GI Net 13 - Journey of Telkom CorpU | Telkom Indonesia


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Materials presented during the 13th GI Net: "Corporate Learning and Development" on October 30, 2013, by Mr. Tonda Priyanto, Senior GM of Telkom Corporate University

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GI Net 13 - Journey of Telkom CorpU | Telkom Indonesia

  1. 1. Sharing Session Journey of Telkom CorpU For Global Indonesian Network Tonda Priyanto SGM Centre of CorpU Telkom Jakarta, 30 Oktober 2013 TELKOM Proprietary
  2. 2. Global Indonesian Network Global Indonesian-Network (GI-Net) is a series of events aiming to promote an open and interactive dialogue between the academic world and business practices. Involved are people who take an active role in an Indonesian-international working environment. • We make sure that research addresses the needs of businesses and organizations and provide a platform of learning and sharing, where theory meets reality • Themes to be raised in our forum will focus on the three domains cross-cultural competence, talent & leadership development as well as strategic change & transformation Global Indonesian Network • Business implications based on our findings will further be discussed in each of our sessions Global Indonesian Network Global Indonesian Network @htjitra
  3. 3. Global Indonesian Network Can Add To Your Success • You will be able to apply current research to the challenges faced in daily business life • Get in touch with people in similar work environment to share knowledge and experience • Develop yourself in the area of intercultural diversity, talent and change management • Add value to your organization with concrete knowledge on current international business matters and industry characteristics
  4. 4. C O N T E N T 1 Indonesian ICT Industries 2 Telkom Corporate University (CorpU) 3 CorpU Added Value 4 Discussion
  5. 5. Indonesia Telecommunication, Market Overview 8.9 mn 4% 30 mn 13% 249 mn 4.5 mn 105% 2% TELKOM MARKET SHARE (TOTAL CUSTOMER 154 Million) 69 mn 29% TOTAL INDUSTRY PENETRATION
  6. 6. Indonesian Telecommunication Industry
  7. 7. Sustainable Competitive Growth IDN FORTUNE GLOBAL 500 EXISTENCE OF NATION ENGINE OF GROWTH EMPEROR OF REGION TELKOMSEL Rp. 60T KING of DIGITAL 1 JT INEX 10 COUNTRY Launching Telkom CorpU: From Competence to Commerce 28 September 2012 at > 2 digit (60% Industry Revenue) EXCELLENT BB Sustainable Competitive Growth BLUE CHIP COMPANY INDONESIA DIGITAL NETWORK
  8. 8. C O N T E N T 1 Indonesian ICT Industries 2 Telkom Corporate University (CorpU) 3 CorpU Added Value 4 Discussion
  9. 9. “Great Spirit & Grand Strategy” Contextual Leadership Style Style “1st Who then What” (Jim Collin) Always The Best (Ihsan) Structure 4 GREAT LEADER Structure Transformation Strategy Spiritual Shared Values 2 Vision & Mission 1 Business Transformation HR Transformation 3 Biz Culture Transformation 5 Infrastructure & System Transformation System
  10. 10. Developing Center of Excellence Center of excellence – Boosting business performance and cultivating corporate culture through Corporate University metodology in order to achieve Center of Excellence in global Human Capital.
  11. 11. Telkom Corporate University Journey 1995 2006 Division 1990 2008 2012 Training Center Training Learning Center Corporate University 2003 MKSP MKPS ISS AMT MKB 2009 2007 2012 In Field Training Training for Telco Asia (JICA) Training for Telco Middle East Training forTelco Southeast Asia Training Leadership to BUMN Community Of Practice TIME Leadership Program Certification on Instructor, Enhancement on e-Learning and ITM (LMS) Prior to 2007: •Leadership Program for State Own Companies in Indonesia •Training of Satellite technology for ASEAN countries for 6 years 2007-2009: •1st Winner E-Learning Award for Corporate by DIKTI (Goverment Agencies for Education) •Satellite Training for technicians NIGCOMSAT (Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited) •Synergy Telkom Group 2010-2012: •The Best state on Company on Human Resources Innovation Management (2012) •CLO Magazine Award Winner-Gold Medal In Technology (2012) •Host The 2nd Asian Corporate University Summit 2011 •One of ASCU (Asian Society Corporate University) Founder (2011) •Initiator of Indonesian State Own Companies Learning Center Forum (2011)
  12. 12. Our Evaluation • • • • (2010-2011) Senior Leader Perception on Learning Trainee Perception on Learning Learning Effectiveness Building Block of Corporate University Assesment (Corporate University Handbook) • Enterprise Learning Centre assesment (
  13. 13. Why Telkom Learning Center need to change Common Weaknesses in Training & Development: 1) Lack of alignment between learning solution and business problem ; CorpU Methodology 2) No Significant Business Impact ; 3) Low Participation of Trainee. 1. Converting the Learning Team into a Learning Organization ; 2. Approaching and Improving Learning Organisation as a System; 3. Being Adaptive and Flexible.
  14. 14. Strategic Tactical Focus or Orientation Telkom CorpU Journey A CU with an academic and research emphasis. A focus on capturing and interpreting data and converting tacit to explicit knowledge. A CU that integrates training, career development, knowledge management, organization development, change management with action learning, e-learning and a focus on solving organizational wide issues or attacking new areas. Traditional training and development. Focus on individual development and on content with only accidental or incidental impact on business goals and onjectives. Certification programs on formal curricula for leadership development, change management, or implementation of business initiative Low High Contribution to Profit, Growth, or Efficiency Sumber : The Corporate university Workbook , hal-7 CorpU 2014 LC 2011
  15. 15. Telkom Corporate University 1) Alignment; 2) Performing; 3) Transforming. Telkom Corporate University: ! Is an entity designed to support Corporate strategy through activities that strengthen individual and organizational learning ability to achieve center of excellence; ! Center of excellence is center of people with great attitude, knowledge, skills (AKS) and Great Leader; ! Center of excellence is the main priorities of Telkom’s Strategic initiatives (SI) * Adopted from Mark Allen, Corporate University Handbook
  16. 16. Program Utama Telkom Group 2013 1 Revenue Telkomsel Double Digit (10%) 2 3 “King of Digital Media” International Expansion ke 10 negara
  17. 17. Objective & Role Utama Telkom CorpU TELKOM CEO Message: CorpU = From Competence to Commerce TELKOMCorpU has to develop competencies and performing commerce from these competencies
  18. 18. Telkom CorpU Organisation Board of TELKOM CorpU TCU Center PRINCIPAL/ CLO TELKOM CorpU VICE PRINCIPAL SGM TCU DEPUTY SGM DEAN NITS 1 DEAN Whole sale DEAN Consumer DEAN Enterprise 2 2 DEAN I & SP 3 2 DEAN Finance Capital 4 4 DEAN Human DEAN IME DEAN Tower DEAN Cellular Business Business Business Business 1 2 DEAN 5 6 INT ! Business Alignment (OSM Academy) 1 OSM N I T S Academy 2 3 OSM Buss &Inov Academy OSM Mkt & CRM Academy 4 5 OSM Mobile Academy OSM Buss Adm Academy 6 OSM Leadership & GT Prog SM Case Study & KM Expert Group OSM IMES Academy OSM Learning Operation Technostructure
  20. 20. From Competence to Commerce 1) Alignment, Transforming, Performing; 2) Right Learning for the Right People at the Right Time& Right Place with Right Cost; 3) Speed of Learning > >> Speed of Change.
  21. 21. C O N T E N T 1 Indonesian ICT Industries 2 Telkom Corporate University (CorpU) 3 CorpU Added Value 4 Discussion
  22. 22. Quick Win Center of Excellence Development: 2013 Great People 1.000 GTP Center of Excellence Development International Standard 1.250 IC Global Talent Program 1.000: mendukung International expansion di Singapura, Hongkong, Timor Leste, Australia, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Arab Saudi, Korea Dan Myanmar. ! ! ! Great Leader Top 10-50-100 ! 1.250 International Certification (500 IDN); Partnership with 4 Global Institute di bidang Leadership, Marketing, NITS and IMES; Create Great Leader ssi Telkom Leadership Architecture; Develop Global Mindset for Global Leader: Global Leaders who are effective in influencing people from different socio-cultural systems
  23. 23. Telkom CorpU Added Value 2012-2013 1. Leadership Development Program; 2. Global Talent Program. 3. Leader as Teacher; 4. Integrated Learning at Work;
  24. 24. 1. Leadership Development Program • Investing in people became strategic no-1 (was no-10) • Defined new TELKOMWay – Corporate Philosophy “All the best - IHSAN” – Core Values: Solid Speed Smart • Defined new Leadership Architecuture • Role Model – CEO is inspiring in all Leadership Program TELKOMGroup • New Leadership Program – Appreciative Inquiries, Action Leaning Project and Couching – Blended to improve aspect of Spiritual, Sense, Ratio, Physics – Using full learning value chain to meet business needs. • Impact: SOLID TEAM Page – 12/28
  25. 25. Typical Leadership Program (to boosting business performance)
  26. 26. 2. Leader as Teacher Page – 15/28
  27. 27. Leader as Teacher at Telkom Great Leader Program Role Modelling from CEO: CEO Telkom: 22 Class (8 days/year) BoD Telkom: 40+ Class BoD Telkomsel: 12+ Class Senior Leader: 1 day/Quarter Page – 16/28
  28. 28. 5. Global Talent Program: 1.000 GTP
  29. 29. GTP Framework 3 Pilars of GTP • Classroon education • Experience by Job Assignment • Feedback via Mentoring & Coaching •Pre departure Training (culture and basic skills) Selection AKS • Assignment in Country and International Company EILTS 5 Action Learning Project •Short term “interninship” foreign out of country • Medium Term internship in Foreign Company (Learning while working approach) • Job Assigment Plan 10% 70% 20% 360o Re-assessment Individual evaluation and IELTS 6 MAINTENANCE PROGRAM 12-24 Week MENTORING Individual, team coaching support Source: Model experiental Learning ASTD, ISCBC FINAL PRESENTATION for GLOBAL READY
  30. 30. GTP Result: Telin Hongkong Program Objective (s): Develop Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Business Product: Cellular Business - Kartu As 2 in1 Achievements: • 22 talents involved • Grand opening on 6th January 2013 • Located on G/F, 11 Keswick Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong • CS Hotline : 171 161 • Number of customer: 39.045 Page – 25/28
  31. 31. 3. Integrated Learning at Work (IL@W)
  32. 32. High Impact Learning: Backward Planning Astd – stada : Agilent chnologies 2011
  33. 33. C O N T E N T 1 Indonesian ICT Industries 2 Telkom Corporate University (CorpU) 3 CorpU Added Value 4 Discussion
  34. 34. TELKOM Corporate University from competence to commerce