HILA Hawk News - December 2012


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HILA Hawk News - December 2012

  1. 1. Last Day of School School Resumes Last day before the Winter Break Welcoming students back to HILA December 21, 2012 January 7, 2013Hawk NewsThe Hope Institute Learning AcademyDecember 20, 2012 Volume 2012/Number 4A Word fromMr. JakubowskiDear Parents and Friends:I want to wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season.December has been a busy month and our students haveparticipated in some exciting events (HILA’s ScienceFair, Pride Premiere, Chicago Bulls Food Drive, Winter Reptile program to be January PRIDE eventWonderland Assembly). Our students and staff membershave been hard at work this past year and deserve thisupcoming two-week break. Winter weather has arrived,so please ensure that your children are bundled up each We are proud to announce that the Traveling World of Reptiles will visit HILA on January 24. All students who exhibit HILA PRIDEmorning and that they stay home from school if they have (preparation, responsibility, independence, dedication and effort)a fever. We want everyone here at HILA to remain happy by earning 20 points during December and January will be able toand healthy. take part in this amazing hands-on presentation. Please encouragePlease continue to ensure that your children are dropped off your student to always do his or her best to earn the maximum amount of HILA PRIDE points.before 8 a.m. each day and are picked up on time. Studentsare marked tardy after 8 a.m. Instruction begins promptly at8:10 a.m., and it is imperative that core instruction minutesare not missed. Plan ahead and prepare for heavier traffic Help your childduring the winter months. If you are running late, pleasecall the main office and let us know (773) 534-7405. prepare for ISAT tests The ISAT tests will be coming up soon. During the winterAs we return from the break, our third through fifth grade break, you can help your student prepare to do their best on theteachers will be working diligently to prepare our students standardized tests. Here are some websites that provide both funfor the Illinois State Assessment, which will take place from and the opportunity for students to improve their skills.March 4th - 15th. The following link is helpful for studentslooking to practice ISAT sample questions at home (http:// • Sample ISAT questions. Allow your student to practicemetacat2.com/iltestlinks.html). We will also be starting an their test-taking skills using grade-appropriate sample testISAT tutoring program when we return from break. The questions. http://metacat2.com/iltestlinks.htmlprogram will run on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:45- • We Give Books. This website, provided by the Pearson4:45 p.m. Twenty students from each grade level (third Foundation, provides online books that can help improvethrough fifth) have been selected to participate in this reading skills. http://www.wegivebooks.org/booksprogram to further develop skills learned throughout the • The British Council. This website from the United Kingdomday. provides stories, games, songs, and skill practice. It’s a great way to keep children occupied on winter days. http://Michael Jakubowski learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/Principal • Storyline Online. Members of the Screen Actors Guild read(773) 534 - 7405 stories aloud. http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/mjakubowski@thehopeinstitute.us
  2. 2. December 20, 2012 Hawk News Volume 2012/ Number 4Students honored for Chicago Bulls food drive atwinning science fair projects HILA a big successStudent winners from the HILA Science Fair were honored for their During the month of November, HILA participated in theoutstanding projects. Chicago Bulls Food Drive to benefit the Greater ChicagoWe would like to congratulate all of the students who Food Depository. This year’s food drive was an even greaterworked hard to prepare projects for the HILA Science Fair. success than last year, with more than 1700 cans collected.Below you will find a list of our finalists and winners. Last year, HILA collected 1500 cans of food.5th grade: Deshonti Press (1st Place), Mario Dykstra and The Chicago Bulls provided incentives for students toSean Miller. collect food donations, and each week a winning grade was4th grade: Emily Gill (1st Place), Bill Sanders and Makyiah announced. Winners throughout the food drive includedHolloway. the 3rd grade, who collected the most cans during the first week of the food drive, and 5th grade for the most cans3rd grade: Kevin Falcon (1st Place), Richard Villarreal and collected the second week. Congratulations to the overallWilliam Slaughter. winning class that brought in the most food: Ms. Coleman’s2nd grade: Josemaria (Chema) Alanis (1st Place), Brandon 1st grade class. Even though HILA didn’t win the citywideHarper and Geovanni Juarez. competition, students showed their HILA PRIDE! All grade1st grade: Leighton Stephenson (1st Place), Donald Oliph- levels put in tremendous effort and we thank everyone forant and Myla Roy. their enthusiasm and participation.Our students worked hard on their science fair projects, andthe results were outstanding. Thanks to our parents andfamilies for supporting this effort!Important January datesHere are the dates you need to know for January, 2013:• January 7 - School resumes• January 21 - Holiday, no school• January 24 - PBIS PRIDE Event: Traveling World of Reptiles• January 25 - Teacher Institute, no school Artwork from the new book “The Animal Store Alphabet Book” has been loaned to HILA by the book’s illustrator, Chicago artist Have a Happy and Safe Winter Break! Rebecca Hamlin. The book, by author Susan Bearman, is being published this month. www.animalalphabet.com.