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Pre & Post Natal Pain


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Pregnancy back pain which includes lower back pain. What can be done about it and options.

Published in: Healthcare
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Pre & Post Natal Pain

  1. 1. Why do I have low back pain? • During pregnancy, the ligaments in your lower back and pelvis soften to make room for your baby. • Carrying extra weight in the front of your body can put additional strain on your lower back, even causing sciatica in some cases.
  2. 2. The Dilemma • Pain medications can have detrimental effects on your baby • During your nine months of gestation, your spine can become misaligned due to softening of ligaments • Pain can lead to eating “convenient” foods rather than healthy foods, which are necessary to nourish your child
  3. 3. What Can You Do About It? • Experts say to exercise regularly and watch your diet (easy for them to say!)
  4. 4. How About a Massage Instead?? Lic# MM14238
  5. 5. Proven Pre-Natal Massage Benefits • Reduced back pain • Reduced joint pain • Improved circulation • Reduced edema • Reduced muscle tension and headaches • Reduced stress and anxiety • Improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles • Better sleep
  6. 6. • Spinal decompression gently tractions your lumbar spine (lower back), allowing increased motion and blood-flow to the area. • This also takes pressure off of the nerves that cause sciatica and other lower back problems. You Can Also Strengthen Your Backbone with Spinal Decompression
  7. 7. Safe, Gentle, & Effective We offer a spinal decompression table that is purposely designed to accommodate pregnant women!
  8. 8. Is it safe for my baby for me to get adjusted while pregnant?
  9. 9. Chiropractic is even gentle enough FOR your baby!
  10. 10. We have safe and effective techniques specifically designed to meet your needs
  11. 11. We can also help you lose that baby- weight and fight incontinence