology• Computing Devices primary school • Laptops • iPads • iTouches
  4. 4. BOARD AND SUPERINTENDENT SUPPORT• Progressive Superintendent• Paperless Board Meetings• BOE Models Initiatives• Purchase Plan• Vision
  5. 5. LEADERSHIP• Principal must be at forefront• It’s more than the computer• Lead by example• Seeks innovation• Seeks opportunities for growth• Pockets of interest
  7. 7. DEPLOYMENT FORMS• 1:1 Handbook• Computer Care• Internet Safety Policy• Parent Consent Form• Laptop Insurance• Laptop Collection FormStation1 - Paperwork
  8. 8. DEPLOYMENT PROCEDURE• Dates Set - Paperwork-Laptop • Station1 Deployment Ticket• Online Registration 2 - Insurance and • Station• Organized Around 4 Locker, Bag Check Stations • Station3- Parent/Student• Community Involvement training and signatures 4- Receive laptop • Station and log in
  9. 9. INFRASTRUCTURE• Build a robust system• Have a professional site map• Test, Test, Test• Filter• Proxies
  10. 10. PARTNERS• Golden LEAF Foundation• SAS• Cisco• NC SERVE• Friday Institute• Glaxo Smith Kline
  11. 11. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT• Teachersreceived devices before students• Surveys • LOFTI, Self-Made, STNA • MOODLE Pages • Professional Development
  12. 12. TEACHING AND LEARNING Talk about Tech Tuesday program. Teachers share best practices Element on Teacher• Define purpose of Evaluation Instrument • Should be used to increase technology in the classroom. engagement and add depth to the curriculum.• Common belief shared across the entire staff. • Ongoingprofessional development.• Should not be “bells and whistles”. Stress importance of visiting other schools • Identify and utilize teacher leaders in professional development.
  13. 13. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT• LEARN NC “Teaching in a 1:1 Classroom”• LanSchool• Layout • Facilitative Arrangement • Engagement
  14. 14. POLICIES• Technology Management • Sole Source• Laptop Handbook • Care, Procedures, Day Users,• Internet Safety• Board Policies
  15. 15. COMMUNICATION• Community Support• Social Media• PTSO• Civic Organizations• Unified Message: • “Engaging Students
  16. 16. SUSTAINABILITY• Leadership, Leadership, Leadership• Four Year Purchase-Lease Agreement• Partnerships
  17. 17. LESSONS LEARNED• Plan for Monitoring and Supervision (LanSchool)• Damage Happens• Educate Students (digital citizenship)• PD must be content-based; not technology driven• Inventory Tracking System (Destiny)• Classroom Management (too harsh/too lenient)• Teachers as Facilitators (control)
  18. 18. NEXT STEPS• Archive Resources in One Location• PD Content Driven and Collaborative• Building Capacity in Teacher Leaders• Increasing 1:1 schools (feeder patterns)• Investigating Not Collecting Laptops