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1.linkages and organizations


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Organizations and Linkages

Published in: Education, Technology
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1.linkages and organizations

  1. 1. Organizations that aims to help the teaching profession LINKAGES AND ORGANIZATIONS
  2. 2. NATIONAL ORGANIZATION OF PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS • an organization for Filipino educators and is considered as the only integrated and accredited association of professional teachers • recognized by the Board for Professional and the Professional Regulation Commission
  3. 3. JUNIOR EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION • An organization catering to students who study teacher education • Members are from various schools located in Cebu City
  4. 4. PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION FOR TEACHER EDUCATION • an organization for teacher educators which aims to promote the professional development of teachers • composed of teacher leaders who are focused in continuing education, innovations and scholarly works-increasing the competency of Filipino teachers
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES OF PAFTE • To promote and maintain unity, professionalism and excellence among teacher Educators, Teacher Education Institutions, and Professional Teachers; • To raise and maintain standards of teacher education and enhance the nobility of the teaching profession through effective leadership and enlightened fellowship;
  6. 6. • To stimulate, support, and undertake researches, studies and other scholarly works and innovation that will contribute to the improvement of teacher education, and disseminate new knowledge, information and materials through publications, seminars, workshops, lectures, conferenc es, and other forms of continuing professional education activities; • To serve as partner of the Philippine government in promoting national development through pre-service and in-service teacher education.
  7. 7. READING ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES • Established in 1970 • is the national affiliate of the International Reading Association (IRA) • aims to improve and promote reading in the Philippines by helping students and teachers hone their communication skills and language strategies
  8. 8. UNESCO • United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization • Its purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science, and culture in order to further universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedom proclaimed in the UN Charter
  9. 9. NETWORK OF OUTSTANDING TEACHERS AND EDUCATORS • an honor society composed of the winners of the Metrobank Foundation's Search for Outstanding Teachers • Organized in 1997, NOTED is committed to nurturing a culture of excellence and service among educators through research, publications, professional development, and advocacy in partnership with government and non-government organizations
  10. 10. THE PHILIPPINE E-LEARNING SOCIETY • founded on July 30, 2003 • objective of promoting substantive content, appropriate pedagogy, and appropriate use of technology for eLearning, guided by ongoing research activities