Executive Presentation Homine


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Executive Presentation Homine

  1. 1. Executive Presentation IT Management and Solutions
  2. 2. Index • Mission and Values • Company • Expertise Homine • Consulting • Differentials • Software Factory • SAP Projects • Help Desk • Electronic Documents • SPED • Contact
  3. 3. Mission and Values Mission Understand the requirements of its Clients and guarantee a ROI, implementing value add consulting services and business solutions. Values • Ethical values and long term market commitment • Agility and Flexibility • Formation and retention of manpower • Team work and shared know- how • Excellence in work execution • Social and Environmental Responsibility
  4. 4. Company Homine is in the Information Technology market for more than 10 years. Some of its key clients by Vertical are: Automobile Life Sciences Service Providers Case New Holland Bayer Fiat Baldacci Accenture Iveco Deloitte Mantecorp Kia Motors Pfizer Tivit Magnetti Marelli TCS Teksid Consumer Goods Engineering & Construction Transformation AmBev Camargo Correa Gea do Brasil Copersucar Roca Westfalia Surge Fogás Sandvik Services Steel Baú Termomecânica Flextronics Italbronze Mccann Saint Gobain Unimed Uol
  5. 5. Company • Homine has as a market differential, solutions and personalized services developed to meet its clients´ needs, transforming technology and knowledge in custom sized solutions to client satisfaction. • Its partnerships are focussed in all clients that look at a differential in the technical/commercial process, having as a result the satisfaction of a task well planned, conducted and executed. • Comprises of Experienced Professionals with more than 10 years of ERP Consulting, Maintenance and Development experience.
  6. 6. Expertise • Mysap R/3 Consulting • Business Intelligence (BW, SEM, BPS, BCS) • Functional Implementation • Software Factory ABAP-4 • Software Factory- WEB • Help Desk • Allocation of Professionals- Bodyshop and Hunting • Diverse Platforms - Web, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. • Implementation of Electronic Documents Solutions (NF-e, CT-e)
  7. 7. Differentials Competitive Values Long term relationship and therefore reduction in costs. Change Management Monitoring in adapting to new processes and overcoming the natural resistance associated with change. Business Vision Capability to convert Information Technology into new business opportunities to the client, generating value and reducing operational costs.
  8. 8. Software Factory •Dedication of client´s team to strategic activities; •Better service to internal client; •Flexibility to meet variable demands; •Greater productivity and agility; •Greater efficiency in management: Activities -Greater predictability in the delivery timelines Corrective Maintenance -Reduction in development backlogs -Reduction in costs Software Reengineering -Maintenance of systems documentation -Guarantee of a quality standard Documentation and Standard Technical Specifications Utilization of CMMI Methodology Reduction in Costs Benefíts Methodology HOMINE´s methodology was constructed based on software development and project management (PMI-PMBOK) best practices; The Development Methodology aims at delivering software products within the requirements of scope, time, cost and established quality parameters without losing focus on agility in the delivery to the client; Focus in the generation of a concise documentation, that guarantees the maintenance of the process history and all technical records required.
  9. 9. SAP Projects Snapshot of some projects Project Management Responsibility Participation in Projects Westfalia Implementation Sped Taxation,Taxbra & BackLogs Votorantim Implementation of Transportation Fogás Technical Upgrade 4.7 to 6.0 Goiás Carne Implementation MySAP Flir System Implementation MySAP Version 5.0 Unilever Version Upgrade Roca Solution Back Logs Degussa Implementation MySAP Gea Implementation Transportation Astra Zeneca Implementation MySAP Saint Gobain Description of Back Logs Solution Petrobrás Implementation MySAP Schincariol FI and SD Improvements Comigo Implementation MySAP Termomecanica Back Logs Solution Coca Cola Implementation MySAP Shot Vitroframa Implementation Version 5.0 CPFL Implementation MySAP Rigesa Version Upgrade Incopa Implementation MySAP
  10. 10. Help Desk - SAP Flexible technical support services that optimize the utilization of resources in the taking of calls/tickets of SAP modules. FINAL ATTENDANT PROCESS FUNCTIONAL RESEARCH KEY USERS CONSULTANT CONSULTANTS PRODUCT • Resolution of doubts DEVELOPMENT • Maintenance of functionalities • Customizations • Specifications USER SPOC ATTENDANT CONSULTANT CONSULTANT • Software Factory LEVEL 1 OUTSOUCING MASTER • Optimization of performance LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 GRAVITY OCURRENCE PROCESS TECHNOLOGY TECNOLOGY & NECESSITY DIRECTION PROCESSES (PLM) CORRECTIVE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION SOLUTION RESEARCH SUPPORT CONTROL SET OUT
  11. 11. Electronic Documents Nota Fiscal Eletrônica – Electronic Invoice (NF-e) Conhecimento Transporte Eletrônico - Electronic Transport Knowledge ( CT-e) • Homine Consulting is the principal partner of South Consulting, organization leader in the supply of solutions of Electronic Documents having operations in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Brazil. • Signature is a solution of Electronic Invoice (NF-e) and Electronic Transport Knowledge (CT-e) developed by South Consulting, that has more than 7 (seven) years of experience in the international market and 4 (four) years in the national market. • Signature utilizes the best standards of the Microsoft.Net platform. It was designed to operate in mission critical environment and meets the requirements and functionalities of the Federal Tax and Municipality Departments, as well as individual client requirements. • Signature is utilized currently by clients that utilize diverse ERPs like SAP, SSA Global, Oracle, Datasul, Microsiga, JDE, Navision, custom built, etc
  12. 12. Sped Accounting & Taxation To meet the requirement of SPEDs (Accouting and Taxation), Homine has a partnership with a Specialized firm in the area of data consolidation and a leader in the segment. Some characteristics of the solution: • It has a native audit module, designed to ensure the accuracy and consistency of data; • Several reports and customized according to the needs of each business; • Updated daily with the amendments of the legislation of each State of the Federation; • Adaptable to any ERP. SPED = Sistema Publico de Escrituração Digital= Public System of Digital Bookkeeping.
  13. 13. Humanos Resources Hunting Services of Hunting of professionals in the IT segment in its diverse levels. Procedures Adopted: • Qualification of Function; • Definition of Level Applicability of Technical Tests; • Test Execution; • Interviews Execution; • Routing of Technical Profiles; • Evaluation; • Hiring; • Monitoring.
  14. 14. Human Resources Bodyshop Advantages: • Alternative to companies to concentrate in their core activities, leaving to Homine Consulting, resource management through Bodyshop services. • Constant capacitation and professionalism of the resources that work with its clients. Through courses and certifications, Homine looks into the well being of all involved. • One of the fundamental points of Bodyshop is that the client can count upon a qualified professional, without losing time or investing in the specialization. Homine Consulting has various consultants with thourough knowledge in diverse business segments and professionals specialized in various technologies, tools and platforms.
  15. 15. Contact Edifício Plaza Alphaville- São Paulo - Brazil Al. Rio Negro, 1084- Zip Code: 06454-000- São Paulo- State of SP- Brazil Tel. + 55 11 3383- 4000- Fax: + 55 11 3383- 4009- www.homineinfo.com.br Contact: alick.barreto@homineinfo.com.br Branch Offices: Salvador- State of Bahia- Tel. +55 71 3450-0419 Belo Horizonte- State of Minas Gerais- Tel. +55 31 3567- 0093/96