Presentation to asia sulphur & downstreams 2010


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Presentation to asia sulphur & downstreams 2010

  1. 1. A member of SAF group of Companies
  3. 3. NASSER S. AL-SAHLI CEO / PRESIDENTALBILAD Date Presented: September 28-29, 2010OIL EST. In Asia Sulphur & Downstreams 2010
  4. 4. SAF GROUPRoknn Alwojood SAF Sulphur Saudi Beach SAF Bitumen Trading Factory Factory Mineral Co. ILMENITE J.V. with Abrasive India Division project Company AL BILAD OIL EST. J.V. with Water QUARTS Treatment project Germany Division Company J.V. with TITANIUM S. Korea & project India Company
  5. 5. Main Office in Riyadh with branch and satellite in Dammam and Jeddah Cities. Started business in year 2004, now has gained respect and solid ground in trading business. Engaged in Sandblasting Abrasives Products,ROKNN Petrochemicals, Lubricants and other trading relatedAL-WOJOOD business and water treatment.TRADINGESTABLISHMENT Major Products Sold: Indian Garnet, Steel Shots, Steel Grits, Copper and Coal Slags, Silica Sands, Lubricants, Hydrochloric , Sulphuric and other Acids and other trading products. Engaged in Local and International Market. Roknn Al Wojood is one of the largest trading houses with having prominent market share in Saudi Arabia and having world wide business relation through wide and efficient marketing network ensuring quick response to customer needs.
  6. 6. Started business in year 2006 with factory located in Old Fozan Area near Exit 18. Engaged in the Production and Sales of MC1, RC2, Polybuilt 101 , Emulsion and modified bitumen products within Saudi Arabia and in the neighboring countries.SAFBITUMEN Expansion programs in terms of Plant Facilities andFACTORY Equipment are presently undertaken parallel with continues research and development on new and additional products. Products Under Develop: * Roofing and Water Proofing Asphalt * Rubberized Asphalt * Neat Asphalt * Bitumen Emulsion * more modified bitumen products.
  7. 7. Basic Mineral Quartz Mineral Exploration, Extraction and Est. Processing business in cooperation with GERMANY based company which has the QUARTS expertise, knowledge and business of the mineral. MINERAL PROJECT Germany Company main business products includes Tubing, Cylinders and Fabricated Quartz and has offices in the United States of America. Quartz Processing Plant will be constructed in JIZAN Area, Saudi Arabia . Projected start of business : 1st qtr . of year 2011.Official Business Logo not yet final
  8. 8. Basic ILMENITE Mineral Exploration, Extraction and Mineral Processing business in cooperation with INDIA Est. based company – as Joint Venture Partner. ILMENITE India Company is a leading integrated mineral company, involved in processing a variety of MINERAL Beach Sand Mineral products. Its core PROJECT competence exists in Mining, Processing and Refining of Almandine Garnet, Ilmenite & Zircon for industrial applications worldwide. ILMENITE Processing Plant will be constructed in JIZAN Area, Saudi Arabia . Projected start of business : 2nd qtr . of year 2011.Official Business Logo not yet final
  9. 9. Basic TITANIUM business project is done in Mineral cooperation with SOUTH KOREA based Est. company together with INDIA based company as Joint Venture Partners. TITANIUM South Korea Company - The Only MINERAL Manufacturer of best manufacturing high PROJECT value-added product, Titanium Dioxide Anatase Type for fiber use in Korea. TITANIUM Processing Plant will be constructed in JIZAN Area, Saudi Arabia . Projected start of business : 1st qtr . of year 2013.Official Business Logo not yet final
  11. 11. TITANIUM FUTURE RIYADHMINERAL PROJECT SULPHUR REQUIREMENTSSULPHURIC ACID &ALUMINUM Due to the need of sulphur materials to SULPHATE JIZAN produce Titanium, future Sulphur PLANT requirements shall BE increase according to the volume of titanium production as well as ILMENITE with the expected increase in international market demand. MINERAL PROJECT
  12. 12. A member of SAF group of Companies
  13. 13. SulphurProductsInformation PRODUCT GROUP CLASSIFICATION STUDY
  14. 14. SulphurProductsGroup AgriThree culture Major Industrial Non-RubberCategoriesPRODUCT RubberizedTARGET Sulphur
  15. 15. GROUP 1 ApplicationSulphur forAgriculture Fertilizer Soil Amendments Soil Nutrients Pesticides Fungicides Miticides Feedstuffs
  16. 16. Agricultural sulfur productsWettable SulfurWettable powders are formulated by blending dispersants and surfactantstogether and then milling to a very fine particle size. Dry milled sulfur hasbeen used in pesticide applications for over one hundred years. Agriculturalsulfurs promote environmental responsibility by organically riddingornamentals, flowers, vegetable, fruit, nut, and field crops of fungus,molds, and mites. Several forms are available. They can be applied as a spray or dust. these products are used primarily as a fungicide or miticide. Wettable sulfur can be applied as a ground spray or aerial application. Poultry houses can be rid of depluming mites by applying as a spray to all interior surfaces
  17. 17. Agricultural sulfur productsFlowable SulfurDispersion or flowable typeproducts are generally used onvine crops such as grapes,tomatoes, and peanuts.In use since the early 1970s, this product is homogenized to a particlesize of 2.5 microns and suspended in water using dispersants andthickeners.Benefits include ease of measurement, ease of spray application, andabsence of irritating dust. The micronized particle size increasessurface area, enhancing efficacy. Formulated as a water based dispersion, six pounds of sulfur per gallon is primarily used as a fungicide. This micronized product can also be used as a soil amendment if immediate pH correction is required.
  18. 18. Agricultural sulfur productsDusting SulfurFormulated at 98%, this product is primarily used as aFungicidecan be applied by ground or air.Degradable SulfurFormulated at 90%, this product is primarily usedas a plant nutrient. Formed as a pastille or granule,degradable sulfur is also available in various sizes Plant Nutrientsto conform to specific blend requirements.
  20. 20. FertilizerApplications spreading large amounts of fertilizer over a large area Broadcasting Place the fertilizer in a furrow 2 inches Banding to the side of, and 2 inches deeper than, the seed furrow Side fertilizer alongside a plant or Dressing row of plants Watering applied when watering Foliar Feeding Spraying plants with water Slow Release – More expensive but last longer months
  21. 21. GROUP 2Sulphur forIndustrial
  22. 22. Industrial sulfur productsIndustrial SulfurIndustrial sulfurs are 99.5% minimum purity, processed into variousphysical shapes to provide a full range of particle sizes.This market includes pulp and paper, metals reclaiming, mining, steel, oilrefining, and a multitude of other uses.Sulfur is also used in the public utilities sector as a scale inhibitor.Industrial sulfur is available as flakes, milled sulfur, formed pastilles, orformed briquettes.Flake sulfur can be screened to a variety of specifications
  23. 23. Industrial sulfur productsRefined SulfurA refined sulfur molded into half cylinder shaped bricksaveraging .75 to 1.5 pounds each and is primarily used in oilrefining, steel production, and secondary smelting.Animal Feed SulfurThe mineral sulfur has long been used, along with otherminerals in nutrient supplements, for animal feeds and in saltblocks. This market is served with milled sulfur and crimpedsulfur.Granular / PastilleProduced using rotoform technology to produce 4mmsize "split pea" shaped particles.
  24. 24. Industrial sulfur productsEmulsifiedEmulsified sulfur is produced by homogenization in water to form a70% by weight dispersion. The particle size averages 2.5 microns.FlakeMolten sulfur is flaked on water chilled drums and is available screenedto various particle sizes.
  25. 25. GROUP 2RubberizedSulphur Rubberized Sulphur
  26. 26. Rubbermaker SulphurSulfur has been used as a rubber chemical since CharlesGoodyear discovered its vulcanizing properties in the mid1800s. Sulfur gives the compound hardness, allowing it tobe molded, but still retain its elasticity.Pencil erasers, rubber bumpers onautomobiles, and latex gloves all use the sametype of product, but in different quantities andheat variations. Rubbermakers sulfur products vary widely in formulation and use. Sizes milled range from 44 to 74 microns. Conditioning agents are added to improve flowability, handling, and dispersion characteristics of finely ground sulfur. Oil is often added as a dust suppressant, reducing the risk of a sulfur dust explosion. Flow agents prevent caking, and are especially useful when using automatic feed equipment for batching.
  27. 27. Rubbermaker SulphurThe following sulfur options are called grades, and offer a wide choice ofpurity, fineness, and conditioning agents for rubber processingGrinding and ScreeningThere are various grades of rubbermakers sulfur which differ primarily infineness. Choice of screen size is usually made by the user based on his ownoperating experience and needs. Coarsely ground grades are consideredsomewhat less dusty while finely ground grades have dispersion advantages.Conditioning AgentsIn general, conditioning agents improve flow and dispersion characteristics offinely ground sulfur. Conditioned sulfur may contain up to 2.5% of individualor combinations of flow agents.Oil TreatmentSulfur can be treated with a small amount of oil, generally between 0.5% to1.0%, to reduce dusting. Most of the grades described can be supplied withan appropriate oil treatment upon request.
  28. 28. SulphurProductsInformation PROSPECTIVE PRODUCT LINES
  29. 29. Agriculture Industrial RubberizedSULPHUR LUMP Aluminum Sulphate Rubber Maker In lubricating Sulphur In fiber proofing VulcanizationDusting Sulphur In tanning white leatherFungicide latex industry PreservativesFoliar application Water purificationWettable Sulphur Sulphur PastillesPowder Sugar refining(Copper Sulfate) Chemical industryAs a fungicide Sulphuric acid industryMiticide Detergent sulphonationBrimstone90 SulphurSoil application
  31. 31. SULPHUR BUSINESSPLANS & PROGRAMS Management FOCUS IMPLEMENTATION PHASE 1. Materials Procurement and Logistics System 1 STARTING 2. Manpower Enhancement & 2ND Qtr. Research & Development 2010 TO 2011 3. Excellent Production Process ISO STANDARDS Excellent Products 4. Extensive Promotion, Sales & Marketing Programs 5. Initiate Foreign Companies Joint Venture Partnership Proposals.
  32. 32. SULPHUR BUSINESSPLANS & PROGRAMS IMPLEMENTATION Expansion Program 1. Evaluation, implement improvements on Phase 1 Result of Operation. PHASE 2 2. Joint Venture Program with STARTING Foreign Companies 4TH Qtr. 2011 3. Additional Plant Technology and Equipment, Product Lines 4. Manpower and Research and Development Upgrade 5. Increase Global Marketing
  35. 35. NASSER S. AL-SAHLI CEO / PRESIDENTDate Presented: September 28-29, 2010 In Asia Sulphur & Downstreams 2010