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Group cultural study is viewed as one step prior to product development, advertisement design and marketing, and it also lays a foundation for future study of consumption trends. Hence it is often pursued by related institutions. Since its founding in 1999, HorizonKey has made great efforts in group cultural studies and deeply explored groups’ values, lifestyles and consumption behaviors through its own powerful and self-designed research model, includuing unique qualitative methods such as “the illustration method”, “family observation” and “workshop.” To date, HorizonKey has conducted studies of migrant populations, blue- and white-collar workers, the middle class, and the post-90s generation. HorizonKey will continue to pay attention to emergent cultural phenomena in new social groups while pursuing our curiosity about their mentality and behaviors. Furthermore, HorizonKey will also return to existing social groups to compare and confirm the qualities of different group cultures and their relationships.

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Group culture in china by horizonkey

  1. 1. GroupCulture By HorizonKey
  2. 2. Group culture, Why?
  3. 3. “The survey by Piper Jaffray shows a new record for holdings ofiPhone among the teenagers, which reached 17%, and 37% of theinterviewees said they were going to buy an iPhone in 6 months.‖ Q: Why are teenagers obsessed with Apple products? A:Apple understands teenagers, which enables it to design, advertise, and market to their tastes..
  4. 4. Consumer behavior: the processthrough which individuals withparticular culture can realize theirinner valuesConsumption is one ofthe ways how thepublic expresses itscultural valuesFuture consumption trends =Research on culture ofsocial groups
  5. 5. EnterprisesInternational enterprises taking social group cultural research as a prerequisite for product developmentDomestic pioneering enterprisesMedia
  6. 6. The model of group culture research
  7. 7. Values Lifestyle Consumer behavior Personality Character and emotion Occupation Values of occupationPowerful Model Want Idea of consumption Necessities of life Necessities of life, entertainment and interaction Belief of life, values of success, love Ego and marriage, self-judgment Respect Idols and authority Star worship Follow Fashion Uniqueness Brand activities, Unique personal style Favorite products Typical behavior Let go Dislikes Probe values and the reasons Track their lifestyle Acknowledge consumption decisions and their causes
  8. 8. ?PersonalityCharacter and hobbiesOccupation How do we realizeValue of occupationWantCommodities, service and honor that theydesireEgoSelf-perceptionRespect MEANING Explore the significance of these features for the enterprises to grasp consumptionPeople they respect and why trendsFollowThings they follow RULE Summarize the values, life and consumer behavior of the groupUniquenessThe way they show their uniqueness Describe and Show the values, life and consumerLet go behavior of the groupDislikes
  9. 9. Our Research Methods
  10. 10. We need to know more Typical day Mapping (wallet, communication network, etc) Life-frame
  11. 11. 24 Hours 6am 4am 8am Sleep Exercise 6amWho 4am 8am Wash up 2am 10am Breakfast 6amWhen 2am 4am 8am 10am Overtime Play on computer 2am 10am Watch TVWhat Have fun with friends 12pm 12am 12am 12am 12pm 12pm 12am 12am LunchWhy 10pm 2pm Take a nap 10pm 2pm 10pm Outdoors 2pm 8pm 4pm ShoppingHow 10pm 6pm 2pm 8pm 4pm Dinner 4pm 6pm 6pm Take walkFeeling Bathe 8pm 4pm Music 6pm Reading
  12. 12. Wallet Mapping Communication Network Mapping Sample AMapping Sample B
  13. 13. When we need more detail Home-visit ——spend one day with interviewees Observation ——to know their environment and their emotions
  14. 14. Home visit
  15. 15. Photos and Video ——record their environment and feelings Shadow research ——focus on how they generate behaviorWhen we need to feel
  16. 16. Shopping with interviewees DebatedMOTOROLA vs NOKIA. Too expensive Domestic Mobile Phone Brands Final choice: the unexpected Samsung. exit entrance Giving no Why? Return at the glance, why? exit, why?
  17. 17. When we need intervieweesto inspire us Workshop ——to inspire subjects’ imagination
  18. 18. Application of workshops in research  We provided different stimuli to involve participants in the problems to be solved and thus arouse their inspiration, aiding the generation of new concepts. Stimuli in parallel Stimulus A Stimulus B Stimulus C Stimulus A Progressive stimuli Idea A Idea B Idea C Idea A Stimulus B Idea B Stimulus C Review ABC Solution Idea C Solution
  19. 19. Fifteen year ofresearch experienceOver ten differentsocial groups
  20. 20. 2009 City media youth2011 The post-90s 2006 Fashionable urban men 2010 Private entrepreneurs 2004 Career Tweens 2007 The post-60s~90s 2005 Middle class 2003 Blue-collar workers 1999 Migrant population
  21. 21. Changes from thepost-60s to the Interaction “devotion” to “square Personal style: ―uniform‖ to ―unique‖post-90s deal”generations Idea of authority: ―respect‖ to ‖independent‖ Fashion “decoration” to “part of life”
  22. 22. Differences in the values of the post-60s~90s(Elements of Values) Sharing devotion Open-minded Loftiness fashion respect egoism and tolerant neutralization self-control Material needs needs of Sensibility of innovation win-win information Decade
  23. 23. Personal style:from ―uniform‖ to ―unique‖ Unique identities External Inner personality Uniformity and transcendence Consistency I am the only one; this is me. We liked to be in the spotlights by, Society does not quite approve of for example, excellence in studies similarity. If you do not have your own I hope that, in my friends’ eyes, We would like to have our own personality and you are completely or being a wholesome person. We I am a cool girl with five style in dress. But we were obedient and well-behaved, there is no would never demonstrate our piercings in my left ear and not against being dressed the personality by dress however. At way for you to get attention. What’s three in the right, a cool girl same. Red dress was popular more, you may not find your own circle that time, we usually wore what who is dressed in a black, then and could be seen of friends. I can accept demonstrating our parents made us wear. But we stand-up collared, tight dress. everywhere. And we were all my own personality without crossing the could be ahead our time in terms Whenever they think of those OK with that. line of traditional ethical standards. The of thinking, by enjoying features, I am the one they will unconventional music and poetry post-80s generation wants to go wild. think of. Those are my ——born in 1960s However, our inner traditionalism is a for example. particular symbols. ——born in 1970s mental barrier. ——born in 1990s ——born in 1980s
  24. 24. The attitude towards authority: ―respect‖ to ―independent‖ Obey Suspect Challenge authority Deconstruct authority authority authority At our age, we respected our I hoped that our elders could I longed for communication on an Nowadays, nobody can parents and teachers with awe. communicate with me just as equal basis. However, influenced dominate your life. People can So we accepted their friends rather than force me to by the education surroundings give suggestions, but they can instructions without even the do something. But that did not since my childhood, but there are never make decisions for you. slightest uncomfortable feeling. mean our parents and teachers some deeply ingrained ways of It is up to you; no one can live This kind of one-way instruction could not interfere with our lives. thought that made me accept your life for you was to us acceptable. The kind of interference was not some instructions on authority. . a bad thing. For example, as a child, you have ——born in 1990s ——born in 1960s to do what your parents tell you to. ——born in 1970s ——born in 1980s
  25. 25. The post-90s prefer ―square deal" over ―devotion & sacrifice‖ Devotion & Selfish & Reciprocal Square deal Sacrifice Selflessness Selfish Selfless At that time, we identified with In my childhood, I especially From my point of view, devotion and The gains can only be achieved devotion and sacrifice. People hoped to be treated equally, sacrifice will just benefit others at my only at equivalent cost. That is held the belief of being especially in communication. I expense. Such deeds are irresponsible the ―principle of equivalent disinterested and working was the monitor of my class with regard to our own lives and families. exchange‖ proclaimed in the selflessly for the public. There then. But I never asked my was no such concept as win- classmates to do things in an The spirit of Lei Feng no longer works cartoon ―Alchemy.‖ And we win or mutual benefit. Hence, imperative tone. Instead, I would nowadays. If collective honor has to be believe it is the truth. we never thought about those tell them those were the obtained through my sacrifice, then I will Interpersonal relationship also things. instructions from our teachers. carefully consider the situation. I need to adhere to the principle. make sure what’s sacrificed can be ——born in 1960s somehow made up for. ——born in 1990s ——born in 1970s ——born in 1980s
  26. 26. Fashion is decoration for the post-60s, part of daily life for post-90s Fashion to distinguish Fashion everyday oneself Fashion as ornament 帅气 淑女 I like fashion accessories; they Famous brands are my favorites. But Fashion means going after trends, and it is can add a crucial touch when purchasing power is decided by everywhere. Dressed in JJ and D&G, we properly matched. Fashion is economic strength. Therefore, are mature in our appearance. At the same about taste in arranging fashion is a practical issue. However, time, it is important to ―have face‖. ornaments. It doesn’t matter no matter what we wear or in what Sometimes, we go to Starbucks with our whether they are famous brands brand we dress ourselves, I maintain friends. It is really flattering and cool to or not. that we should have our own styles have a Starbucks cup in hand. and be consistent. In my point of view. ——born in 1990s ——born in 1960s, 1970s Fashion means being yourself. ——born in 1980s
  27. 27. The popularity of classics is challenged by the post-90s Prefers classics Prefers the unexpected & mysterious Personally, I don’t like fashion. The proof of a good thing lies in The ads of Pepsi Cola have a strong force of affinity because there’re many the test of time just like ―Forest Gump‖. Fashion is too short- stars in them. Having many stars as its spokesmen, behind each star there is a lived. That is why I don’t like it. group of fans, thus people with different tastes will like it. That’s why it attracts ——born in 1960s so many people. ——born in 1990s ―Gone with the Wind‖ was a book that I couldn’t put down at that time. It is such a classic that, even now, I pick it up and read it. And for sure, I also watch the movie adapted from the novel. Andy Lau, a legendary figure who made marvelous achievements through his own efforts, a star of screen, television and music: excellent performance in Lin Qingxia, my dream lover, was a girl of matchless beauty. And the three fields. He has kept it up for 20 years. His optimism and diligence she really stood out as a good actor. I still admire her now and have made him a model in the movie and music industry, and they are also the will keep following her news. very reasons why he has attracted so many fans. ——born in 1970s ——born in 1980s
  28. 28. The enterprising—— I strive“The priority is to learn from media.‖ Opinion leaders with deep thoughts and simple social lives Those devoted to entertainment —— Have Fun “ to die either outside or online‖ A little of everythingThe bourgeois —— I Plan“News about life is of great importance”The life experts – good at planningand enjoying life
  29. 29. I--Strive: Opinion leaders with deep thoughts and simple social lives ——―Study always comes first . There are many things more important than online games and chatting.  The computer/mobile is  For information, focus on great events  Small acceptance range however  Self-disciplined great influence installed with practical and less attention to gossip news  ―I surf internet only after software  IM communication for multiple dinner, and not for long as functions I have to work/have classes the next day.”  Study always comes first and other things just waste time. There are many things more important than online games and chatting. Progressive, low reliance Exclusive to one Narrow acceptance Preference for hard news on new media media but great influence High appraisal of traditional  Follows information  Slow reaction to  Focused on one media media interfering information stream at one time 2008年5月12日14时28分,四川汶川 发生里氏7.8级地震。详情请点击
  30. 30. Have Fun: Those devoted to entertainment – a little of everything ——―To die either outside or online.”  Obsessed with internet  Traditional media abandoned  Mainly entertainment news  Regular routine • The neglected traditional • Entertainment news and gossip • Routines for gathering media occupies 90% of online time • Over 2 hours online entertainment information 2. 打开主页后,先点击―娱乐‖板块 3. 先浏览当日的―娱乐‖头条,看是 daily 1. 手动登陆腾讯主页 否有感兴趣的新闻 • A day starts and ends with the 4. 逐一浏览娱乐头条 5. 今天的头条都不是感兴趣的,所 6. 关闭完娱乐页面,随即关闭腾讯主页 computer. It is ok not 以迅速关闭―娱乐‖板块页面 to eat or sleep but impossible not to surf the internet Highly dependent, Through Large circle and a little Entertainment fashionable multiple media of everything Always playing computer or  Various software  Superficial  Multiple media  Always online mobile phone understanding  Making fast friends  Gossip only
  31. 31. I--Plan: The life experts – good at planning and enjoying life——―News related to my life is of great importance”  Regular  Value judgment  The pleasure of  According to priority vision • ―I surf the internet when • ―I can listen to the radio while • Video is more lively and vivid for • Although the TV and computer are driving; it will waste battery to broadcasting emergency events both on, when I need to do things with resting and after dinner.” listen to the radio on a mobile and entertainment video is more the computer, I can turn off the TV and • “I watch TV for 1 hour and then surf the internet phone.。” lively vice versa. for more 1-2 hours almost every day.” At the margin Availability first Vision first Need first of information  Availability first  Focus: Investment, life, health, interesting news  Not conversation starters • ―Every day, before I go out, I will check my horoscope” • They are good • “Information of money management attracts me most and there at sharing are specific channels to get it.” information of money 健 management 康 and life. But 养 they are always 生 the receiver, not the one who starts the topic.
  32. 32. 7 types of fashionable man – Up-man and Experience-man most common For pleasure Consultant Symbolist Fashion depends Loves to share Fashion is the on my hobbies. fashion with combination of vision Experience others. and power. Pioneers of fashion experience who have no idea of the money as long as it is new. Creative Showing off They know what to Fashion is lifestyle; The pricier, the better, UP pursue and they you know what you especially for those to be displayed. Social circle is value study. desire and what you dislike. the weathervane of fashion.
  33. 33. Preference of different fashionable groups clothes Home furnishing Mobile House Symbolism Accessori Pen car ColognPower + vision es Phone clothes Shoes Perfume Make uo Home furnishingAppearance + Consultant Accessories carvision Creative House clothes Accessories CollectiblesVision furnishingTo display his Underwear clothes Accessories Home furnishings Collectiblesknowledge and quality For pleasure car House Jewelry Watches Mobile clothes ShoesPower Showing off PhoneShow his wealthAppearance Up clothes Accessories Shoes car MakeupTo show his status clothes Accessories Colognewith the lowest cost Experience Digital products Mobile Shoes Phone
  34. 34. Fashionable men favor acting 8.9 years younger Men favor acting 8.9 years younger, female 9.8 Prefer bright colorsNatural age 56-65 46-55 36-45 26-35 15-25 —— I love the big multicolored backpack from Raf Simons which reminds me of the big one I had when I was young.Pretend to be 47-56 36-46 26-36 18-27 8-17 —— I once had a coat custom made and I really love it. It is red-brown, classic and old, with many tiny sequins. When you go to a party, once it gets dark, it is cool Men also want to be cute and gorgeous to be in it. It is just like polarization in my office Age has become a secret for men too where the young dress mature and the middle-aged try to look young. Men One day, someone told me that Karl’s birthday acting young can be often seen in is in the next few days and he suggested that offices and places for relaxation. Men we have some fun. So I asked Karl how about try many ways to look young, such as the idea. He smiled bitterly and asked me to be colored contact lenses, mobile phones low key, saying that there is no need to and backpack with cartoon decoration, celebrate the birthday for he is old. I couldn’t playing PSP and iPod in snack bars. understand. For God’s sake, why did he feel so Those trying to look young dislike upset? Men should be charming when he is masculine mobile phones and their ring getting older and mature. Many of my tones are always funny frequencies of coworkers are like this. a child’s voice.
  35. 35. The environment of Chinese private entrepreneurs  Entrepreneurs think highly of China economic development  The civil servant recruitment examination, migration, and investment are worsening the environment for entrepreneurship  The predicament of private enterprises shows the waxing and waning of power between the government and the market  The legal environment is mingled with weal and woe  The awkward public opinion environment  Four major predicaments: taxes, financing, talent, and management  High life satisfaction with low appraisal of property and life security
  36. 36. 68% of private entrepreneurs are optimistic about China’s current economic development policies, believing that current economic trends facilitate the development of their enterprises. 67% of private entrepreneurs have felt pressure from competition with state-owned enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises. 67%78% of private entrepreneurs have noticed the impact of government policy changes upon the enterprises. 51% of private entrepreneurs attest to strong legal protections. 51%
  37. 37. 。 Tags of the Post- 90s Relentless pursuit of astounding looks Unfading youth and permanent social circles Study is always boring, interest is forever decreasing. Endless fighting, hopeless college, and jobless future Quick to unite, quicker to separate Relax, but don’t indulge Satisfied with a smattering of information and intense sensuality Self-presentation starts with language
  38. 38. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu Imperial capital School uniform is an honor and friends are the priority. River city Wuhan The nine-head bird can be conservative, too. Chengdu – the land of abundance Who is more daring than me Shanghai Bund when facing love? Diligence and arduousness generate confidence The city of rams -- Guangzhou Low-key andLife varies leisurely youthamong thepost-90s
  39. 39. 。 Most disputed: dating, non-mainstream and studying Most sporting: parkour Most adventurous: biking to Kangding Most enterprising : starting a business, making my own films, holding concerts Most well-behaved: receiving scholarships, getting high marks Most studious: mastering history Most philanthropic: persuading more people to care about environmental protection Most voguish: possessing brand products Most nostalgic: tongue-twisters, Rubik’s Cube Most stupid: living for school, quitting school alternativ e Most collaborative: being a sibling to parents Fashion =  outstandin gdressing  sport  χ Most showy: buying newest Apple iPhone Most violent: brawling Most dispirited: playing Chinese poker The post-90s’ trends of Most popular catchphrase: I am not puffy but strong. life
  40. 40. A tide of provocative and stimulating ads! Bubbling with fun and joy, making people laugh – catering to the needs of the post-90s who have just waved goodbye to their childhood and still refuse to confront serious topics Rebellious and daring –activating the post-90s’ tendency to challenge authority and manifest individuality Shocking and enthusiastic – in line with the youthfullness of the post-90s Delicate and colorful – matchingthe aesthetic preferences of the visually-inclined post-90s Closely following the catwalk styles, assuring fashion and stylishness – to avoid mockery by the post-90s born on the information superhighway with cables in their mouths
  41. 41. What shall we do in the future?
  42. 42. Clockless Slow walkers Budget husband workers ant tribe Leftover women Gold-bowl seekers The Lonely Party Eggshell family Urban ghost tribe Pinkers Migratory Hidden marriage family groupsNew groups emerge at all times. We need only remain curious andobserve their mental activity and behaviors.
  43. 43. Blue-collar workers Working Tweens Intergenerational research 2004 — 2005 — 2005 — Continuous research building upon previous projects on existing groups
  44. 44. Focus oninteractionbetween differentgroupsProbe theirsocial networks
  45. 45. About HorizonKey
  46. 46. HorizonKey Who Are We? HorizonKey is part of the Horizon Research Consultancy Group founded in 1992, one of China’s first research consulting firms. The Group is a consumer-oriented, data-driven marketing and management solution provider. Today, it is China’s most prestigious domestic marketing research organization. The whole group is a seamless research & consulting services chain With sustainable R&D investment , cooperation with international institutions, and accordance online studies on group cultures with the international professional standards, Horizon Group has grown to become a brand by successfully combining global vision and local Horizon Research: expertise in research services. Horizon provide Case -based project studies China-fit solutions to international clients. Vision Investment: Progress Strategy: Projects selection customer -driven advisory consulting solutions - 47 -
  47. 47. HorizonKey Who Are We? Horizonkey is an international marketing research company specializing in social and cultural research. Founded in 1999, China’s only private marketing research company based on opinion polling and studies of society and culture. Honored by ESOMAR and ARF with awards for best research practices Trustee member of ESOMAR and other academic associations Rapid dissemination of latest research to over 800 local and international media partners Our team  Horizonkey’s employees consist of young and conscientious local and international trained professionals. They have various academic backgrounds including Sociology, Statistics, Psychology, Marketing, Computer Science, Economics and Law. Over 90% of full-time researchers have master or higher degrees. More than 60% of them have had four or more years of experience in professional social and culture research or policy study. - 48 -
  48. 48. HorizonKey Our ValuesChina-based, global vision Profound insight, agile analysis Accumulate and innovateFor the last ten years, HorizonKey Our deep understanding of Chinese We believe understanding change inhas provided connections between society offers a unique perspective China and around the world requiresChina and the world. We use on the fundamental changes both accumulation and innovation.objective, original data to open happening daily. Our firm grasp of Therefore, we actively incorporatewindows onto Chinese society and up-to-the-minute developments previous research to revealconsumers, simultaneously seeking allows us to share ―Key‖ moments underlying patterns and adoptto broaden China’s access to the with our partners worldwide. advanced research techniques torest of the world. solve new problems. - 49 -
  49. 49. HorizonKey The Horizonkey difference Public Opinion Tracking Index Research The only research company with The only research company to develop experience tracking Chinese public broad industrial and social indices to opinion across diverse issues, multiple reliably identify trends over time. sectors and extended periods of time. Cultural Research Philanthropic Research The only research company offering The only organization capable of deep analysis of lifestyles, values integrating research, resources and and consumer habits across different action in China’s growing philanthropy Chinese social groups. sector. Communications Innovative Methods The only research company in China We constantly add new methods to our with integrated global communications research repertoire. We have used and media resource distribution. collaborative workshops to troubleshoot charities and an online lab to study consumer psychology and purchasing habits. - 50 -
  50. 50. By HorizonKey 7th floor, Building A, Jiacheng Plaza, No.18 Xiaguangli North Road, East 3rd Ring, Chaoyang District, Beijing (010) – 84400011 client@horizonkey.comOur clients are us. We are at the forefront.