5 Principles To Having a Biz That LOVES YOU BACK


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Stop just growing your biz, LET YOUR BIZ GROW YOU! See how you can build a business that will love you back. You see, if you don't get clear on what you want your biz to do for you, you are just doing busy work and spinning your wheel. No fun.
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5 Principles To Having a Biz That LOVES YOU BACK

  1. 1. 5 Principles To Having a Biz That LOVES YOU BACK Stop just growing your biz, LET YOUR BIZ GROW YOU! ling wong | www.slideberry.com
  2. 2. !   A Note From Ling I created slideberry in 2011, out of my frustration of seeing my fellow health coaches not “getting out there” because they got stuck on the “coughing up content” piece of the puzzle. Slideberry soon became a well- regarded resource for health and wellness coaches/practitioners for Done-For-You materials and marketing tools to use in their practices so they can promote themselves, market their offerings and launch their products/programs quickly and effortlessly without having to reinvent the wheel. While providing my clients with ready-to-go content, I started showing them how to use content effectively to build their businesses and supercharge their marketing effort. Along the way, I found my love in designing a business unique to the passion, vision and desired lifestyle – for myself and my clients. I am good at that because I dig deep and ask the hard questions. Today, slideberry is a one-stop-shop for all the tools and guidance you need to create a business that serves you. From Done-For-You materials, to Plug-And-Play Marketing Systems, to personalized business coaching programs, I want my clients to be inspired, motivated and equipped to build their biz their way. To awesomeness together, Ling !   p.s. Explore slideberry – grab one of these FREE business-building resources: http://slideberry.com/freebies/ ! p.p.s. If you dig what I’m sayin’ here, don’t hoard the good stuff. Share with your peeps: http://slideberry.com/biz-love
  3. 3. !   Before We Start… Know this: Bad news: there is no magic potion when it comes to building a successful business. Good news: you will get there if you are determined to put in the time and the work.
  4. 4. Get these in your system before you dig in: !   Commitment §  Commit to your vision §  Commit to yourself §  Commit to making it happen !   Decision §  Decide to become the person you want to be – act from that place §  Decide to step up and be awesome, no matter what !   Trust §  Trust that the universe has your back §  Trust that if you have the desire, the “how” is already there §  Trust that you know, and YOU CAN DO IT Everything is a CHOICE – a conscious DECISION. What do YOU really WANT? We cool? Let’s go…
  5. 5. !   #1 Make Art Have Fun What is the point if you are not having FUN? (Get a J.O.B., at least you get health insurance…) Get Messy, See What Happens – CREATE POSSIBILITIES Embrace Chance Encounters, Be Pleasantly Surprised Follow Your BLISS, Trust Your Gut Indulge | Laugh | Fly Embrace ADVENTURE Choose EASE What if you build your business like you are making art… as a form of SELF EXPRESSION?
  6. 6. !   #2 Tap Into Your Brilliance Tap into the FLOW – do what makes you HAPPY Take a Stand, Express Your Value, SHINE FREEDOM To Be You BELIEVE In Your Truth Dare To be Loud | Dare To Be Seen | Dare To Be Big Claim your genius, share your gift, do something GUTSY Find Your Purpose & Achieve FULFILLMENT Through Business
  7. 7. !   #3 Make Sales, Seriously Truth: if you have no product or service to OFFER, if you don’t make any sales conversation, you have no REVENUE and you don’t have a business. Ouch. But true. Calling a spade a spade here… if you are in “business”, you are in the business of marketing and making sales. Be proud of your contribution to the world. Money is just a green “thank you”. Respect the energy of exchange. REVENUE is a reflection of your IMPACT
  8. 8. !   #4 Get Over Your “Money Hang-Ups” How you do money is how you do everything. Stop letting money (or lack of) lead your choices. Money is just a number in your bank account if it’s not growing YOU Bust Your Beliefs, GET OVER YOURSELF Invest In Your JOY Know Your Boundaries Empower Your Voice Respect Your Value
  9. 9. !   #5 Be YOU, Be YOUnique (5a) Stop Me-Too Business and Marketing Stop Overwhelm :: Work Smart, Not Hard Know Your “Big Why”, Ask the Tough Questions Get Clarity; Prioritize; Do only what brings you closer to YOUR DESIRE Dare To Be DIFFERENT Dare to be “That” breath of fresh air everyone is waiting for Question the Rules Explore a Different Perspective
  10. 10. !   #5 Be YOU, Be YOUnique (5b) Step Out Of the Comparison Trap Have Your Own Definition of Success Know Your Truth, Trust Your Instinct Only YOU can write your own success story Focus on your own path… you are going to bump your head or end up in the wrong place if you are watching others, instead of where YOU are going. Get On a MEDIA DIET
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