March 2010: The Anchor Line


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March 2010: The Anchor Line

  1. 1. THE ANCHOR LINE March 2010 Hope Lutheran Church and Angels of Hope Preschool 700 S. Superior St. De Pere, WI 54115 ~ (920) 336-9843 On the web: ~ e-mail: Matthew Christians, pastor Gail Thiel, preschool director office: 336-9843, home: 336-9582 office 336-9843 e-mail: e-mail: Our Vision at Hope: that we would be a growing, vibrant, praying, caring A Word from your Pastor— May the fullness of the Word Made Flesh, Jesus Christ our Lord, dwell in you richly! O ne of the greatest struggles in the Church these days, especially among Evangelical Lutheran past president of the LC–MS) once said, "Lutheran worship is a reflection of Lutheran theology." 1 In other words, if we all better understood the Churches such as the Lutheran Church–Missouri theology of Lutheran worship, it would be much Synod (LC–MS), concerns the area of worship. The less contentious to apply that theology because difficulty is that we are surrounded by a great we would all be operating under the same swath of congregations and churches that have an presumptions and for the same purposes instead entirely different theology of worship than we do of letting the world tell us willy nilly what in the Lutheran Church. It is a theology that is "worship" is. So what is the Lutheran theology of man-centered and emotions-centered instead of worship? Roger D. Pittelko2 puts it this way: being Christ-centered and Word-centered. Perhaps if more of our pastors and more of our 1 people understood what we believe and confess From an essay entitled "Theses on Worship" ©2000, that Dr. Barry prepared for the "Real Life concerning the fundamental nature and purpose Worship" conference on February 6, 1998, in the greater of worship, much of the debate about the practice Denver area. of worship in our churches would just would just 2 Pittelko is prof. of Pastoral Ministry at disappear. Concordia Theological Seminary and former District President of the LCMS English District. From "Lutheran After all, as the late Dr. Barry (immediate Worship: History and Practice," ©1993, St. Louis, Concordia Publishing House, edited by Fred L. Precht, p.44-45.
  2. 2. The usual meaning of this word [worship] (Apology to the Augsburg Confession IV, 310) leads us astray. Worship is usually defined as honoring or revering a supernatural being or power. This adoration is done with The Catechism Corner appropriate acts, rites, or ceremonies.... The Tenth Commandment: The main thrust of the English word "You shall not covet your worship is from the worshiper to the neighbor's wife, or his worshiped. The direction is from us to manservant, or maidservant, God... Such a view of worship is antithetical his ox or donkey, or anything to the Evangelical Lutheran understanding that belongs to your of worship. The dictionary understanding neighbor." makes worship our action. It turns worship What does this mean? into an anthropocentric [i.e. We should fear and love God so that we do man-centered] activity.... The evangelical not entice or force away our neighbor's wife, Lutheran understanding of worship is just workers, or animals, or turn them against him, but the opposite. It is from God to us. It urge them to stay and do their duty. begins with God. It has its foundation and (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) source with God. it is theocentric [i.e. God-centered], and more specifically, it is Christocentric [i.e. Christ-centered]. It is Life Quote the theocentric, Christocentric view of "It's one thing to want a worship that forms and norms Lutheran healthy child. But it's another thing to refuse to let an worship. The introduction to "Lutheran unhealthy child see the light of Worship" says it this way3: day. When we manipulate life in Our Lord speaks and we listen. His this way and diminish the Word bestows what it says. Faith humanity of the unborn, we that is born from what is heard become less human ourselves acknowledges the gifts received because we end up viewing life--all life, ours included--as a commodity that can be rejected by with eager thankfulness and praise. quality control." ... Saying back to him what He has - — Charles Colson, Chairman and founder said to us, we repeat what is most Prison Life Ministries true and sure. (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) Yours in Christ, Pastor Matt Patristic Quote of the Month "Christ Himself is both the "The service and worship of the Gospel is to Way by which you go and receive good things from God." the Haven toward which you make your way." 3 — Augustine (AXD 354–430) Pittelko is quoting from "Lutheran Worship" (©1982, St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, p.6) the Bishop of Hippo, N. Africa LC–MS hymnal that has been superceded by the (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) Lutheran Service Book © 2006).
  3. 3. March 14.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Isaiah 12:1–6 Old Lutheran Quote of the 2 Corinthians 5:16–21 Month Luke 15:1–3, 11–32 March 21.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Isaiah 43:16–21 "[Faith] is a most hearty Philippians 3:8–14 conviction of God's grace to us, Luke 20:9–20 a confident tranquillity of heart, March 28.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Philippians 2:5–11 and an undisturbed peace of Luke 22:1—23:56 conscience relying upon the merit of Christ. Such a faith springs from the seed of the divine Word.." — Johann Gerhard (AXD 1582–1637) Lutheran theologian and seminary professor Why We don't Sing the Alleluia (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) During Lent (by O.P. Kretzmann) 4 The last Hallelujah dies away in chapel and New Lutheran Quote of the cathedral, and while the echo still lingers among Month the rafters, the violet paraments of sorrow are placed upon the altar... It will be Easter before the "Christ came to sanctify all of Hallelujah is heard again... life by His sacrificial life and There is wisdom in this... It is another and death; He came to snatch profound difference between the Church and the men from their own world... The world never willingly abandons joy... self-centeredness, in their Her votaries hang on to happiness with all the worship as well as in their living, and to free strength they have - until, inevitably, it is taken them for unselfish love of their neighbor; He away from them... They have forgotten that the came to claim our bodies, too, for divine line of life must sometimes go down into the service. So even the prosaic and commonplace darkness of sorrow... It is never easy, but it is tasks of life have acquired a meaning that better to go down willingly than to be driven down stems from the Cross." like a slave... To give up joy by the strength of Him — Ernest Koenker who gave up heaven is part of the way by which Retired LC–MS pastor and author joy and heaven will return. Easter can come only (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) to the heart that has known Lent... The shadow which clings to all earthly good when it is seen in the light of faith is inevitable... Every Sunday Sermon Prep Because of this the Christian view of life Preparation *appears* so much darker than the pagan - To help you prepare for checkered with a darkness more intense the worship, here are the brighter the light of faith shines upon it... But the weekly readings for Divine farewell to Hallelujah, though necessary, is only Services in March: temporary... It springs from the strong compulsions of the dust from which we came and the stronger compulsions of the everlasting mercy March 7. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ezekiel 33:7–20 1 Corinthians 10:1–13 4 Luke 13:1–9 Kretzmann, O.P., March 1966 article in "The Pilgrim," © 2008, Valparaiso University Press.
  4. 4. which has lifted us from that dust... When all is Alleluia joyfully! said and done, Christianity is a religion of deeper (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) gladness just because it is a religion of deeper fear and greater sorrow... The Cross remains the world climax of divine and human sorrow, ineffably distant and ineffably close, the sorrow of sin and Special Services the pain of man's long and lonely separation from X X X God... Lententide 2010 So it is good that our Hallelujahs are silent for a little time... In their stead appear the crown of March 3rd — Second Midweek (1 & 7 p.m.) thorns, the drops the blood, the way of mourning, Theme: "Gethsemane" (Mark 14:32–52) the five wounds, and the sound of our hands March 10th — Third Midweek (1 & 7 p.m.) driving nails... And on Eastern Morn our returning Theme: "Blasphemy" (Mark 14:53–65) Hallelujahs will say that our Lord arose and ascended into heaven, that He is now the King of March 17th — Fourth Midweek (1 & 7 p.m.) Glory, who has given us a share in both His Theme: "Denial" (Mark 14:66–72) suffering and His victory, in His passion and His power, in His former pain and in His present March 24th — Fifth Midweek (1 & 7 p.m.) peace. Theme: "Guilty" (Mark 15:1–20) Alleluia, Song of Gladness (LSB417) Alleluia, song of gladness, The Triduum: the 'Three Days' Voice of joy that cannot die, April 1st — Holy Thursday (1 & 7 p.m.) Alleluia is the anthem Theme: The Sacrament of the Altar Ever raised by choirs on high. In the house of God abiding April 2nd — Good Friday Chief Service (1 p.m.) Thus they sing eternally. Theme: "Our Day of Atonement" Alleluia, thou resoundest, True Jerusalem and free; Alleluia, joyful Mother, All thy children sing with thee, But by Babylon's sad waters Mourning exiles now are we. Alleluia cannot always Be our song while here below; Alleluia our transgressions Make us for a while forego; For the solemn time is coming When our tears for sin must flow. Therefore in our hymns, we pray Thee, Grant us, Blessed Trinity, At the last to keep Thine Easter With Thy faithful saints on high; There to Thee forever singing
  5. 5. April 2nd — Good Friday Tenebrae (7 p.m.) Thanks Theme: "Reflecting on Christ's Holy Sufferings" April 3rd — Holy Saturday Easter Vigil (7 p.m.) Thank you to those who helped out in Theme: "Clothed in Eternal Life" February: Ushers – Dan Klug, Tim Reinke, Darryll Hillmann, The Easter Celebration Randy & Michelle Burhite, Troy Schwartz, Dave Schmidt, David Mellem, Paul Edinger, Paul & April 4th — Easter Sunrise Matins (7 a.m.) Nancy Mittelstaedt and Bob Carlson. Theme: "True Hope" April 4th — Feast of the Resurrection of our Altar Aides –Jody Ebeling, Renee Day, Shirley Lord (10:00 a.m.) Hendricks, Chris Below Theme: "Where Are You Looking for Life?" Greeters – Chuck & Marilyn Sanders, Roger & Millie Grueb, Ron & Cheryl Waise Coffee – Nancy Reinke, Sharon Hillmann, Senior Hopefuls Readers – Christian Dirks Thank you to Bob and Elaine Carlson who donated a VCR and DVD player to be used on our rolling FINANCIAL FIGURES cart TV. We use this unit both in Sunday School and at Angels of Hope. The current DVD player January 2010 Totals: $15,539.19 was not functioning consistently. Thank you so (includes $848.29 Levy reimbursement) much for your kindness. 20/20: $1,338.29 The high school youth recently held a movie night 2010 average per week: $3,107.84 in the youth room and were able to view it on a Budget per week: $3,550 BIG screen TV. Thank you to Dave and Mary Difference: – ($443.00) Mellem who donated the unit to the youth room. Thank you so much for thinking of us. Hope Lutheran Youth Those Who Serve in March Thank you to the congregation and pastor for your New sign-up sheets are available in the coatroom. prayers and well-wishes during my hip surgery Confirmands will sign up for acolyting at class. and recuperation. – Betty VandenLangenberg Flowers Thanks to everyone for praying for me all these 3/7 Available many months! Many thanks to the church and you for sending me the weekly bulletins and Friday 3/14 Available updates. It really helped my spirits by keeping in 3/21 Available touch with my church family. – Colleen Cummings 3/28 David & Mary Mellem birthdays
  6. 6. Thank you from the Ladies Guild One funeral for Kristi Magnant. to every one who supported the 32 regular services and 4 festival services. Bake Sale on Feb 14, both bakers Confirmation time moved to 4 pm for the season and buyers. The money raised was used to of Lent – if it works, may continue at this time. purchase bookshelves for the pastor's office. Bible class Sunday morning has a couple week of Thanks again. Revelation; then studying worship including close communion. The Men's Club also thanks you for eating 4 vacation days and 4 sick days – thanks to Bruce spaghetti! for filling in at services. Bea Siebert relased to WELS. 6 gains – Robert and Tia Splittgerber, Ruth Timm, Words from the Chairman Olivia Hilke and Jake & Staci Richardson. 1 and 7 pm Lent services; not doing Round Robin; Spring appears to be coming. The Lent season is Theme following St. Marks' gospel. here and Easter is arriving soon. You can see the signs are Hope. The altar colors have changed. Trustees' report – The "Bat guy " will be returning Lenten services are held on Wednesdays at 1pm to close any holes still remaining. Bruce and and 7pm. Fellowships exist before each service Howard repaired ceiling in the fellowship hall to (11:45am and 6:00pm). keep the bats contained. Eave covers were put on last year have done their job or preventing the The Voters' Assembly on Sunday, February 14th ground shift which had been causing the was basically typical. We agreed to participate in movement the church wall. Furnaces are Celebrate De Pere again this coming summer. The functioning better with the fall/spring Fund Raising Committee will put together a menu maintenance schedule which costs $500/year. similar to last year, although we may have to find Putting bookshelves into the pastor's office using a new source for ice cream now that all the funds donated by the Ladies Guild from the bake Hansen's has appeared to have closed. sale. Thank you to the Men's Club for having spaghetti Evangelism – New members breakfast to become available before the Voters' Assembly. Thank you a noon potluck. Setting up a schedule for greeting also to the Ladies' Guild for the desserts and bake asking each member of the congregation to serve sale. Both of these were enjoyed by many. as a greeter. Mark your calendars for the Spring Welfare Ministry – restructuring to better target Church cleanup coming on the needs of the congregation. Changing shoebox Saturday, April 17th (this date may campaign to become a backpack campaign. Also change). will look into Living Will program which is being offered through Rennes Rehab Center. Mini-Minutes 15 youth attended Camp Lutheran along with 3 chaperones. Youth Gathering Youth attended a February 14 Voters' Assembly movie re: current issues for girls. Pastor's report – 18 hospital visits and 29 home Other topics from the meeting are covered in visits. various parts of this newsletter. Chloe Marie Lousie Tymusz, Evelyn Jane Deptula, baptized.
  7. 7. Lenten "Lunches" looking for church members who are willing to be a part of the Meet Our Members feature on our Web page. This section allows potential visitors to Light lunches (or suppers if you prefer) will be "meet" church members and learn a bit about served at 6 pm before all of the evening Lent them prior to visiting Hope. The idea behind this is services. A free will donation will be taken each that visitors will come to Hope already knowing week with the group providing the meal some members. It also puts a friendly face to our designating how the funds will be used. All Website. If you are willing to have your picture members of the congregation and the community used on the Web please fill out the attached are invited to the meals. "Image Usage Permission" form and return it to the church office. March 3 – Christians family serving Cream of Potato Soup w/salads to benefit Lutheran World Do I need an account to access Facebook and Relief work in Haiti Twitter? March 10 - Available March 17 – Loppnow Book Study Group Yes, both Facebook and Twitter require that you March 24 - Available have an account with them to access any page on their network. Both sites provide you with a free Evangelism account. Maggie Christians will be available after the 8:00 and 10:30 am services on March 7 & 14 HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH to tour Facebook and Twitter with anyone Website Q&A interested in seeing Hope's presence on the Web. The church council approved the new church Am I missing something important because I Website hosted through Viviti at their February 8 don't have Internet access? meeting. This change, along with the addition of an online community, has brought up many No, there is nothing placed on the Web that can't questions. This article aims at answering many of be found in the monthly Anchor Line, the weekly these questions. announcements or other church communications. The Web provides us with one more way of Is information, such as names, addresses, phone connecting with people. It is just utilizing all numbers, etc. put out on the Web? avenues of communication. No, nothing of a sensitive Can't we get rid of the ads on our new site? nature is put on our Web page or online accounts. Only first Yes, the ads are gone. The only reason any ads names are used and only with appeared before is that we were using a free expressed, written permission. account with Viviti until we made the decision to The same goes for move to this new Website. Now that we are photographs and videos. No paying a monthly hosting service fee (like we did personal addresses, whether email or home with our old site) the ads will no longer appear. address, are placed on the Web. No phone numbers are put on the Web that cannot already What is the difference between Viviti and be found there (such as the church office and Bravenet? Pastor's phone numbers). Bravenet was the host for our original Website That being said, the Evangelism Committee is and Viviti is the host for our new Website.
  8. 8. Bravenet provides HTML code Websites, while "Serve the Lord with Gladness" Viviti provides Drop and Drag Websites. Bravenet Young and Young at Heart Women provides domain name registrations, such as, while Viviti does not. The annual Youth Women and Young at Heart Retreat is planned for April 10, 2010. The event Can I safely ignore all this Internet-only stuff? will be held at Peace Lutheran Church in Eau Claire and is sure to be filled with wonderful Yes, by all means, if the Internet fellowship and praise with your fellow sisters in is just not your cup-o-tea you Christ. Please consider joining us as we celebrate can safely forget about it. There our theme "Serve the Lord with gladness – Psalm is nothing placed on the 100:2." Internet that you cannot find out about at church or through The speaker will be Jan Struck. For more one of the paper communications that Hope puts information, contact any of the Ladies Guild out. members. A registration brochure and more information is also available on the bulletin board; Are we spending more money on this new registration must be postmarked by March 12, Website? 2010. No, we are not spending any more money with Viviti than we did with Bravenet. Since Bravenet is a sister-site to Viviti we were able to transfer our remaining balance for hosting services to Viviti. Our old Website cost $9.95 per month. Our new Website costs $10 per month. Our domain name Search the Web and earn 1 cent for each search. registration fee will continue to be paid through Designate HOPE LUTHERAN Bravenet and there is not change in cost with that. CHURCH DE PERE as the cause you support. Click to GOODSHOP you're Who do I contact to have information your on-line shopping. Proceeds added/changed on our Website or online benefit Angels of Hope Preschool. community? Participating stores are listed in the website and you can still use other coupon codes. You can contact Maggie Christians at with any additions or Funds raised in 2010 - $9.51 changes needed for the Website and online Funds raised since we first registered $95.54 community. Don't forget to complete the questionnaire from We Need Ice Cream the Stewardship Ministry – some of your responses will be used for the interest profiles still We are seeking a new ice cream to come. supplier for Celebrate De Pere now that Hansen's is closed. if anyone has The Stewardship Ministry is planning to put any recommendations. We also need together a listing of members' interests. For some sort of freezer to use at example, you may be able to find someone else Celebrate if any one has one we could borrow. who likes to go bowling – or someone who enjoys local day trips – or someone who likes the theatre
  9. 9. – as well as folks who are interested in activities at cross! Therefore God exalted Him to the highest Hope. place and gave Him a name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee A few more good people are also needed to serve should bow, in heaven and on earth and under in the Stewardship Ministry. Contact Matt Dirks, the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus chairperson, or Elder Bruce Schiefelbein if you are Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." interested or have questions. (vv8-11 NIV) Stewardship Minute One day every knee will bow before Christ, even the knees of those who did not believe in Him, and confess Him as Lord of lords and King of kings. Jeff Foxworthy says that if you know all four Those who do not believe will be forced to bow seasons—almost winter, winter, still winter and their knees when they see Jesus coming in glory road construction—you might live in Wyoming. A and then they will go away to everlasting sorrow. lot of other people in wintry states might say the By contrast, our knees will bow in humble same thing. But in March we observe the adoration and our voices will proclaim "How great beginning of spring. As the Thou art!" trees and bushes bud, the grass starts to turn green, Just as the earth comes back to life in spring time, and the soil takes on a smell so also we are renewed day by day to live as God's of new life, we look forward redeemed stewards who freely and joyfully to the beginning of a new cycle with warmer manage all of life and life's resources for God's weather and a new start for seedtime and harvest. purposes. This new life is not boring! It is exciting as we experience God's power in our lives and Sometimes as God's stewards we may feel that look for opportunities in which we can manage stewardship is more of the same old, same old. our time, talents, relationships and financial But, just as spring starts a new cycle of life, so also resources in a way that honors Him and provides Easter with its joy and celebration starts a new so many blessings to others and ourselves. cycle of life for us as God's stewards. During the reflective season of Lent we look forward to the Let's "spring" to new life as God's redeemed joy and celebration of Easter. This is a great stewards who, in cooperation with and reminder that we are "Easter people," that is, encouragement from fellow redeemed stewards, people of hope. Hope is stronger than memory. manage all that we are and have to God's glory! Memory mostly makes us think about past failures, unfulfilled promises, frustration and Don't forget to complete the questionnaire from disappointment, but hope refreshes us with a new the Stewardship Ministry – some of your start, not just at spring time, but for every new responses will be used for the interest profiles still day. to come. During Lent we reflect on the extravagant love of The Stewardship Ministry is planning to put Jesus as He went all the way to the cross and together a listing of members' interests. For death as the perfect sacrifice for our sins and example, you may be able to find someone else failures. Philippians who likes to go bowling – or someone who enjoys chapter two reminds us: local day trips – or someone who likes the theatre "Jesus humbled Himself – as well as folks who are interested in activities at and became obedient to Hope. death—even death on a
  10. 10. A few more good people are also needed to serve The CCCS scholarships provide them with the in the Stewardship Ministry. Contact the opportunity to go to school and learn about Jesus' Stewardship chairperson, or elder if you are love for them. What better way for us to show interested or have questions. Christian love than to point them to Christ! When they grow up, they will be able to provide a better Walking With life for themselves and their families. They will know that Jesus died for them so they will be able to go to heaven. Mission Project: Hearts for Jesus 2010 Our contributions will help children in countries Each year we open our like Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Mexico, hearts to serve the Lord by Paraguay, Liberia, Chad, Thailand, Bangladesh, helping others via a Sunday Haiti and many more. The Sunday School classes School sponsored mission were introduced to the mission project on project, Hearts for Jesus. February 21. Offerings will be collected from This year the North February 21 through March 21 to support the Wisconsin District's Hearts mission project, CCCS. for Jesus mission will help support the CCCS or Children's Christian Concern Each class is having a friendly competition to see Society. who is able to share the most. For each $2.00 donated a little "child character" is added to our The first C is for children from little preschoolers bulletin board as we share the love of Jesus through big kids in high school. The next C is for around the world. Christian. We are Christians and we want all of the children we serve to believe in Jesus as their There is a display board located behind the Penny Savior. The third C is for concern. We are War table giving information regarding the concerned for Jesus' children because they don't countries our Sunday school will be focusing on, in have money to go to school. The last letter is S for addition to other countries where the CCCS is society. A society is a group of people who work active. Thank you to Maggie for her artistic hand. together to make things happen. Check out the map and find where in the world our help and prayers are going. You are an important part of that society. When you give money and pray for these children, God Penny War for Hearts for Jesus is using you to make great things happen in these children's lives. Back by popular demand, the Penny War jars are located in the narthex. There will have 5 jars, each CCCS partners with national leaders of Lutheran individually labeled by group. The Sunday school churches in 21 countries, serving over 18,000 kids. will challenge the men of Hope, the women of They provide scholarships, clothing and school Hope, Angels of Hope Preschool and the high supplies to children allowing them to attend school youth to collect the most pennies. Pennies school and learn about their Lord and Savior, add to the total and any silver coins (quarters, Jesus. dimes or nickels) will deduct from the total, should they happen to be placed in the other jar. The Lutheran Church in each country is All donations at the end will go to Hearts for Jesus. responsible for the selection and allocation of Church Service Participation and Presentation these funds. Some children have never heard of On March 21 at the 10:30 am service, the Sunday Jesus. school classes will sing and assist in the worship
  11. 11. service, in addition they will give a brief of the cross. presentation prior to the final hymn. Please let your teacher or Kim Thompson know by March 14 ATTENTION ADULTS: We are looking for adult if your child(ren) will not be participating. volunteers to participate in this event. Please let Kim Thompson know if you would like to Door Offering – Congregational participation in volunteer. Hearts for Jesus Vacation Bible School A door offering will be held for the Hearts for High Seas: exploring the mighty love of God. Jesus mission on this day for the congregation to participate in the project. Please mark your calendar for August 2 to August 5. If you Cupcake Sale – Cupcakes with an would like to volunteer please international flare! contact Kim Thompson. We love to know your gifts and On March 21 following both share the enthusiasm by service, the Sunday school will be selling cupcakes sharing the love of Jesus in a fun filled packed with international flare — flag cupcakes that is. week. The classes will decorate cupcakes with flags from Haiti, Liberia, Paraguay and Thailand. They will be Youth News on sale for 1/$0.25 or 5/$1.00. Come support a great mission and eat your cake too! Joy … I love that word. I love that word because Easter Sunday we have a God that loves us so much that we can feel true joy! God has blessed my life in so many There will be NO Sunday ways and He has also given me different School on Easter Sunday, opportunities to serve him. I am blessed to be able April 4. However, there will to teach at Providence and see joy in 11 little be an Easter breakfast, an kindergarteners daily. I also have the opportunity Easter egg hunt and a to work with Junior and Sr. High youth here at special Easter activity at 9-9:30. Hope Lutheran Hope and share the joy of knowing Jesus with Youth will be preparing an Easter Breakfast as well them! In leading and taking part in adult Bible studies, I also get to hear of the joy that others Journey to the Cross feel as they recognize all God has done for them. I have friends from various church backgrounds and A special passport for our Sunday School Students although our views differ on some of the specific on March 28. Parents, Sunday Schoolers and details of our beliefs there is a distinct unifying Youth, please be certain to be at Sunday School on point – our love for Jesus and what He has done March 28 for a special opportunity to prepare our for us. When you share that love for Jesus with hearts and minds for Easter and Jesus' others, there is a joy that naturally surfaces. Why? Resurrection. The students will experience the Because we have a God that loves each of us in road to Calvary and the path to the empty tomb in spite of ourselves. When it gets right down to it this experiential Easter event that deepens your we all fall short. We all don't make the grade. We appreciation for the Passion of Christ. Touch, all have weaknesses and temptations that we taste, smell, see, hear and experience Bible events face. It's a simple fact that we all need Jesus. It is in real and memorable ways. During Sunday also a fact that His love is for all of us! The Gospel School, the children will travel to various stations is the core of our faith and that is ultimately what
  12. 12. saves us. Knowing and loving Jesus is what being a So today – if you want to experience Joy… spend Christian is all about. time with Jesus… share Him with someone else – and look beyond yourself! When you center yourself around Christians regularly, that joy is much easier to see and it also God's Blessings, becomes infectious. But let's just clarify – joy is Beth not necessarily happiness. In fact, joy can be felt in even our darkest moments. That is because true Haiti Youth Service Project joy comes from knowing and loving our Savior. Sure there are many things in this life that make Here is a hands on way that you can help the us happy. We all fall into the trap of thinking that people of Haiti who live in one of the poorest certain things that this life gives us will be what nations in the world and now have had their world we need to "find" happiness. Sure a new car, new further impacted with the recent earthquake. clothes, a vacation…while all that does bring a Come help to prepare medicines and medical level of happiness it is fleeting. As a parent of two supplies on Tuesday night March 2 from 6:00 PM small girls I am constantly talking to my children to about 8:30. We will meet at church at 6:00 and about where true joy comes from. Like all travel to the Friends of Haiti site which is located children, (I am hoping mine are not the on East Mason. They will be ready for us to assist exception), they think that if they get that new them with medical preparations for the team of toy, go on that next trip… the list is endless, that doctors, dentists and volunteers who will travel to they will then be happy. In response I give them Haiti in April. (a member of Hope will be traveling this answer - Joy is different. Joy is what lasts. there on April 12-18). Please sign up on the JOY stands for Jesus, Others, You. When we take bulletin board. All congregation members are our eyes off self and put them on Jesus we invited to help the youth in this service project. experience joy. When we look beyond our own needs and help others - we experience true joy. Princess Day Fundraiser The reality is no matter how something in this life looks – true joy can only come from God. Sharing Calling all little princesses! See that love God has for us with others only increases the registration form in the our joy! newsletter to invite any 3- 10 year old who would like to be a Philippians 2: 1-5 princess on March 14 from 12-2:30 PM. Lunch, activities "If you have any encouragement from being and a special message. $10.00 united with Christ, if any comfort from His donation love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my Lutheran Youth Gathering Youth we need your joy complete by being like-minded, having help to support the Princess Day event. the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. Do nothing out of selfish ambition Saturday March 13 we will have lunch at Subway or vain conceit, but in humility consider in East De Pere at noon and then we head to others better than yourselves. Each of you church to decorate, prepare games, activities and should look not only to your own interests, food. Probably until 2:00. Please RSVP to Beth or but to the interest of others. Your attitude Kim. should be the same of that of Christ ." Sunday March 14 the Princess Event from 12-2:30. Youth please confirm you are able to help with
  13. 13. Beth or Kim. Please arrive at 11:00 and then be Angels of Hope Preschool prepared to stay for clean up. It is hard to believe we are already talking about Donations needed. Please check out the sign up the 2010-2011 school year. The preschool children list on the bulletin board for Princess Event have been signing up for their various Donation Requests. kindergarten programs and our preschool registration is well under way. We still have a few Senior High Youth openings in both our three year old and our four year old programs. Please spread the word about Secret Mission from February 28 has been the quality Christian Preschool program we rescheduled to March 7 at 6:00 PM. Please let provide for our congregation and community. Beth know if you will be able to attend. Information on the preschool can be obtained online at Click on the Roller Skating “preschool” link. A registration form can be downloaded or picked up on the preschool display This is event is for all members table in the narthex. Anyone with questions can of the congregation. On contact Gail Thiel at Saturday March 27 from 3:30-5:30 at Rola Rena. Sign up on the bulletin board now as we We celebrated Valentine’s day are looking to get 30 kids or families. Cost of in the preschool during letter Ll skating is $3.50 and skate rental is $1.00 or for week. We had the opportunity Rollerblades $2.00. You may bring your own to show our love for one skates but they must be clean. another by exchanging valentines, but most Journey to the Cross importantly we have focused on some important Bible stories that have talked On March 28 from 9:15-10:15, we are looking for about our love for Jesus as our Savior and ways youth to be tour guides for this event. Are you that we can show him that love. In “the Ten Men able to come and assist? With Leprosy” we talked about the importance of thanking God for all that he has given us. “The Easter Chocolate and Seroogy's Feeding of 5,000” gave us a clear example of how God can turn a simple act of love into a large The youth are selling Seroogy's chocolate and miracle. The children are learning how to be just coffee. Get your Easter as giving in their involvement in the Hearts for chocolate now. Jesus penny war. I wish I could have bottled up 7 oz Butter Fudge Eggs for their enthusiasm as they talked about how excited $4.50 they were at the idea of sharing their money with 4 oz. solid chocolate bunnies poor children in other countries. and lambs for $3.20. Coffee: Columbian, The story of “Mary and Martha” is opening our Hazelnut, Jamaican Me eyes to the importance of hearing God’s word. In Crazy and Holiday Traditions March we will see Jesus heal a blind man and a for $10.00. deaf man. We will also be witness to his forgiveness as we listen to the story of Zacchaeus, Sale runs until March 10 with delivery before and we will learn about his ultimate sacrifice as Easter!
  14. 14. we walk through the Easter story. $5 gift certificate, for your use with any future order. Flier is at the end of this newsletter. We will continue to work our way through the alphabet. The children are growing in their "SHINING LIKE STARS" EXPO – SATURDAY, mastery of the necessary kindergarten readiness MARCH 6TH 9:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M. skills. It is thrilling to see how far they have come. They are also learning some important social skills N.E.W. is hosting the EXPO and it is open to all that will lead them confidently into their students' grades 3-8. Please check out our web kindergarten experience. page for information and registration. Questions can be e-mailed to It is a great time of year to stop in and see us. The preschool children are always excited to have LUTHERAN SCHOOLS WEEK – MARCH 8TH -12TH people visit. Our door is always open. 8th GRADE PLACEMENT TEST – SATURDAY, In His Service, MARCH 13TH 9-NOON Gail Thiel and Kim Thompson Students do not need to pre-register but do need NATIONAL DISASTER TRAINING to bring a calculator and be in N.E.W. High School before 9:00. PILGRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH, GREEN BAY SERVICE OF HYMNS, PSALMS AND SPIRITUAL Volunteers will be trained and have pictures taken SONGS – SUNDAY, MARCH 14TH 7:00-8:30 P.M. for ID cards on Tuesday, March 16 from 6 until 9 pm at Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Green Bay. It is N.E.W. Lutheran High School choirs will combine very important for volunteers with Association Church choirs in lifting up the for any national disaster (such word of God in song. Please join us at Faith as Katrina) to get this training. Lutheran Church (2335 S. Webster) from The training includes both the 7-8:30pm for this powerful night of praise. Congregational Preparedness training and the LERT (Lutheran N.E.W. LUTHERAN HIGH - FORWARD TO 40! Early Response Team) training. TUESDAY, MARCH 16TH 6:30 P.M. at NEWLHS. If you are interested in attending, please contact Judy in the church office so she can register a The Board of Directors and Executive Director number of trainees from Hope. There is no cost Chris Nelson will address where we have been as for the training and your name is not needed for a school ministry, some of our current challenges registration (only total number attending). and blessings and where we are headed in the next 7 years (2017 marks our 40th anniversary) NEWLHS News and beyond. Please come and share in vision of enhancing this dynamic school of choice to ROSATI'S PIZZA DAY - TUESDAY position it for rich blessings for many years to MARCH 9TH come. Thank you for your tremendous support as we reach out to our community to help families Please support N.E.W. Lutheran High School by prepare Christian leaders. Our world needs them eating pizza!! Purchase pizza or other items from now more than ever! For more information, their menu and with the attached flyer, 10% of please contact the school office at 469-6810. your order will go to N.E.W. Lutheran High School. Dine-in, delivery or pick-up you will also receive a N.E.W.LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE –
  15. 15. APRIL 15 AT 7:00 P.M. Live Auction starts at 7pm. All items are on Facebook at Tickets Do you have questions about Northeastern are $10 in advance, $15 at the door the night of Wisconsin Lutheran High School that you would the event. 12 and under are $7 in advance and like answered? Have you been curious about $10 at the door the night of the event. N.E.W. but haven't had a chance to visit the school? Do you have a child that is currently in A New Home for Your Old 6-8th grade? Then you need to come to N.E.W.'s parent information night for answers in an Computer informal-no pressure setting. Team Effect is looking to donate used computers HOST FAMILIES NEEDED FOR THE 2010-2011 to La Causa, an Milwaukee Public School partner SCHOOL YEAR school on the southside of Milwaukee. La Causa had recently built a new computer lab, but all the Consider opening your hearts and homes to computers were destroyed in the summer someone from another country while you broaden flooding. If you know of any computers that can your awareness of the world around you and help be donated to La Causa, please contact Liz Muniz support Northeastern Wisconsin Lutheran High at 655-2675 or Judy Muniz at 336-9721. School at the same time. If you are you may be interested in, please contact Kris Schumacher now Team Effect has the resources to get the to discuss various possibilities; please e-mail computers back in action. You can find more info or call with questions in Team Effect (a group of students at Wisconsin 469-6810. Lutheran College in Milwaukee) on Facebook. Thank you for your time and support! NEWLHS JR. Blazer Football Informational Meeting GOD IS CALLING On Thursday, March 18th at NEW Where will you go? There are Lutheran High School at 6:30pm, more than 200 opportunities Blazer Head Coach Dick Hasseler available to serve with LCMS will be leading an informational World Mission, ranging from one meeting for all 6th, 7th and 8th week to a lifetime? Check out the grade boys and their parents who are interested in website for more information playing in a tackle football program. For more information, please call Coach Hasseler at 660-6468. Save this Stuff Taste of Trinity < General Mills Boxtops for Education and Kemps & Morning Glory milkcaps go to Trinity Lutheran Elementary School Fundraiser Trinity Lutheran School. They are worth March 5 at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, $.05 each. 120 S. Henry St, Green Bay. < Egg cartons go to Paul's Pantry. < Campbell Soup labels go to Bethesda Silent Auction starts at 4:30pm with dinner at 5pm Home. Only the UPC Code with the little (3 kinds of soup, 3 kinds of salad, bread and point square next to it are needed. drinks) Performance by the students at 6:30pm. < Plastic and paper bags may be contributed
  16. 16. directly to Christian Outreach or to family time over the Fourth of July! Bethesda Thrift Shop. < Empty pill bottles. (must be from Workbees: April 23-25 and May 14-16 prescriptions – not from over-the-counter medications) Our spring workbees have lots of activity, and help < Food items for St. Anne's food pantry. to improve and maintain Camp Luther in ways < Old Portals of Prayer – a box is in the that are invaluable!! Plus you receive free lodging coatroom. and meals to boot! If these dates don't work with < Used postage stamps – leave ½ inch your schedule, call our office at 877-264-CAMP to around the stamp. There is a 3 drawer see if there are other dates when you may be able container in the coatroom. to help. Be an RV volunteer! Contact Mike "Mutt" Reick for more information or go to COMPUTER INK CARTRIDGES Eligible brands are now HP, Dell, Lexmark, Brother, Epson, Samsung, Kodak, Sharp or Canon Be a Camp Luther Communicator ink or toner cartridges. The highlighted brands were not accepted in the program before, but are Be a "champion" for Camp Luther in your home now. The recycling rebates are used to offset congregation, promoting its programs and needs. office expenses (paper/ink/envelopes, etc) in the You could also load up your small group and head church office. Put these in the middle drawer in to Camp Luther to learn more together. Your only the coatroom. cost would be $7.25 for lunch, please call ahead so that our staff can plan a tour for you. Please remember to check your CAMP LUTHER IS A RELAXING AND BEAUTIFUL church mailbox in the coatroom GETAWAY!! each time you are at church. Your name is above your box. Plan your individual or family getaway at Camp Luther. Cottages are available this winter for just $78 per night (two-night minimum stay). Tubing, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, broomball and Camp Luther much more are available activities. ONLINE REGISTRATIONS GRANDKIDS CAMP – JULY 9-11!! ARE OPEN FOR SUMMER CAMP 2010!! What a wonderful way to spend some one-on-one time with your grandchild AND encourage their You can now register for growing relationship with Jesus! It is a weekend Summer Camp 2010 at you will treasure for years to come, and the Register impact will last a lifetime. Don't miss this soon to ensure your first opportunity with your pre-k or kindergarten-aged choice week and village at our secure website. grandchild! And don't forget to bring a friend who has never been to Camp Luther before, and you will both get CAMP LUTHER GOLF CHALLENGE – June 11, 2010 a 20% discount!! There is something for everyone this summer – fathers and sons, tweenagers and We are set for another fun day of golf, prizes, teenagers, those looking to become leaders, laughter and fellowship. Join us at the Northwood grandparents and grandkids, and those looking for Golf Club in Rhinelander. Each golfer is asked to
  17. 17. raise $200 for Camp Luther and present it as their WATER! The price includes a Noah's Ark unlimited registration fee that day. Gather a foursome for a pass, lunch, soda all day and a chance to win great fantastic day of golf that benefits the ministry of door prizes. Camp Luther! Thanks to a generous donation by MCL Industries, each dollar contributed will go IMPACT- Hands On Leadership Camp!! towards Retreat Center debt retirement, which is now below $500,000!! IMPACT is just one of many learning and camping opportunities at Camp Luther this summer. CAMP LUTHER AT BEAVER CREEK RESERVE!! Participants in IMPACT will develop leadership skills, work as a team, be accountable, and Camp Luther is coming closer to Western practice these skills to bring leadership and the Wisconsin! There will be a weeklong youth camp impact of the Gospel to their church and held at the Beaver Creek Reserve near Fall Creek. communities. Consider IMPACT Leadership Camp Under the direction of full-time camp staff, it will as you register at be just like regular youth camp with trained counselors, great activities, in-depth Bible studies, Camp Luther is a ministry of the North Wisconsin and campfire devotions. Go to District-LCMS. Our mission is to build up the Body for more information about this exciting, NEW of Christ for service to the church and witness to opportunity. This camp will be offered July 11-16, the world. Contact Camp Luther at 877-264-CAMP 2010 for those who have completed 4-6th grade. for more information on any of the programs or events. MEN'S FISH AND GOLF RETREAT May 18-21! Publication Information This is a great retreat for individuals or groups. The retreat offers activities and spiritual growth Bulletin information is and includes lodging and meals. (Fishing and golf due by Wednesdays at are at your own expense.) Sign up as a group and 8:00 PM. Information save. Join other men in this time of growth and for the April 2010 renewal. newsletter will be due on Monday, March. 22. Please put information in the church secretary's MEMORIAL DAY FAMILY RETREAT! May 28-31. mailbox, call Judy at 336-9721 or e-mail at Please sign any notes in case of Load up the family for a relaxing and fun retreat at questions. Thanks. Camp Luther. The weekend includes activities for families, as well as time to just relax and enjoy God's beautiful creation. There are also spiritually uplifting devotions. What a wonderful way to bond as a family, explore and find rest. If you book lodging in the Retreat Center, you will save 25%. Lodging and 7 meals are included in this fantastic weekend. Go to to learn more! DISTRICT DAY AT NOAH'S ARK! June 28, join North Wisconsin District members of all ages for family, food, fun and, of course,