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Social studies sba

  1. 1. CXCSOCIAL STUDIES PROJECTSCHOOL BASED ASSESSMENT ( S.B.A )YEAR 2012Name of candidate: Annalee Tana AugustinSchool: St. Joseph’s Convent Secondary SchoolCenter #:Candidate #:Teacher: Mrs. JamesTITLE:An examination of the life of a female teenager without amale model, the father to be precise and the effect this hason the individual.Annalee Augustin11/1/2012
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGEAcknowledgements 3Introduction 4Statement of the problem 5Reason for selecting the area of research 5Method of investigation 6Data collection instrument 7Procedures for data collection 9Presentation of data 10Analysis and interpretation of data 11Statement of findings 12Recommendations and implementation strategy 13
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGMENTSThe successful completion of this examination would not have beenmade possible without the assistance, patience, and co-operation of mysocial studies teacher, my parents, uncle, special companion andgrandmother. Therefore, I am pleased to express thanks to Miss forlending support and valuable time spent on rendering assistance whennecessary. Members of my family have also been a constant source ofencouragement and assistance and to them I express lots of gratitude.Lastly, I would like to thank students of 5a and students of otherschools for their support and co-operation in answering thequestionnaires.
  4. 4. INTRODUCTIONThe phenomenon of a father’s absence in his daughter’s life appears tohave risen. Girls and young women who have an unstable father figureseem prove to unplanned pregnancy, low self esteem, dropping out ofhigh school and college, failing subjects constantly and as adults, theyare more likely to experience poverty and divorce, and more likely toengage In promiscuity.I have been a student at St. Joseph’s convent for six years and duringthis time I have observed a decrease in grades overall performancesand school attendance within my classroom and forms. When asked toname a few of the distractions, lack of support from their father toppedthe charts, being one of the most prominent and major distractions.Therefore, I have decided to conduct a survey to interpret to whatextent the young females are distracted by the absence of their fatherfrom their lives.
  5. 5. CHAPTER 1:STATEMENT OF PROBLEMWhat effect does the absence of a father figure in the home have onthe development of young women?CHAPTER 2:REASON FOR SELECTING THE AREA OF RESEARCHThe reason this topic was selected is because young females of thismodern days are on the street more than the males with no decency, alot of teenage pregnancies, and juvenile delinquents. When a questionis asked about their reason for doing that, the answer somewhat linksto them not having their fathers or a male role model in their lives todiscipline them and warn them about the world or to aid themfinancially for school and whatever needs they had. So the research isto find out how many females who attend school presently are affectedby the absence of their father from their lives.
  6. 6. CHAPTER 3:METHOD OF INVESTIGATIONThe method used in order to collect data was a survey with the use ofprinted questionnaires. The questionnaire as a tool for collecting datahas a number of disadvantages: It requires little time to be completed Respondents feel comfortable in answering questionnaires since there is no need for personal identification It can be done at the convenience of the person required to have it completed.
  7. 7. CHAPTER 4:DATA COLLECTION INSTRUMENTMy name is Annalee Augustin and I am a fifth form student at the St. Joseph’s conventsecondary school, and I will be most grateful if you participate in this questionnaire. This is astudy being conducted as part of my school based assessment. This survey is being carried outto determine the effects the absence of a father has on the development of a young woman. Iam soliciting your assistance towards the completion of my S.B.A. please complete thefollowing questionnaire by putting a tick in the box provided and writing on the linesprovided for the open ended questions. Specific instructions are given where necessary. Youare advised to answer the following questions honestly and truthfully, and remember this is nota test so there are no wrong or right answers. Your identification is not required and allinformation will be kept in confidence. I am looking forward for your kind co-operation. Thankyou SINCERELY Annalee Augustin1) What is your age group?12-14 15-17 18-202) What type of family do you presently live in?Single parent extended sibling nuclear3) How would you describe your family’s finances?Below average average above average4) If you have any brother or sisters, whose company do you rather? Brother sister5) On a scale of 1-10, rate your relationship with your mother with 1 being the worst and 10 being thebest6) How often do you communicate with your father?Daily weekly fortnightly monthly Yearly He is deceased never7) Do you spend time with your dad? Yes No
  8. 8. 8) Do you think your relationship with him needs to be improved? Yes NoIf no , please state why_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________9) What is your level of confidence as a person as a result of the absence of your father from your life?Very low Low Average Good Very Good10) In your opinion has the lack of your father’s permanent presence in the home affected you? Yes No11) Do you have more male or female friends?Male Female Equal12) Do you have a special male friend/boy friend? yes no13) If yes how often d o you spend time with him?Daily weekly fortnightly monthly Weekends14) Do you some-how feel that he plays a father role in his own way?Yes No15) Do you eventually want to get married?Yes No If no please state one reason why__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________16) Do you think a father figure in the home is important? Yes No Give one main reason for your response.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________17) How long have you father not played his role or have been out of your life?All my life less than a year 1-5 years 6-10 11-1718) What is the reason for the absence of your father in your life? Tick all answers which pertain to you.don’t know he is deceased don’t know i exist in jail or in the army travelled19) Do you have a step father?Yes No20) If you were to pick your own biological father, who would you choose?Your father your grandfather your step fatherYour godfather your uncle other ____________________
  9. 9. CHAPTER 5:PROCEDURES FOR DATA COLLECTINGFor this school based assessment, teenagers were chosen and thesample group to help conduct this survey. Four female teenagers of fivedifferent secondary school were each chosen in order to answer thequestionnaires. Their ages range from 12-20 and they were chosen byrandom selection. Twenty questionnaires were distributed to femaleteenagers, each consisting twenty questions with three which are openended and the remainder, seventeen are closed ended. Thequestionnaires were distributed to the twenty female teenagers of thefive different secondary schools namely; St. Joseph’s convent, Entrepotsecondary, Castries comprehensive secondary, Corinth secondary andBabonneau secondary on Monday 8th October 2012 and collected byFriday 12th October 2012.
  10. 10. CHAPTER 6:PRESENTATION OF DATAQuestion 6: how often do you communicate with your father? A pie chart showing frequency of communication between father and daughter 0% 10% deceased 15% yearly 5% 20% never 10% fortnightly weekly monthly 40% dailyFigure 1Figure one is a pie chart showing the responses of the females as tohow often they communicate with their father. From the seven optionsit was seen that majority of the respondents “never” communicate withtheir father, followed by those who communicate with their fathersyearly, then monthly, ten percent (10%) communicate with their fatherfortnightly whiles the other ten percent (10%) respondents with fatherswho are deceased, then the minority weekly. It was also seen that noneof the respondents communicate with their father daily.
  11. 11. Question 9: what is your level of confidence as a person as a result ofthe absence of your father from your life? A bar chart showing the levels of confidence of females without their father in their life 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 very low low average good very goodFigure 2Figure two is a bar chart illustrating the confidence levels of femalesdue to the absence of their fathers from their life. It was noticed that amajority of females’ confidence level is low, thirty-five percent of themto be precise (35%). Twenty percent (20%) confidence is very low,twenty-five percent (25%) confidence is of average, fifteen percent(15%) confidence is good and five percent (5%) confidence is very good.
  12. 12. Question 20: if you were to pick your own biological father, who wouldyou chose? Table showing the answers of respondents of who they wish to betheir fatherOptions chose No. of Percentagesfrom respondentsFather 1 5%Grandfather 3 15%Stepfather 5 25%Godfather 7 35%Uncle 4 20%other 1 5%Figure 3Figure three is a table illustrating replacements for fathersby the respondents. From the table, a plurality of femaleswish to replace their father with their godfather ,35% tobe exact, where as the minority still want their father astheir biological father and same amount of respondentsticked other so the percentage is equal, 5%. As we can seeabove, 35% prefer their godfather, 20% prefer their uncle,25% prefer their stepfather, 15% prefer their grandfather,and 5% prefer their father. so when we observe the tableproperly we’ll realize that 95% of the respondents preferanyone other than their father to be their biologicalfather.
  13. 13. CHAPTER 7:ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION OF DATAFrom this it can be said that most of the respondents chosen by using the randomsampling method were youths with age group of 15-20 years of age. The thirdquestion on the questionnaire asked the respondents to describe their family’sfinances; a vast number of participants’ families’ finances are below average, sixtypercent (60%), following average twenty-five percent (25%), and minorityattaining ten percent (10%). From the information mentioned above it can be saidthat majority of fatherless females are not financially stable.Based on question four which asked,” if you have any brothers or sisters, whosecompany do you rather? ” and question 11 which asked, ”do you have more malefriends or female friends?” from this analysis we can see that the respondentsrather the company of male because for question 4 the ratio of brothers tosisters is 12:8 with 12 being the brothers and for question 11 the ratio is 8:6:6with being males.Based on question 5 which asked them to rate the relationship with theirmothers, it can be seen that majority of the respondents have a good relationshipwith their mother. On a scale of 1-10, twenty percent (20%) rated 10, fifteenpercent (15%) rated 9, fifteen percent (15%) said 8, five percent (5%) rated 7,fifteen percent (15%) said 6, five percent (5%) rated 5,4,3,2,1 and 0.According to question 8, sixty-five percent (65%) of the respondents believe thattheir relationship with their fathers needs to be improved whiles the other 35%think otherwise. Of the 20 respondents 70% have boyfriends whiles the remaining30% don’t have and 65% of the 70% with boyfriends believe that he plays a fatherrole in his own way whereas the remaining 35% don’t.In analyzing question 20, 35% of the respondents prefer their godfather over theirfather, 20% prefer their uncle, 25% prefer their step father, 15% prefer theirgrandfather and 5% prefer their father. It can be noted here that 95% of therespondents prefer anyone other than their biological father to be the father intheir life.
  14. 14. CHAPTER 8:STATEMENT OF FINDINGSThe researcher found that: 1. Majority of females are affected by the absence of their father and is part of the cause for their outrageous behaviors 2. Many females never grew up with their fathers in their life 3. Majority of fatherless females prefer the company of a male friend than a female one.CHAPTER 9:RECOMMENDATIONS AND IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY RECOMMENDATION The issue of fatherless daughters could be hugely reduced by the use of family counseling to help with good family relationship. Soon to be fathers should be question about future plans and whether he is going to be in that child’s life and whether he is able to support financially. Mothers could act on the situation and take the father to family court and arrangements could be made whereby the father is to visit the child and support and co-operate and there will be consequences if he fails to do so. IMPLEMENTATION Government can offer subsidies to firms to set up a particular area and invest in new technologies, offer training to unemployed or underprivileged fathers and mothers whose finances are below average.