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„„VisionID„Service„&„Support„DepartmentAt VisionID, our number one priority is to ensure that we maintain state-of-the-art...
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The diversity of our product range allows VisionID to offer solutions at every phase of production in a wide              ...
ion Overview „„Transport„&„Logistics If you’re in the business of moving people or cargo – in the air, on the ground or at...
VisionID SoftwareSolution Set:Typical„solutions„include:„„General„Distribution                                            ...
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Vision Id Company Profile


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Vision Id Company Profile

  1. 1. VisionID Company Barcode Scanning and Printing — Mobile Computing — Wireless Technologies — Identification Solutions
  2. 2. integrating people, products and processes„„Who„we„are:VisionID Ltd. is Ireland’s leading Supplier of Barcode and Data Capture Solutions. Established as a standard setter in the market, VisionID is the first choice for clientswho demand quality products at competitive prices with reliable and comprehensive service and back up.Established in 2000, VisionID Ltd. was formed to provide Barcode and Data Capture solutions in today’s “Real Time” society. Whatever industry you are in, whetherit be Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Healthcare or Retail, Data Capture Technology can facilitate improved performance and efficiency„„What„we„do: „„ Barcode„Scanners„and„Readers „„ Work„faster. „„ Barcode„Label„Printers „„ Increase„productivity„and„efficiency. „„ Handheld„Computers „„ Get„rid„of„paperwork„and„manual„entry. „„ Wireless/Radio„Frequency„Systems „„ Increase„accuracy. „„ ID/Plastic„Card„Printing„Systems „„ Provide„for„full„traceability„across„their„ „„ Radio„Frequency„Identification„(RFID) different„products„and„processes. „„ Software„Solutions,„both„custom„ „„ Reduce„costs. and„“off„the„shelf” „„ Increase„profits. „„ Consumables„–„Labels„and„Ribbons„„How„we„do„it:We aim to provide objective and expert assistance in understanding each customer’s business needs, and meeting the specific business requirements.We offer complete solutions encompassing Consultation, Solution Design and Project Management, Custom Application Development, System Integration, StaffTraining and Technical Support. Our solutions are innovative and cost effective.When a solution has been implemented and is fully operational, the security of on-going support and servicing is essential to ensure that the investment continues todeliver the necessary benefits. VisionID provides clients with a comprehensive range of both equipment and software servicing and technical resources. At VisionIDwe understand that responding to our clients’ support requests is a key component to good consumer relationship management. Where a Client has additional orspecial needs, VisionID can provide solutions designed to best address the most unique requirements.Both equipment and software servicing and support can be made available based on the customer’s priority, for example, On-Site, Return to Base, Telephone or viathe internet based “Client Support Centre”, helping to ensure minimal down-time. „„How„we„are„different: We recognise the importance of customer service; providing the highest level of service is our priority. We combine expertise in Consulting, Development and Support. All this makes the difference between VisionID and other suppliers even greater. It’s a difference in attitude, a difference in value, and this difference makes for a good relationship for you and for us.From Republic of Ireland Phone: 1850 923 633 =Email:
  3. 3. „„VisionID„Service„&„Support„DepartmentAt VisionID, our number one priority is to ensure that we maintain state-of-the-art Serviceand Support for all our customers. To accomplish this, VisionID has a designated team ofEngineers to provide all your needs with our new Service & Support Department.VisionID not only guarantees great products, it also offers several service options for its customers. The Service& Support Department can offer on-site and workshop repairs, consultancy on configurations, set-ups andfor complete peace of mind, service contracts that will provide customers with preventative maintenance andbreakdown cover. We can also offer manufacturer service plans on mobile computers and scanning equipment.VisionID engineers are the best trained in the business and all are accredited by our manufacturing partners.Support ServicesVisionID’s Service & Support Department is able to deal with specific requirements over and above servicingof equipment. From mobile applications coupled with wireless network instillations to process improvementconsultancy, we can manage your projects from start to finish delivering improvements to your business.VisionID provide a range of onsite and return to base service and support offerings to ensure peace of mind.On-Site„Maintenance„ContractsVisionID’s On-Site Maintenance Contracts give you the reassurance that your equipment is covered by world-class engineering services. Benefits include limiteddown time due to our dedicated team of engineering professionals.Being a certified service partner with a large number of leading global vendors, we supply and fit only OEM spare parts for repairs.Non-Contract„MaintenanceVisionID’s Service Centre offers on-site preventative maintenance and repair works for equipment not covered through VisionID’s service plans. For this service thereis an initial call out charge and an hourly rate, parts and print head charges where applicable.It is VisionID’s policy to prioritise contract call-outs over non-contract. However, VisionID will ensure that an engineer calls to your premises at the earliest opportunity.Depot„Maintenance„ContractsIf you do not require an on-site maintenance contract and have equipment that needs servicing or repairing, this can be sent to VisionID’s Service Department.From our Central Service Centre, our highly trained in-house engineers can repair and service equipment. Our Depot Service Plan will give a speedy turn around forall your repairs and service needs. Depot Service Plans include all non-consumable parts, labour and standard return shipping charges.We also offer a non-contract depot repair, which offers the same excellent level of service, excluding cost of non-consumable parts, labour and standard shipping.Professional ServicesIn addition to providing on site support and repair services, VisionID can also provide a range of Professional Services in order to get your chosen solution up andrunning efficiency and keep it running.These services include:Mobile„Device„ManagementConfiguring and managing your mobile devices can be a time consuming process. At VisionID we can provision your mobile devices with your desired software andsettings. Once completed your units delivered with all the settings in place ready to start work.For managing your devices VisionID can supply you with comprehensive software to allow you to remotely update and control your units. Centrally managing yourunits gives you the control to obtain full efficiency from your units.Wireless„SolutionsVisionID offer a complete turn-key solution for the provision of Wi-Fi compliant wireless infrastructure, incorporating the following key components:ƒ Site„Survey: We analyse each unique site thoroughly before installation, giving us the blueprint for the best infrastructure possible.ƒ Installation: In line with our Site Survey reports, we install the necessary hardware and software components.ƒ Security: With the “freedom” of a Wireless LAN, comes the necessity to lock down the system to negate the possibility of “out- side” attack. VisionID are fully versed in all the required security protocols associated with Wi-Fi compliant equipment.ƒ Management: Once the Wireless LAN infrastructure is installed and operational, it is imperative that it is moni- tored on an on-going basis. VisionID can provide the different tools required to maintain the Wireless network.VisionID also have a unique knowledge of providing wireless solutions in ATEX rated areas. We have specific EX-Rated equipment designed for surveying for wirelessin Hazardous Areas. Once surveyed, VisionID can also provide a range of ATEX approved Wireless Equipment to facilitate the coverage required.Contact our dedicated Service & Support team today on +353„(0)52„6181858 alternatively you can e-mail them at From Northern Ireland or UK: Phone: 02890 998 504 = Email:
  4. 4. Products/Techn „„Mobile„Computer„Solutions VisionID distribute a complete range of rugged mobile computers. These units are designed to allow the user process information on the move, whether they are working in a warehouse or making deliveries from a van. VisionID provide mobile computers in various form factors, from the pistol type unit that fits in your hand to the larger models that are designed to be mounted in forklifts. All types of “connectivity options” are catered for, from a simple “batch upload/download” to real time processing of data using Wireless LAN or GPRS/3G technology. In conjunction with the supply of the hardware, we also offer software and integration services. Using these services, we can develop a custom software solution from scratch, or integrate into your existing host application.„„Wireless„LAN/Radio„Frequency„SolutionsWireless data communication systems can help get the right information to the right people at the righttime. The right wireless solution will provide an interactive exchange of data from anywhere in a facility,ensuring mission critical information is visible, available and accessible.VisionID offer a complete turn-key solution for the provision of Wi-Fi compliant wireless infrastructure,incorporating all the different elements discussed in Professional Services section. „„Barcode„Scanners„&„Verifiers Barcode Scanners, in their various forms, have become commonplace in today’s society, being used everywhere from shops to libraries to factories etc. Coupled with this, over the last few years, there has been a proliferation of 2D barcodes such as Data Matrix across all sectors. Hand-Held scanners are best used in applications where the user is required to scan items of varying shapes and sizes, or maybe at a distance from the operator, such as a pallet stored on the top of a warehouse rack. Hand-Held scanners are the most versatile of all scanners available, ranging from the simple, inexpensive pen, or wand scan- ner, to the more sophisticated, high performance triggered “gun” style units. Wireless options are also available. Fixed Mount Scanners are typically used in applications where accurate, unattended automated data entry is a requirement, such as tracking items throughout a manufacturing line, or machine sortation of packages along a conveyor belt. Presentations Scanners, sometimes known as “slot” scanners, can be used for any application where the user brings the barcode to the scanner to be read. Slot scanners are typically square or rectangular, with a large window for projecting a multi-lane omni-directional scan pattern. Direct„Part„Mark„(DPM)„Readers Tracking individual components can be a costly pro- position when standard product labelling techniques fail to measure up over time. Direct Part Marking (DPM) provides a permanent marking solution that ensures readability throughout the life of your pro- ducts, even when subjected to harsh environments during the manufacturing process. VisionID provide a range of reading solutions for DPM codes, from hand- held to cordless, to mobile to fixed position. Please consult us to discuss your exact requirements. Barcode„Verifiers A barcode verifier is similar to a barcode scanner (or barcode reader) in that it will scan a barcode, then decode and report the encoded data. Different veri- fiers have the capability of analysing either linear (1D) or 2D barcodes. A barcode verifier has the additional capability of analyzing the barcode’s print quality and encoded data formats per published industry speci- fications. VisionID provide a range of reading verifi- cation solutions to suit every application, both linear (1D) or 2D barcodes.From Republic of Ireland Phone: 1850 923 633 =Email:
  5. 5. nology Overview „„Barcode„Label„Printers With the proliferation of Barcoding Technology, more and more organisations are finding themselves needing to print barcode labels for their products, shipments, assets, documents etc. Barcode Label Printers come in a myriad of different capabilities and sizes. They range from smaller low volume “desktop” models to high-end industrial units, which facilitate continuous high volume printing. In recent years Mobile Label/Receipt printers have become popular, allowing users to print labels on demand at the point of application. Predominately the main indicators of the type of printer needed, are size and type of label and volume of print required. Matching the right printer model to the unique application is a key ingredient for system success. VisionID can help you make the right selection to meet your specific needs. We consider the environment the printer will be exposed to as well as the resolution, speed, and communication options needed. In conjunction with the different printer options, we also provide software solutions to allow you design and print your labels with ease, either in a remote format, or integrated to an in-house host application. „„Consumables„–„Labels„and„Ribbons VisionID are able to offer a wide range of branded labels and ribbons. We are able to supply genuine media for a range of printers including Zebra and Intermec. All our media is available in a wide selection of sizes, materials, grades and colours, and can be manufactured subject to a client’s exact requirements. To enable you to test and source the correct media for the right application, we are able to run a sample program offering a wide range of sample materials, produced in specially shortened rolls in both labels and ribbons. „„Radio„Frequency„Identification„(RFID) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has the potential to be a major component of everyday life. The fact that RFID tags and hence what they are attached to can be identified without human intervention opens up a myriad of possibilities. RFID uses a transponder (commonly called an RF tag) that is electronically programmed with unique information. This data can then be read from a distance over radio waves. These tags can also be read-write, meaning data can read from and written to the tag, e.g. production information can be updated on a tag as it progresses down the assembly line. RFID systems consist of a number of components including tags, handheld or stationary read- ers, data input units and system software. The tags are the backbone of the technology and come in all shapes, sizes and read ranges including thin and flexible “smart labels” which can be laminated between paper or plastic. RFID has the capability to read many tags at once, in excess of 100’s, thus saving time. These advantages, coupled with the increased range of an RFID system (meters instead of centimeters) mean that RFID can revolutionize the marketplace for retail, manufacturing and logistics sectors to name but a few. VisionID has devoted resources to the proliferation of this technology. We have the knowledge and capabilities to assist our clients automate their processes using RFID. For further information on RFID and it’s benefits, please go to „„ID/Plastic„Card„Printing„Solutions Plastic Card Printing is a rapidly increasing market. Zebra Plastic Card Printers can be used for a variety of different applications, from low cost personalisation plastic cards to high resolution cards which can be used for a variety of different cards i.e. ID cards, loyalty cards, security and visitor badges, membership cards and business cards. Both monochrome and full colour print versions are available. Magnetic Strips and Smart cards can be encoded and barcodes, graphics and text fields can be printed with ease. VisionID provide a complete solution for the generation of plastic cards, including the provision of Card Design and Printing Software, Consumables, Accessories such as clips and card holders, and full Installation and Training. Where large quantities of cards are required, VisionID can also offer a pre-printing bureau service. Using the latest Lithographic, Screen and Digital printing methods, we can provide exceptional quality cards with a fast turn around. From Northern Ireland or UK: Phone: 02890 998 504 = Email:
  6. 6. The diversity of our product range allows VisionID to offer solutions at every phase of production in a wide Vertical / Solutvariety of environments, including Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, and Retail.VisionID has been operating in every vertical within Ireland for over 10 years and it is fair to say that we havegained a significant insight into the requirements of each. Our manufacturing partners throughout the worldare constantly updating us on new products and processes and we are happy to allow this information toflow through to our end customers.For further information including case studies visit:„verticals„to„which„we„currently„supply„include:„„ManufacturingCreate a seamless work environment by connecting employees with an accurate flow of information, andempower them to do their best. Whether it is on the line or at the dock, accurate data means fewer errors,lower costs and timesaved. Plus, it’s easier to balance supply, demand and yield to produce the quantitiesthat are most profitable.Applicable Applications:ƒ Material and Warehouse ƒ Industrial CRM Solutions Management ƒ Quality Managementƒ Inventory Control ƒ Work in Progressƒ Enterprise Asset Management ƒ Employee Identificationƒ Compliance Labeling ƒ Direct Part Marking (DPM)„ Pharmaceutical„and„Medical„Devices„(PharmaMED)Whether you need to track materials through your facility or through your supply chain, VisionID has thesolution to provide accurate, end-to-end identification. Our scanners, printers and labels stand up to extremetemperatures, moisture, chemicals, shock, and vibration of industrial environments. Optimise your produc-tion and information flows with barcode and radio frequency identification (RFID) smart label solutions thatprovide the information you need for materials management, work-in-process tracking, quality control, andproduct identification.Applicable Applications:ƒ Quality Management Solutions ƒ Materials Management ƒ Work in Progressƒ Inventory Control ƒ Direct Part Marking (DPM) ƒ Employee Identificationƒ Compliance Labeling ƒ Quality Management„„HealthcareAt its best, healthcare technology can help doctors and nurses improve the quality and efficiency of patientcare by helping to reduce risk and save lives. Whether connecting patients to doctors on the move, scanningpatient information bedside, making test results available immediately, reducing the risk of human error inthe lab, pharmacy or donor centre, or ensuring the availability of B-negative blood – Healthcare Solutions byVisionID are designed to streamline, inform, simplify, verify, support and reassure.Ultimately they help elevate the quality of patient care to the highest standard.Applicable Applications:ƒ Patient Wristband Printing ƒ Inventory Control ƒ Surgical Instrument Trackingƒ Pharmacy Labels ƒ Staff & Visitor Badges ƒ Blood Sample Trackingƒ Patient Identification ƒ Treatment Verification ƒ Patient File TrackingFrom Republic of Ireland Phone: 1850 923 633 =Email:
  7. 7. ion Overview „„Transport„&„Logistics If you’re in the business of moving people or cargo – in the air, on the ground or at sea, access to real-time data is vital to your success. When you have accurate information about fuel levels, container contents and miles covered, you can better maintain inventory records, manage assets and increase worker productivity by automating tasks and eliminating paperwork. Applicable Applications: ƒ Freight Management ƒ Route Consolidation ƒ Fleet Management ƒ Driver Productivity ƒ Inventory Accuracy ƒ Warehouse Management ƒ Delivery Reconciliation On-Board „„Retail It’s not just about what you do, but how you do it, that determines your success. That’s where new technology can help. Retail solutions from VisionID are all about improving the process – so managers can manage on the go instead of behind their desks, customers get on-demand access to product information as they shop, inventory is accounted for so shrinkage is reduced and checkout lanes move quickly and efficiently. Applicable Applications ƒ Inventory Management ƒ Employee Communications ƒ Queue Busting ƒ Price Checking ƒ Stock Replenishment ƒ Self Checkout ƒ Shelf Edge Labeling ƒ Customer Loyalty/Gift Solutions „„Utilities Enable service groups to provide faster response times, increase the number of service calls and reduce travel costs using VisionID Field Service Solutions. These solutions, a combination of enterprise digital assistants and mobile computers from VisionID and software from our partners, empower workers with the tools they need. Applicable Applications: ƒ Enterprise Asset Management ƒ Remote Worker ƒ Inventory Control ƒ Field Service Communications ƒ Employee Identification ƒ Mobile Data Access ƒ Fleet Management „„Government For many years, VisionID has helped Government and regional authorities around the country gain visibility into real-time data, helping them increase operational efficiencies, ensure public safety and enhance critical inter/intra-agency communications. Applicable Applications: ƒ Parking Management ƒ Remote Worker ƒ Inventory Control ƒ Field Service Communications ƒ Employee Identification ƒ Mobile Data Access ƒ Fleet Management From Northern Ireland or UK: Phone: 02890 998 504 = Email:
  8. 8. VisionID SoftwareSolution Set:Typical„solutions„include:„„General„Distribution „„Asset„ManagementIf you fulfil customer orders with your own transport fleet then mobile ap- VisionID can help your organisation to track, service and maintain your assetsplications can help your business. With a mobile delivery tracking solution whether they’re under one roof or in different locations. To us an asset canyou have real-time data on all deliveries. Using signature capture and GPS be anything from a laptop to a digger – once we can apply a unique barcode/technology you can know exactly when and to whom items were delivered, RFID identifier to it we can track your company, and your customer’s exact information. Using mobile technology, we enable our clients to automate asset mainte-„„Electronic„Proof„of„Delivery nance to give technicians and support staff instant access to the details they need to keep all operating at peak performance while also eliminating paperMobile devices with electronic proof of delivery (POD) solutions confirms the bottlenecks.correct amount of goods delivered, the address they were delivered to, the timethey were delivered as well as recording the signature of the person receivingthe goods. „„Document„Tracking Paper documentation is still very important, so the tracking of it is equally„„Field„Sales important.A substantial amount of paperwork is generated through field sales activi- VisionID can provide your company with a software based document trackingties, but this does not need to be the case with mobility solutions. As well as solution encompassing mobile handheld technology.providing fast, accurate and easy to use quotation and order entry systems, By uniquely identifying each document/file with a barcode or RFID tag our solu-mobility will ensure your sales personnel have the latest customer informa- tion can provide a complete audit trail of the movements of the document.tion in the palm of their hands. By tracking documents using barcode and mobile technology you forgo time„„Field„Service wasting searches for missing documents, while also eliminating the cost and embarrassment incurred when documents disappear.Today’s field service operations are a challenging business. Increased cus-tomer satisfaction demands and competition require organisations to find Our software engineers work as an extension of your team to understand yourways to operate the service business in a more efficient way and to better specific software application requirements and help you to build an applica-use the information available in backend IT systems. tion that best suits your business needs. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements. Investing in field service mobility solutions gives immediate savings as well aslong-term benefits to service operations. By extending the functionality of yourenterprise systems to the field through the use of handheld devices, informationwill be available in the right place at the right time-leading to more efficientoperations.„„Stock/Inventory„ManagementVisionID can provide your company with a software based stock control solu-tion encompassing Rugged Handheld Computers, Wearable computers andTruck Mounted terminals to provide a real time inventory management in yourWarehouse or Distribution Centre.By tracking any stock using barcode and mobile technology you increase ac-curacy and productivity, while also reducing paperwork extensively. Head„Office: Carrigeen Business Park, Powerstown, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland Telephone: +353 (0)52 618 1858 Facsimile: +353(0)52 618 1860 Email: Limerick„Office: Annacotty Business Park, Annacotty, Co. Limerick Telephone: +353 (0)61 514 683 Facsimile:+353 (0)61 749 873 Email: integrating people, Dublin„Office: 3013 Lake Drive, Citywest Business Campus, Dublin 24, Ireland products and processes Telephone: +353 (0)1 524 1586 Facsimile: +353 (0)1 443 0560 Email: Northern„Ireland„Office: 20 Adelaide St. Belfast, BT2 8GB, Northern Ireland Telephone: +44 (0)28 9099 8504 Email: