Princess diana death conspiracies


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Princess diana death conspiracies

  1. 1. THEORIESThere are there big conspiracy theories: Fakeddeath, mi6 killed Diana, target assignation DodiFayed who was travelling with her.
  2. 2. FAKED DEATH: PLOTFed up with the constant intrusions into herprivate life by the media, Diana, helped by thehuge resources of Dodi, arranges a spectaculardeath from which she can retreat into blissfulisolation. One version of the theory claims that thecrash was an attempt at a faked death that wenthorribly wrong.
  3. 3. EVIDENCEa. Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones still lives, buttestimony from Mercedes auto experts says that itwould have been almost impossible for anyone tohave survived a crash in the tunnel in a car goingat 121 mph. Maybe, as driver Henri Pauls lawyersclaim, the car was not going that fast. Maybe thecrash was faked by the army-trained Rees-Joneswho had previously deposited Diana and Dodielsewhere.
  4. 4. EVIDENCEb. Dodis usual driver was not used. Mystery stillsurrounds Henri Paul, the security officer whostepped in at the last minute to drive the MercedesS-280. It took a full two days for his name to berevealed, for instance. Co-workers at the RitzHotel say he kept himself to himself and neversocialized with them. One version of thisconspiracy has it that Paul simply did not exist,another that he was quickly whisked away fromthe hospital after being declared dead by doctorsin cahoots with the Al Fayed family.
  5. 5. EVIDENCEc. Just six hours before she died Diana let slip toDaily Mail reporter Richard Kray that she wasabout to withdraw completely from public life.
  6. 6. LIKELIHOOD: 2/10 Parts of it sound feasible but what about Dianas two children? It is almost inconceivable that she would want to miss out on the rest of their lives. The chances of her coming back to see them without being noticed are surely slim, though plastic surgery permitting it might be prudent to look out for a similarly built nanny appearing on the scene in the future.
  7. 7. MI6 KILLED DIANA: PLOTRogue elements in the British secret servicedecide that Diana is a threat to the throne, andtherefore the stability of the state. They take herout.
  8. 8. EVIDENCEa. Recent revelations have shown that there arerogue elements in the secret service who act asmore or less autonomous cells. Some of thesehave been revealed to have a pretty strange viewof what constitutes a threat to the state. Forinstance, they have files on John Lennon, currentBritish Home Secretary (Interior Minister) JackStraw and they once tried to destabilize the 1970sLabour government. It is not inconceivable thatthe same agents who believed Lennon wascapable of leading revolution also believed Dianawas capable of fomenting popular unrest.
  9. 9. EVIDENCEb. MI6 is suspected of bugging Diana throughouther years in the Royal limelight, and many believethey were behind the leaking of the Squidgygatephone tapping tapes which damaged her imageduring the break up with Charles.
  10. 10. EVIDENCEc. Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was a formermember of the crack Parachute Regiment, one ofthe most toughest in the British army. He alsocompleted two stints in Northern Ireland andserved in the Royal Military Police, Just the kindof background that would have seen him comeinto contact with members of the secret service.Theorists cite the fact Rees-Jones survived thecrash as evidence that he was in on the plot tosnuff out the Diana threat.
  11. 11. LIKELIHOOD: 3/10 Few doubt that the nutters at MI6 are capable of anything but surely even they would have had qualms about bumping off Diana, if only for the reason that her death might bring on the very things they most fear, the drift toward a republican state in the UK, as Charles loses still more popularity.
  12. 12. TARGET DODI: PLOTBusiness enemies of Dodi and his fatherMohammed Al Fayed assassinate Dodi, with thedeath of Diana a magnificent cover for theiroperation.
  13. 13. EVIDENCEAl Fayed has not got to the top without makingsome serious enemies along the way. The ownerof Harrods fought a bitter battle for the topLondon store some years ago and has also beendenied British nationality after question markswere raised about his business practices. Hisactivities have included under the counterpayments to Conservative MPs. as his oldest sonand heir, Dodi would be an obvious target foranyone wanting to settle a score with Al Fayed.
  14. 14. LIKELIHOOD: 1/10 With Diana involved, the police operation is likely to be one of the biggest in Paris history so any assassin would be taking one hell of a risk by cutting the break cable, say, of Dodis car. Then again, the day of the Jackal is a Paris story.
  15. 15. THE END