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  1. 1. 332356 HHC Catalog ~NJ 6/29/07 9:52 AM Page 2 HOME HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS Q U A L I T Y P R O D U C T S F O R A H E A LT H Y L I F E S T Y L E We have prepared this booklet to give you an idea of some of the products we carry that you might not be aware of. Please take a moment to look through it and please ask any questions you may have. If it’s not on the shelf, we are happy to order it for you.
  2. 2. 332356 HHC Catalog ~NJ 6/29/07 9:52 AM Page 4 CONTENTS Asthma & Allergy Bathroom Safety Home Care Beds Incontinence Lift Chairs Mobility Aids Orthopedic Supports & Braces Wheelchairs & Accessories Vascular Supports We are here for you. In these pages you will find a small sampling of the items that we offer. In addition to these categories, we also carry full product lines for all your home healthcare needs including: Blood Pressure Monitors Hot and Cold Therapy Ostomy Supplies Skin Care Urologicals Wound Care If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please ask.
  3. 3. 332356 HHC Catalog ~NJ 6/29/07 9:52 AM Page 5 ASTHMA & ALLERGY Asthma & Allergy Asthma is a disease of the airways in the lungs caused by a sensitivity to certain stimuli. When sufferers encounter these stimuli, their bodies produce mucus that blocks or obstructs air to the lungs. Symptoms include wheezing, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, and a cough lasting more than a week. People with asthma should understand that it is a serious condition. Receiving appropriate medical treatment will enable you to learn to live with this disease. Many asthma sufferers will be prescribed some form of medication, either administered daily or at the first sign of an attack. Different types of respiratory aids are available to help administer these medications and monitor their effects. Nebulizers turn liquid medication into aerosol, allowing it to reach all areas of the lungs and bronchi. Nebulizers can also administer antibiotics or bronchodilators. A peak-flow meter measures the exhaled force of the lungs. By using it, asthmatics can often prevent an attack by looking for early warning signs. Asthma sufferers can also “breathe easier” with the help of Air Purification Systems, Humidifiers, Vaporizers, and Inhalers. Your pharmacist can assist you in selecting the best device for your situation, and ensure that your doctor’s instructions are properly carried out.
  4. 4. 332356 HHC Catalog ~NJ 6/29/07 9:52 AM Page 6 BATHROOM SAFETY Bath and Shower Seats/Bathtub Transfer Benches Bath and Shower Seats provide a comfortable and safe way of bathing for those who have difficulty standing in the shower or tub. Bath and shower seats are adjustable and available with or without a back. Bathtub Transfer Benches help people who have difficulty stepping into and out of the tub safely. The seating area has holes for proper drainage and side rails provide support for an easier transfer. Height and width adjustments are available. Grab Bars Raised Toilet Seats Grab Bars act as handles Raised Toilet Seats help people who for people who have difficulty have difficulty bending or getting standing or balancing in any up and down from a regular toilet, area of the bathroom, providing enabling the user to sit without an additional measure of safety bending. Some seats include clips and stability in the tub and or brackets to help stabilize the shower, by the toilet, or on seat on the toilet rim. Padded any bathroom wall. seats and armrests are available on many products for additional security and comfort. Toilet Safety Frames Commodes Toilet Safety Frames help people Commodes act as bedside toilet use a standard toilet by providing facilities for those who have difficulty a secure and stable handgrip getting to the bathroom. Many are while sitting down or standing up. available with armrests for comfort Toilet Safety Frames have both and a secure grip. height and width adjustments and easily attach to the toilet.
  5. 5. 332356 HHC Catalog ~NJ 6/29/07 9:52 AM Page 7 HOME CARE BEDS Home Care Beds Durability, reliability, and comfort are all important factors in choosing a home care bed. You can select a fully automatic, semi-automatic, or manual bed to fit your specific needs. We also have a selection of bed rails, overbed tables, patient lifts, and other patient room furnishings. INCONTINENCE Learning About Incontinence Care Incontinence, the loss of bladder or bowel control, is a common condition that affects over 12 million people in North America, 85% of whom are women. The largest number of sufferers are the elderly, but incontinence also affects children, young adults, and about half of all first-time pregnant women. Many conditions and disorders can cause incontinence. Pelvic surgery or injuries to the pelvic region or spinal cord, neurological diseases, cancer, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, polio, diabetes, infection, loss of muscle tone, and an enlarged prostate gland in men are among the many causes of incontinence. Bed wetting is also a form of incontinence. Incontinence can cause anxiety, depression, and disruption of people’s lives, detracting from the quality of life. Many sufferers are unwilling to discuss the problem publicly because of embarrassment. Some sufferers lose self-esteem and isolate themselves for fear of ridicule. If you or someone you know is incontinent, remember that help is available for everyone, and there are many new techniques that can successfully treat all types of incontinence. Special products are also now available to manage even the severest occurrences of loss of bladder control. Your pharmacy personnel are trained and informed about the different products you may need, please ask us for help in selecting the products best for your situation.
  6. 6. 332356 HHC Catalog ~NJ 6/29/07 9:52 AM Page 8 LIFT CHAIRS Lift Chairs Lift Chairs help you get to an upright position both safely and easily. The entire chair rises for the ultimate support and positioning, while the continuous power recline feature helps you recline naturally. MOBILITY AIDS Crutches Canes Crutches are the most appropriate Canes are used by people who are independent walking aid when a person cannot enough to use a one-handed walking aid, people bear any weight on one leg, such with fairly good balance, and those who just as with a broken leg, ankle or foot. need some added stability. Canes come in many Standard underarm crutches fit shapes and sizes, with a variety of handles and under the arms and are adjustable. grips, durable hardwoods or strong aluminum Crutch accessories include tubing in many colors. Let us help fit you with handgrips, crutch pads, and the cane right for you. A number of accessories crutch tips. such as cane holders, wrist straps, and ice grips are available. Cane tips provide secure contact between the cane and the floor. Walkers Walkers help people remain mobile by providing assistance in walking. Walkers help with balance and provide a good deal of support. Available styles include folding walkers, wheeled walkers, seat walkers, and hemi walkers, which are designed for people who have the use of only one arm and hand. A variety of walker accessories are available such as walker baskets, pouches, and walker glides.
  7. 7. 332356 HHC Catalog ~NJ 6/29/07 9:52 AM Page 9 ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORTS & BRACES Orthopedic Supports & Braces We carry a wide variety of high-quality supports and braces to meet your home health care needs. Choosing the correct fabric for your injury or condition is important, and the following are a few tips to assist you in your selection. To choose between a neoprene or an elastic fabric, you need to consider whether you want to support the muscles or joints with or without heat retention. Neoprene can be applied to a joint or muscle for compression and support with retention of body heat. The area under the support becomes very warm because a neoprene fabric retains your neutral body heat and keeps your muscles loose and flexible. This can be very important in the prevention of injuries because warm muscles or joints may be less susceptible to injury than cold muscles. Neoprene should be the fabric of choice for people with arthritic conditions and for those who wish to prevent injury during sports or activity. An elastic fabric can be applied as a supportive compression after an injury to help reduce swelling and support damaged tissues. Supports made of this fabric can also be used for general support of weak, injured, or stiff joints and for acute or chronic conditions. WHEELCHAIRS & ACCESSORIES Wheelchairs & Accessories There are as many different wheelchairs available as there are needs. From the basic lightweight, folding chair for short term or part time use, to the more deluxe, thickly upholstered heavy duty models for daily use.
  8. 8. 332356 HHC Catalog ~NJ 6/29/07 9:52 AM Page 10 VASCULAR SUPPORTS Help for Your Legs You may have gone to your doctor because your legs hurt or always felt “tired. You may have small, purplish blood vessels ” called varicose veins, or you may not be able to be able to stand or walk comfortably for long periods of time. Gradient compression vascular stockings can help your legs by helping the veins do their work. They not only give your leg muscles an invigorating little massage as you move, but also help your blood get to where it’s supposed to be. That can also help your legs feel better. There is a huge selection available from ultra sheet to opaque, moderate compression to extra firm, knee-highs to pantyhose as well as mens dress socks and athletic socks. Gradient compression hosiery comes in sizes and styles for everyone — so do your legs a favor, ask us today for more information on vascular supports.
  9. 9. 332356 HHC Catalog ~NJ 6/29/07 9:52 AM Page 11 WE HAVE JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED! You may be surprised to discover the wide variety of items OverBed Tables, Patient Lifts, Slings, Trapezes Health & Fitness available to make your life more comfortable. If you want to Cold Packs, Exercisers, Heating Pads, Hot Packs, Ice Bags, monitor your blood pressure, if your body aches, if you suffer Massagers, Home Healthcare Skin Care Cleansers, Moisture from incontinence or any other common ailment, we have the Barriers, Moisture Creams, Protectant Creams and Sprays, answers for you. We also specialize in complete home healthcare Home Healthcare Wound Care Bandages, Cleansers, Eye for handicapped and bedridden people. Patches, First Aid Kits, Gauze, Masks, Island Dressings, Primary Dressings, Secondary Dressings, Sponges, Tapes, Incontinent Care, Bed Pans, Briefs, Pants, Pillow Protectors, Ambulatory Aids, Canes, Cane Accessories, Crutches, Crutch Shields, Sitz Baths, Undergarments, Underpants, Urinals, Accessories, Quad Canes, Rolling Walkers, Walkers, Walker Waterproof Sheeting, Lift Chairs, 2 Way and 3 Way Lift Chairs Accessories, Aids for Daily Living, Foot Massagers, Medicine Miscellaneous Food Thickeners, Gloves, Hospital Gowns, Spoons, Pill Boxes & Medication Planners, Reachers, Whirlpool Scales, Ostomy Appliance Cleanser, Body Wafers, Colostomy Spas Asthma & Allergy Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, Nebulizer Supplies, Ileostomy Supplies, Irrigation Supplies, Orthopedic Compressors, Masks, Nebulizers, Peak Flow Meters, Bath Supports & Braces, Abdomen Supports, Arm Slings, Back Safety, Bath and Shower Seats, Bath Boards, Commodes and Supports, Braces, Cervical Collars, Cervical Traction Kits, Accessories, Hand-Held Showers, Raised Toilet Seats, Toilet Elastic Bandage, Elastic Supports, Neoprene Supports, Soft Safety Frames, Transfer Benches, Tub Bars, Wall Grab Bars Goods, Portable Oxygen, Urologicals, Absorbent Pouches, Cushioning Back Cushions, Bed Wedges, Cervical Pillows, Catheters, Leg Bags, Tubing Vascular Supports Compression Invalid Rings, Lumbar Supports Diagnostics, Automatic and Hosiery, Compression Socks, Compression Accessories, Manual Blood Pressure Units, Breast Self Examination Aid, Wheelchairs, Wheelchair Accessories, Wheelchair Cushions, etc. Otoscopes, Stethoscopes, Thermometers, Home Care Beds & Accessories, Bed Rolls, Eggcrate Foam Pads, Mattresses,
  10. 10. 332356 HHC Catalog ~NJ 6/29/07 9:52 AM Page 12 HOME HEALTHCARE SUPPLIERS A&D Medical Mabis Healthcare Battle Creek Equipment Mastex Industries Inc Bell Horn Medical Industries Inc BSN-Jobst Inc Mentor Health Care Carex Health Brands No Rinse Inc Coloplast Corporation Nova Ortho-med Convatec Omron Marshall Inc DJO Orthopedics Pari Respiratory Equip Inc Drive Medical Precision Foods Inc Dukal Corp Sage Products Inc Essential Medical Supply Inc Salter Labs First Quality Prod Inc SCA Hygiene Products Futuro Inc Shamrock Marketing Co Hollister Smith & Nephew Wound Management Hygenic Corporation Sunrise Medical Kendall Healthcare Uplift Technologies Inc Lee Pharm Zewa Inc