Multilingual SEO Nearshoring by Hop Online - 2011


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This deck presents Hop Online's philosophy & approach to PPC, SEO and social media marketing.

Thinking of outsourcing or even offshoring SEO/SEM? Think Nearshoring first!

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Multilingual SEO Nearshoring by Hop Online - 2011

  1. 1. keywords<br />AdWords<br />call to <br />action<br />landing page<br />conversions<br />Blog<br />ROI<br />The Search & Social Mix<br />Multilingual SEO , PPC & Social Media Marketing<br /><br />
  2. 2. Contents<br />About Hop Online<br />Search Engine Optimization (SEO)<br />Pay-per-click (PPC) Management<br />Social Media Optimization (SMO)<br />Contacts<br />Page 2<br />
  3. 3. Hop Online -- Europe’s Leader in Multilingual SEO Nearshoring<br />Leading SEO, SEM & Social Media Marketing firm in Bulgaria.<br />12+ years of combined experience managing multilingual SEM, SEO and Social Media campaigns internationally.<br />Google AdWords Certified Partner.<br />Our mission is to help clients achieve their online marketing goals and to deliver measurable return on investment (ROI).<br />Languages:<br />Paris Childress<br />CEO<br />Stanislav Dimitrov<br />Head of Search<br />Boyan Stoyanov<br />Search Specialist<br />Lachezar Georgiev<br />SEO & SMO Specialist<br />(Click to view our LinkedIn profiles)<br /><br />
  4. 4. Our clients include…<br /><br />
  5. 5. 4 Key Components of a Complete Search Strategy<br />Achieve near-term, controlled ROI; supplement and gather key data for SEO.<br />Optimize your digital assets for competitive ranking within organic search results for top keywords.<br />PPC<br />SEO<br />Convert more of your visitors into customers with stellar design, intuitive usability and strong calls-to-action.<br />Generate demand and engage your audience where they spend most of their online time—social media sites.<br />Social Media<br />Conversions<br /><br />
  6. 6. Hop Online’s Core Services Address Each Component<br /><ul><li> On-page site audits & SWOT analysis
  7. 7. Competitor analysis
  8. 8. Blogging / SEO content creation
  9. 9. Scalable link-building
  10. 10. Actionable analytics </li></ul> measurement &reporting<br /><ul><li> Conversion goal setting
  11. 11. Geo & language targeting
  12. 12. Keyword build-out
  13. 13. Campaign structuring
  14. 14. Ad copy
  15. 15. Keyword bid optimization</li></ul>PPC<br />SEO<br /><ul><li> Custom Facebook fan pages
  16. 16. Twitter account strategies
  17. 17. YouTube channel
  18. 18. Cross-platform campaigns
  19. 19. Monitoring and reporting
  20. 20. Path to conversion analysis
  21. 21. Landing page design
  22. 22. Landing page copy
  23. 23. A/B split testing
  24. 24. Multivariate testing</li></ul>Social Media<br />Conversions<br /><br />
  25. 25. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)<br /><br />
  26. 26. The SEO Pyramid<br />Off-page SEO<br />On-page SEO<br /><br />
  27. 27. Our approach to SEO<br />Measure fanatically; keep doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.<br />Identification of keywords with highest profit potential.<br />Plan & create great content that will attract natural links.<br />Keyword research<br />Link-building<br />Measure& Improve<br />Content development<br />On-page Site Audit<br />Build high-quality links to targeted pages using keyword-optimized anchor text.<br />Align site with keyword opportunities; enhance crawlability & usability of the site.<br /><br />
  28. 28. SEO Site Audits – Building the Foundation for Success<br />Toolbox:<br /><br />
  29. 29. Link building goals<br />Inbound-linking from external pages<br />Internal cross-linking<br />Maximizing flow of link equity to target pages from internal and external pages<br /><br />
  30. 30. Link-building methods: Quality > Quantity!<br /><br />
  31. 31. SEO Case Study: 78% Organic search traffic improvement for a leading online payment gateway company<br /><ul><li> Improving ranking for target keywords
  32. 32. Increasing organic search traffic from keyword long-tail
  33. 33. Increasing number of site pages indexed by search engines (including blog posts)</li></ul>Achieved by:<br /><br />
  34. 34. Monthly SEO Reporting<br />1. Rank tracking<br />2. Traffic from search engines<br />3. Conversion value & ROI<br />
  35. 35. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)<br /><br />
  36. 36. Benefits of PPC Advertising<br />Reach, Timing, Cost & Flexibility at Key Stages of Buying Process<br /><ul><li>Reach vast majority of Internet users in desired location(s).
  37. 37. Targeted impressions from keyword searches & relevant web pages.</li></ul>Brand Awareness<br /><ul><li>Direct responses to engaging text ads exactly at time of interest.
  38. 38. Cost-effective initial engagement.</li></ul>Lead Generation<br />Customer Sales Funnel<br /><ul><li>Performance-driven.
  39. 39. Measurable ROI.
  40. 40. Flexible & scalable.</li></ul>Sales<br />Conversion<br /><br />
  41. 41. How AdWords Can Pay For Itself… And Then Some<br />$1,000 initial investment in AdWords<br />$0.10 CPC ≥ 10,000 clicks<br />1% conversion rate = 100 sales<br />Average margin per sale = $50 <br />$1K investment returns $5K in sales<br />ROI = 500%<br />Reinvest profits, increase budget<br /><br />
  42. 42. The PPC Virtuous Cycle<br />CTR improvements’ impact on Revenue / ROI<br />Click-through rate (CTR)<br />Cost-per-<br />click<br />0.5%<br />1.0%<br />1.5%<br />2.0%<br />2.5%<br />0.25<br />0.50<br />0.75<br />1.00<br />1.25<br />1.50<br />* Fixed assumptions: 1M Impressions, 1% Conversion rate, 150 EUR Revenue/Conversion<br /><br />
  43. 43. Our Approach to Google AdWords & PPC<br />Build brand awareness <br />Gather key data for SEO purposes <br />Generate measurable ROI <br />Keyword research, expansion & clustering<br />Optimize keywords, bids, ad copy and placement targeting<br />Goal setting<br />Keyword build-out<br />Ad creatives<br />Report / Optimize/ Repeat<br />Campaign<br />structuring<br />Establish coordinated and differentiated messaging for ad copy<br />Unique stages of buying cycle (research vs. buy keywords)<br />Unique product or service lines<br /><br />
  44. 44. Ad Groups Targeting Keyword Head and Long-tail Search Phrases<br />Ad copy contains exact keyword phrases and specific calls to action<br />antivirus software<br />13.6 million monthly<br />searches<br />Search<br />volume <br />free antivirus download<br />450K monthly searches<br />spyware protection<br />75K monthly searches<br />ROI<br /><br />
  45. 45. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in ROI Measurement <br />* Conversion rate<br />Ad Impressions<br />* Ad CTR<br />= Conversions<br />Net income per conversion<br />/ Cost per conversion - 1<br />ROI<br /><br />
  46. 46. AdWords Case Study: Leading Ecommerce Payment Solutions Provider<br />309%<br />ROI<br />424%<br />407%<br />324%<br />Average $3 in revenue for every $1 invested<br /><br />
  47. 47. Social Media Optimization (SMO)<br /><br />
  48. 48. Blog<br />Social <br />Bookmarking<br />Brand channel<br />SEO for video<br />PPV video ads<br />Original<br />Content<br />Email Marketing<br />Image SEO<br />Followers<br />SMS marketing<br />Social Media Strategies Driven By Content & Conversations<br />Decentralized content that finds the customer in the right place at the right time<br />Generate Content, Pull Users through SEM, Push Content through Social Channels<br />Company fan page<br /> Advertising<br />SEO<br />Keywords!<br />PPC<br />Groups <br />Company profile<br />Direct Ads<br /><br />
  49. 49. Our approach to Twitter/social media<br />Listen to the real time conversation happening around target keywords and brands<br />Follow relevant people and get followed back; maintain healthy ratio<br />Measure everything: retweets, site visits, conversions, etc.<br />Join & Listen<br />Create brand personality<br />Build fans & followers<br />Content!<br />Measure & Improve<br />Create campaigns for new, fresh content on a consistent schedule<br />Define what kind of personality the brand will have through the tone and content of tweets<br /><br />
  50. 50. Get in Touch!<br />Paris Childress<br />StanislavDimitrov<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />pchil9<br />stanleynik<br /><br /><br /><br />