Horizon Merchantile Associates Pvt. Ltd. Maharashtra India


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We are exporter and supplier of all ferrous and non-ferrous metal products like stainless steel pipes, stainless steel tubes, steel flanges, steel butt weldings.

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Horizon Merchantile Associates Pvt. Ltd. Maharashtra India

  1. 1. Maharashtra, India Exporter of quality metal productswww.horizonmercantile.com
  2. 2. Maharashtra, IndiaAbout Us As ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 & OHSAS certified company Globally acclaimed as a reliable supplier Years of experience in international market In-depth understanding of the industry Providing total solutions in our domain Cater to oil & gas, chemical, drugs, steel, cement industry amongst others www.horizonmercantile.com
  3. 3. Maharashtra, IndiaWhy Us Membership Consistently high performance products Modern inventory system & warehouse Adequate stocks to ensure timely supplies International standards of packaging Wide distribution network Complete sourcing center from India & Abroad Can provide agency & distributor services www.horizonmercantile.com
  4. 4. Maharashtra, IndiaProducts Pipe, Tubes, Bars, Sheets Fittings Flanges & Fasteners Gaskets, Valves Refractory Anchors, Olets www.horizonmercantile.com
  5. 5. Maharashtra, IndiaPipe, Tubes, Bars, Sheets Stainless Steel/ Nickel Alloy Pipes Copper Alloy & Duplex Steel Pipes Stainless Steel/ Nickel Alloy Tubes Copper Alloy & Duplex Steel Tubes Hex & Square Bars Wires & Wire Mesh Stainless Steel Plates and Sheets Carbon/ Alloy Steel Plates & Sheets Duplex Steel Plates and Sheets www.horizonmercantile.com
  6. 6. Maharashtra, IndiaFittings Elbow (90°, 45°, 180°) Equal & Unequal Tee & Cross Caps And Stub Ends Sockolets & Threadolets Union & Socket Welding Fittings Forged Threaded Fittings Plugs And Bushings Bead Removal Tube www.horizonmercantile.com
  7. 7. Maharashtra, IndiaFlanges & Fasteners Class 150 Flanges Class 300 Flanges Class 600 Flanges Class 1500 Flanges Bolts Nuts Washers Machine Screws Socket Screws Stud Bolt & Threaded Bolts www.horizonmercantile.com
  8. 8. Maharashtra, IndiaGaskets & Valves Sprial Wound Metallic Gaskets PTFE Gaskets Envelope / Solid Expanded PTFE Sheet Gaskets Ring Joint Gaskets Metal Jacketed Gaskets Compressed Non Asbestos Jointing Needle Valve MM/ OD Hex Needle Valve (ANV/H/FF) Hex Needle Valve MF/ VENT Needle Valve Angle (ANV/ANG) www.horizonmercantile.com
  9. 9. Maharashtra, IndiaRefractory Anchors, Olets Stud Anchor / Y Anchor / V Anchor Refractory Anchors / Metallic Anchors S.S. Anchor / Castabel Anchor Stainless Steel Clamps / U Clamp / C Clamp Stiffren Plates / Brick Plates / Retainer Plate Air Spray Nozzles S.S. Beam for Roof Bricks Nickel Alloy Olets Stainless & Duplex Steel Olets Carbon & Alloy Steel Olets www.horizonmercantile.com
  10. 10. Contact Us Horizon Merchantile Associates Pvt. Ltd. 2nd Ground Floor, Shashi Kripa Building, Paowala Street, Opp. Police Station, Raja Ram Mohan Rao Road Mumbai - 400004, Maharashtra, India www.horizonmercantile.com