Go China. CoSSOL Portugal june 2012


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Assignement Key Competence 7: Sense and initiative of entrepreneurship. Students must compile and organize a marketable trade mission to trade shows in China. Also with the use of internet and social media, like WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Go China. CoSSOL Portugal june 2012

  1. 1. Case Study Go CHINA A trade mission to China Project: Concepts for Successful Self-organized Learning Meeting: 31th May- 2th June in Oliveira do Bairro, Portugal Key Competence 7: Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship (The Netherlands) Estimated time: 90 minutesCase study: Go CHINA (copyright Toon Rekkers ,CoSSOL Comenius, KWIC, 2012) Page 1
  2. 2. Case study: Go China (the trade mission)1 Introduction:In the project Go China you will compile and organize , with some fellow students, amarketable trade mission on demand of one or more "clients" to visit trade fairs in China.2 The assignment: Compile and organize a trade mission to ChinaThe trade mission must be offered attractive and marketable to customers. This also meansthat you must choose three different Chinese cities. This cities are Beijng, Dailram, DongguanGuangzhou, Hong Kong, Jiangsu, Nanging, Shanghai, Shenzen, Tianjin, Zhejiang and Xiamen.Or look at www.chinaexhibition.com.As topics for the trade mission you can make a choice of one of the following industries;electronics, facility services, homebuilding, hospitality, clothing, fashion, agriculture, mining,offshore, shipbuilding, tourism and or other industries. From one of these industries youmust you must choose a subject. ( The maximum is three different subjects.)The assignment must be accomplished based on the following topics:• One trade mission to trade fairs in three Chinese cities.• The chosen industry, with the chosen subject.• Group size per trade mission is at least 6 and a maximum of 25 participants.• Flights in business class (international) or economy class (domestic).• Stay in five star hotels, based on 1 person rooms.• Duration of the trade mission at least 6 days with a maximum of 10 days.3 The target group:The target audience for this product is specifically aimed at business people who wish toimport and /or export products. They do not like to waive on luxury and comfort. Thisaudience is very fond of sustainability. Keep this in mind. The age of the target group liesbetween 25-65 years. The Go CHINA Trade Mission product is based on the followingmarketing mix (5 Ps): Planet: (sustainability and environment) People: (human rights and fair trade) Profit: (added value to human existence + profit) Promotion: (communication via social media) Pleasure: (staying, entertainment and expierence)Case study: Go CHINA (copyright Toon Rekkers ,CoSSOL Comenius, KWIC, 2012) Page 2
  3. 3. 4 The money making model:The total travel sum for the customer is based on the following additional fees and charges: All international flights are business class and domestic flights can be based on economy class. Stay in 5 star hotels based on 1 person per room. Reservation charges € 17.50 per booking (required). Booking fees at € 2.50 per booking up to 9 persons (required). Fees for visa € 54.96 per person. (Hong Kong € 71.96) Entrance fees during the tourist trip € 610 pp (only payable locally). Excursion and meal packages for the touristic trip: € 719 per person (optional).5 Sources and Social Media:Sources URL Social Media URLBiztrade shows www.biztradeshows.com/china Facebook www.facebook.comCantonfair www.cantonfair.org.cn LinkedIn www.linkedin.comChina Exhibition www.chinaexhibition.com Slideshare www.slideshare.comEyes on China www.eyesonchina.com Twitter www.twitter.comTrade Mission www.chinahandelsreis.nl/diensten WordPress www.wordpress.comMy Trader www.mytrader.nlTradeshow www.tradekey.com6 Show us what you made:The final product contains:A. A PowerPoint presentation for your clients (at least 10 slides with a maximum of 20 slides). You can release this PowerPoint presentation on Slideshare.com.B. An income forecast related to the money making model for the trade mission.C. A good idea for a website on Wordpress and a page on Facebook, Linkedin or Hyves containing the information of the trade mission and the contact with the customer.TIPS and TRICKS:You can present these products on your own site in WordPress. The site can be arranged in a way, that peoplego from the homepage directly to the various components and other information. You can also show that youcan communicate these trade missions from WordPress with other Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, andLinkedIn with your possible customers (prospects). The customer will, in fact in many cases, go through e-mailto contact you and the follow-up contact will be continued via Social MediaCase study: Go CHINA (copyright Toon Rekkers ,CoSSOL Comenius, KWIC, 2012) Page 3