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TAP Tip Sheet: Child's TO DO List


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The Autism Progran of Illinois Tip Sheet to assist in creating and using To Do lists for children.

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TAP Tip Sheet: Child's TO DO List

  1. 1. Autism Spectrum DisordersTips & Resources Tip Sheet 17 Child’s TO DO List Take a bath Get dressed Use the toilet Wash hands Brush teeth Feed dog Play Go to schoolTo be independent, your child needs to answer the following questions: 1. What are we going to do now? 2. How long will we be doing it? 3. What do I get to do when we are finished?Different types of “To Do” Lists: 1. Left to right 2. Picture/photograph list 3. Written ListSome hints for a work system or the “To Do” List: 1. For a young child, the fewer the steps the better. Limit the # of completely new steps. 2. It is better to have a successful 2-3 step program than too many steps and create frustration for the child. 3. When choosing a to do list, pick something that is simple and can be practiced every day.Ideas for work systems in the home: -Cleaning up a room -Getting dressed -Picking up toys -Getting ready for bed -Setting the table -Getting ready for school -Making a snack -Playing outside -Packing a bag for school -Hygiene (wash face& hands) -Toileting -Clear table -What to do on the playground -Simple cookingRev.0612Prepared by: The TAP Service Center at The Hope Institute for Children and Families