HILA After School Program Newsletter - December 2012


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HILA After School Program Newsletter - December 2012

  1. 1. W I N T E R 2 0 1 2the KIDS The Hope Institute Learning Academy after school program After School Students are preparing for the upcoming Winter Break Students in the after school program have been visiting many new fun and exciting websites to generate ideas for family fun over the winter break. In this edition of The Kids newsletter, we would like to share some of the websites we visited, tasty treats to make as a family, fun outdoor activities and other ways to stay productive, healthy and happy. Winter Break December 24, 2012- January 4, 2013 Remember Remember Remember Keep a reading log Read a book a day Read a book a day or journal for you by yourself. with your family. to use at school and one for your family at home.
  2. 2. THE KIDS WINTER 2016 Kid Magazines and their fun websitesIf you’re looking for some fun activities in more about the American Girl books.”print or electronic format, then read a great Nahim said the Boys Life website is “funkid friendly magazine like American Girl or because I get to do cool stuff like play gamesBoys Life. Since our school has access to the and watch videos. I played games like darkonline version, we checked them out at dungeon.” Nahim has read Boys Lifehttp://www.americangirl.com/index.php magazine and visited the website before.and http://boyslife.org. Read below to findout what some of the after school friends There are online editions to many of ourhad to say about visiting the online versions: favorite magazines. Do a quick search on your favorite search engine to find the electronicAnna said “it’s very cool and I really like to version to explore with your family.play on it sometime in the future. I reallyliked the game about going shopping.” Nahim played a couple of games fromAnna has read the American Girl books Nickelodeon. He played Turtle Toss andbefore and even has an American Girl book thought it was pretty cool. To play, you haveat home. to catch the turtles and throw them into the basket. Nahim said the game was easy to play.Loriena says the American Girl website “isvery fun because I got to play a lot of Fayha visited Nick Jr. for the first time, withdifferent games. I love to play the American the help of Justina and Alana. Fayha watchedGirl games on the computer or the iPad.” videos and played games.Loriena has never read the American Girlbooks before, and now “she wants to know Fun Winter Sports and Activity ideas Looking for a fun way to burn some energy and get outdoors over winter break? Check out these fun activities suggested by the after school students. Snowboarding Skiing Snowball fights Ice skating Sledding Snow angels Building snow castles Building snowmen 2
  3. 3. THE KIDS WINTER 2016 Family Friendly WebsitesPoisson Rouge is a website that was recommended to Ms. Thurston by Mr.Dusenbery. Mr. Dusenbery shared this website because it is great for building mouse skills and attention to detail. There are many interactive elements to explore throughout the website, and it changes frequently. Ms. Thurston shared this website with her friends at the after school program. Evan thought this website was excellent "because I got to play different music games." Evan has visited thiswebsite before. Peyton also visited the Poisson Rouge website and said it "wasawesome because I liked the piano keys game and the castle activity." You canplay games and activities in a variety of languages like French, English andSpanish.The after school programalso recommends checkingout Leading to Reading byReading is Fundamental.This website is great for thewhole family because itprovides songs, nurseryrhymes, finger plays,games, videos and manyother interactive activities. 3
  4. 4. THE KIDS WINTER 2016 Holiday Recipes for the family From Nick Jr. at http://www.nickjr.com/recipes/all- shows/seasonal_winter-holidays/all-ages/index.jhtmlIf you’re looking for a fun activity to do over break with your whole family, try making a special treattogether. We found some great recipe ideas from Nick Jr. A very helpful feature from the recipes at NickJr. is that it provides the full ingredient list, directions on how to make your treat and the nutrition facts.Evan and Loriena helped find some family fun holiday recipes to make over the winter break. 4
  5. 5. THE KIDS WINTER 2016 Recommended readingNeed a few recommendations for good fit books to read over vacation? Well, we have somesuggestions for you! Not only do we recommend that you take advantage of the many titles at theChicago Public Library, but also to read electronic books through We Give Books. Early ReadersFiction Chapter Books Non Fiction Books We Give BooksPlease visit the We Give Books website to read free books. Many of the titlesare brand new and the site is easy to navigate because you can search byauthor, title, genre, featured, classic and recently added. The books arebright and clear so they are easy to read the words and see all the details inthe illustrations.The after school students spent a few minutes navigating the We Give Bookswebsite. Payton would read some of these books over break because shelikes the website. Payton would like to read Snowman All Year and LlamaLlama Holiday Drama. Evan also checked out the We Give Books websiteand he said, "it was great" even though he wanted to find more sportsbooks. Evan went on to say that he thought it was good but he "couldntbelieve that not all the books were free." Evan wanted to be able to read allof the books without joining the site. Please make sure you have permissionfrom Mom or Dad at home before joining any website.