July 2010: The Anchor Line


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July 2010: The Anchor Line

  1. 1. THE ANCHOR LINE July 2010 Hope Lutheran Church and Angels of Hope Preschool 700 S. Superior St. De Pere, WI 54115 ~ (920) 336-9843 On the web: www.hopedepere.org ~ e-mail: HopeDepere@yahoo.com Matthew Christians, pastor Gail Thiel, preschool director office: 336-9843, home: 336-9582 office 336-9843 emergency cell: 615-5136 e-mail: angelsofhopepreschool@yahoo.com e-mail: matthewchristians@gmail.com Our Vision at Hope: that we would be a growing, vibrant, praying, caring congregation– boldly reaching out with Jesus Christ in word and deed. A Word from your Pastor— May the fullness of the Word Made Flesh, Jesus Christ our Lord, dwell in you richly! G race, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen. liturgy and proclaiming the witness of Scripture through reading and preaching. All of this involves words, using words to proclaim the One of the greatest joys and privileges of Word of God Incarnate— Jesus Christ. serving you as your pastor is the opportunity each week to lead the God's Divine Service Still, leading the Divine Service is more (worship). The Divine Service (what Lutherans than words. Motions, actions and gestures are call 'worship') is God's service to us poor sinful necessarily a part of anything we do and this beings. It is the primary time each week in month I thought I would take the opportunity to which God speaks to us and gives to us His gifts explain a little about some of the actions and of Word and Sacrament— for the forgiveness of gestures that I make during the Divine Service. our sins and the up-building of our faith in Some of these actions may be the same as Christ. The privilege of leading this service is an Pastor Stoll did them; some may be different honor of which I am totally unworthy, but one (having never seen a Pastor Stoll-led service, I to which nonetheless God has called me to do. don't know). A primary facet of this calling is, of It's important, though, to talk about course, speaking the Word of Christ in the actions because, here in the Church, nothing we
  2. 2. do in the Divine Service is done just "because." Prayer of the Church and always during the In the Lutheran Church, everything we DO Proper Preface prayer during the Communion confesses SOMETHING about what we BELIEVE. liturgy, I raise empty hands to heaven. I do this For example, whenever I approach the partly because this is how the ancient apostles altar or cross before it, I stop and bow to and disciples prayed, lifting hands to heaven. I reverence the altar. I also ask the acolytes and also do so because those empty hands remind communion assistants to do the same. Why? myself that we come before God always as Because this is the table from which Jesus feeds beggars, as those seeking from Him His mercy us His own body and blood for our salvation. It's for our needs and for the needs of the whole natural to reverence the Lord and His precious Church and indeed the whole world. gifts, that we never take it for granted. The Finally, one very important action takes action, therefore, place during the confesses what consecration of the Here in the Church, nothing we do in the Divine Service is we believe. elements in the done just "because." In the Lutheran Church, everything we Secondly, DO confesses SOMETHING about what we BELIEVE. Sacrament of the at various spots Altar. During the during the consecration, I service (primarily whenever God's Triune Name elevate the host so that the people can see it. It is invoked), I cross myself. Why? Because I is a visual proclamation (as Dr. Luther described belong to the Crucified and need to remind in German Mass). It is good and right to uplift myself of it constantly. It reminds me that the and reverence the One who has sacramentally whole of God, revealed in Three Persons, points united His crucified and risen body to that host, us ever and always to the cross of Jesus. It's a for "every knee shall bow and every tongue reminder that every good in the world is confess that Jesus Christ is Lord" (Philippians wrapped up in the Crucified and Risen Lord and 2:10). Similarly with the chalice. He has marked as His own with the cross. In summary, are these gestures and Thirdly, at the reading of the Gospel, I actions essential to worship? No— they are often lift the book up and announce "This is the neither commanded nor forbidden in Holy Gospel of the Lord" so that all can see it. I then Scripture. But the point is that these actions close the book and return it to the lectern. have meaning; they confess something about Why? Because the Gospel reading includes the the wonder and the grace and the mercy of a literal Word which was spoken by the Word God who loved me all the way to the cross — made Flesh during His earthly ministry in Galilee that I may live in peace... forgiven, renewed, and Judea. We love Jesus' words and are and refreshed for a Spirit-filled life. Thanks be to grateful for them. By these words, we live in God. hope and through these words we die in Yours, humbly, in Jesus' name, confidence. There are no words on earth so Pastor Matt precious! The elevation highlights what we "Hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so believe about this precious Word of Christ. that [you] may be able to give instruction in Also, during the prayers, often in the sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it." (Titus 1:9)
  3. 3. The Catechism Corner Patristic Quote of the Month The Third Article: "Yes, and most wonderful I believe in the Holy of all is that all these things Spirit, the holy Christian were successfully brought church, the communion of about through a cross and saints, the forgiveness of suffering and death. The sins, the resurrection of the Gospel of the knowledge of body, and the life God has been preached to the whole world everlasting. Amen. and has put the adversaries to flight not by war and arms and camps. Rather, it was a few What does this mean? unarmed, poor, unlettered, persecuted, I believe that I cannot by my own reason tormented, done-to-death men, who, by or strength believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord, or preaching the One who had died crucified in come to Him; but the Holy Spirit has called me by the flesh, prevailed over the wise and the Gospel, enlightened me with His gifts, powerful, because the almighty power of the sanctified and kept me in the true faith. Crucified was with them.... In the same way He calls, gathers, enlightens, Well done, O and sanctifies the whole Christian church on Christ, O Wisdom and Power and Word of God, earth, and keeps it with Jesus Christ in the one and God almighty! What should we true faith. resourceless people give You in return for all things? For all things are Yours and You ask In this Christian church He daily and richly nothing of us but that we be saved. Even this forgives all my sins and the sins of all believers. You have given us, and by Your ineffable On the Last Day He will raise me and all the goodness You are grateful to those who accept dead, and give eternal life to me and all believers it. Thanks be to You who has given being and in Christ. This is most certainly true.. grace of well-being and who by Your ineffable (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) condescension has brought back to this state those who fell from it!. — St. John of Damascus (AXD 676–749) Arab Christian monk and priest (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) Life Quote "O most glorious God, direct my thoughts, word and work, wash away my sins in the Old Lutheran Quote of the immaculate blood of the Lamb, and purge my heart by Month the Holy Spirit... Daily frame "The streams of divine grace me more and more into the flow downwards, not likeness of thy Son, Jesus upwards. As nature's Christ.... Thou gavest thy Son to die for me, streams seek the lowlands, and has given me assurance of salvation" so those of divine grace flow —George Washington down into lowly hearts.... (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) Well may we rejoice, then, and magnify
  4. 4. the mercy of our God. What good thing will He, who loved us while we were yet His Every Sunday Sermon Prep enemies, disdaining not to take our human Preparation nature into the very closest union with His To help you prepare for divinity, withhold from those who are worship, here are the weekly partakers with Him of the same flesh? Who readings for Divine Services has ever hated His own flesh? How can He in July: possibly cast us off, when by an exercise of such exalted and infinite mercy, He hath June 6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Isaiah 66:10–14 made us partakers of His own nature?" Galatians 6:1–10, 14–18 — Johann Gerhard (AXD 1582–1637) Luke 10:1–20 Lutheran church leader & professor July 11. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leviticus 19:9–18 (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) Colossians 1:1–14 Luke 10:25–37 July 18. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Genesis 18:1–10 New Lutheran Quote of the Colossians 1:21–29 Month Luke 10:38–42 July 25 (St. James). . . . . . . . . . . Acts 11:27–12:5 "When man enters the Romans 8:28–39 presence of the holy, he Mark 10:35–45 becomes distinctly aware of his unholiness... Man falls to his (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) knees to confess the sins that have separated him from God, who is holy, that is, set apart by being whole in Himself.... And through renewal of the promise of God's grace in Christ, disordered and twisted lives are again redirected and set right with God. We find that the righteousness God demands of us is the very righteousness He gives us. He makes men holy who in their self-centeredness and lack of trust would like to rely on their own efforts. The question, then, of whether this righteousness has truly become ours is not to be answered by an appeal to our own feelings or sentiments. Such is the dialectic of the Christian faith that God's law finds him guilty even when he feels no guilt. God's Gospel, on the other hand, declares him not guilty and righteous Jesus said: "I Am the Vine; You are the even when he feels most despicable. God's branches. Whoever abides in Me and I in promises are sure." Him. He it is that bears much fruit; for — Ernest Koenker (AXD 1895–1976) apart from Me you can do nothing. Retired LC–MS pastor and author —John 15:5 (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt)
  5. 5. best, for as long as we live here on earth. But this The Biblical View of Worship lasts forever and will occupy us through all (part 1 of 3), by Dr. John W. Kleinig, Professor eternity. In fact, we rehearse this for as long as Emeritus, Australian Lutheran we live and even then we never get it completely College right. This activity is worship, which is the (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) beginning of a heavenly life here on earth and a preparation for our life with God in heaven. Our A. Tuning In worship here is practice for the real thing, like 1. Imagine a colour television set which has learning to play a musical instrument, like never been used. There it sits in the living room attending school to prepare for our job, like going of a house, sheltered from the sun and rain. Since steady to get ready for married life. It’s a it occupies such a prominent place in the living heavenly activity which is done perfectly only in room, it has developed rather inflated notions heaven. about its own importance. It has met all the visitors that have come to the house; it has 3. Worship then is something supernatural, eavesdropped on all the conversations in the and it is supernatural in three ways. First, it does room; it has watched everything that has not come naturally to us human beings. If we happened in the house. But it has never been were left to our own devices, we would never used. It has never let its owners push in its plug worship God properly, as it goes against our grain. and switch on the electricity. No one has ever We would rather worship ourselves, or some turned on its speaker, so that it could sing and homemade idols, than the living God. So God speak properly. No one has ever adjusted its himself has to teach us how to worship. In fact, he vision, so that it could display a clear, coloured doesn’t just show us how it is done; he actually image. does it together with us, so that we get the hang And so it has sat there undisturbed and of it from him. It is then a divine activity, and we has never functioned as a television set. It has join in with it, like a horseman who rides a racing lived all its life in that room and has never horse. But more about that later. discovered what goes on elsewhere outside its Secondly, worship is supernatural, because immediate range. It has never caught a vision of it has to do with what is out of this world. It has the world outside and has never brought it back to do with God and what connects us with God, into its home. It has never become a receiver and just as an umbilical cord joins the baby to its so could never become a transmitter of words mother and nourishes the life of the baby from its and visions. It is nothing but a useless piece of mother. Worship is the divine lifeline of the furniture. Well that’s how people are who never Church and that’s what makes it so important. worship God. They do not fulfil the purpose for Now that is something that those who aren’t which they were created. They never become Christians can’t understand. The ordinary, secular receivers and transmitters of God’s heavenly person is utterly bamboozled by worship. It is transmission to us in this world. They lead lives unlike anything else we do. It isn’t useful for that are spiritually frustrated and unfulfilled. anything else. It seems a waste of time and energy. It is rather boring as nothing much seems 2. There is only one activity which we do here to happen in it. In short, it makes no earthly sense on earth that will also be done in heaven. to anybody who is merely an earthling. So, since Whatever else we do lasts only for a while, or, at they can’t appreciate the great importance of
  6. 6. worship for the Christian, atheists sometimes they gather round God’s throne and sing: “Holy! commit monumental blunders. For example, the Holy! Holy!” So by faith we get a foretaste of Russian communists banned all Christian activities heaven; we anticipate the glory we shall share as except worship without ever realising that they children of our heavenly Father and members of thereby helped the Church survive and even God’s royal family. Wilhelm Loehe, a Lutheran thrive in Communist Russia. theologian of the nineteenth century, says this Thirdly, worship is supernatural, because it about the mystery of worship: is, at core, a divine activity. The chief celebrant is In its worship the congregation feels closest to Jesus our great high priest in the heavenly its Lord. There as close to the Bridegroom as it sanctuary. He leads us in our worship by can get, it leads a heavenly life on earth, an representing us before the Father in intercession earthly life in heaven. and thanksgiving (Heb 7:25; 9:25) and by Worship then is a mysterious tuning into representing God the Father to us in heaven here on earth. By it we human beings proclamation and praise (Heb 2:12). By his service become receivers and transmitters of heavenly in the heavenly sanctuary he leads us together life together with other Christians and our risen, with the angels and the whole communion of ascended Lord Jesus. saints in the performance of the heavenly liturgy (Heb 2:11; 8:2; 12:22- 24; 13:15). 5. When we worship, we begin to do what we were created for. We fulfil God’s ultimate 4. Since it is supernatural, Christian worship is purpose for us and his whole creation. We a matter of mystery. Now a mystery differs from a become fulfilled with the fullness of God. It is secret in that it remains hidden and inexplicable, therefore the chief thing that we ever learn in this even when you are let in on it and know a lot life. That’s why the first three of the Ten about it. St. Paul sums it up in Colossians 1:24 as Commandments cover various aspects of it. Apart ‘Christ in (or among) you, the hope of glory’. It from worship, our Christian faith remains has to do with the mysterious, hidden presence notional, theoretical and ultimately unreal. of Christ who is with us and among us. We are in The early Christians spoke a lot about him and he is in us. He comes to us and does ‘orthodoxy’. Now we normally define orthodoxy things for us when we gather together in his as correct teaching about the Triune God, but it name. He brings the Holy Spirit with him and also means ‘correct worship’ or ‘right praise’. ushers us bodily into the presence of his heavenly Both belong together. Correct doctrine is teaching Father. So in worship we come into contact with the right worship of the living God. All doctrine the Holy Trinity. We come into the presence of achieves nothing, no matter how good and the Triune God and share in the ongoing work of correct and inspiring, unless it comes from Jesus here on earth. worship and leads back to worship of the Triune But worship also has to do with our hope God, for, when we worship properly, we let God of glory, that is, with our life as sons and be our God and have his way with us. In orthodox daughters of God in heaven. This life is not yet worship we join in with Jesus in his ministry as the apparent to us. It is ‘hid with Christ in God’ (Col. great high priest in the heavenly sanctuary. # 3:3). The wonder of it is that in worship heaven comes down to earth in Jesus and we earthlings are taken up together with him into heaven. We join in with the angels and saints in heaven as
  7. 7. God's children are stewards or managers of the Stewardship many blessings that God has bestowed upon us. "July is Freedom Month!” Stewardship is not meant to be an oppressive response to God's grace and goodness, but rather July 4, 1776 was a memorable day in the history a joyful response. In our church we have defined of the United States of America. On that day, the stewardship this way: "Christian stewardship is founding fathers of our nation declared their the free and joyous activity of the child of God independence from England and English rule. and God's family, the church, in managing all of Each year we pause to life and life's resources for God's purposes." remember the freedoms What a beautiful definition for our Christian we enjoy and give thanks stewardship! for all those brave men and women from 1776 to this Because Christ has redeemed us to be the date who have risked their children of God and heirs of salvation, we have lives for the sake of the privilege and responsibility to give evidence of freedom and this precious freedom through our words and independence. We enjoy the freedom of religion, actions. Jesus changes everything in our lives of gathering in public, of oppression from the (relationships, use of money, time, talents, and so government or any other agency. We have the much more) so that we practice our stewardship freedom of electing our national, state, and local not in order to gain salvation, but rather as a free leaders into office as our leaders. In November, and joyous response because of what God has we will have the opportunity to exercise that already done for us through the sacrifice of Jesus freedom one more time. It is our privilege and and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. duty to vote whenever we have the opportunity. History teaches us that national apathy has What a joy to freely and joyfully practice Christian destroyed numerous empires and America can stewardship not because we have to but because also flounder and fail if we citizens do not we get to! Enjoy your freedom as a citizen of the exercise our freedoms in a responsible way. United States of America and a citizen of the kingdom of God and let your life show it! Not only are we citizens of probably the greatest nation in the history of mankind, but we are also citizens of the Kingdom of God! Because of that Financial Figures citizenship, we enjoy countless freedoms and blessings, like the forgiveness of sins, life, and 2010 Average per week: $3,087.85 salvation. These freedoms and blessings come to Budget per week: $3,765 us at a great cost--not on our part, but on the Difference: - $677.15 part of our gracious Savior Jesus who offered Himself up to death as the Lamb of God who 20/20 total for 2010: takes away the sin of the world. Even though we $4,194.03 can never adequately express our thanks to Jesus, we can by the power of the Holy Spirit live each day more and more like the children of God. In Colossians 3:12-17, we find a list of virtues that are appropriate for us as God's children.
  8. 8. Those Who Serve in July Education Ministry Ushers: The Education Ministry will be combining the regular meeting for June and July to just one on Sunday 9am Wednesday 7pm Tuesday, July 13. 7/4 Dan Dennis 7/11 Available Dennis Evangelism Ministry 7/18 Available Dennis Members of the Evangelism 7/25 Available Dennis Ministry are working on a "Meet the Members" link Altar Aides: on the Hope website. They Sunday 9am Wednesday 7pm are looking for families 7/4 and/or individuals who Elvera Louann would be willing to 7/11 Available Louann complete a brief outline about themselves to be 7/18 included on the website – more info to come on Available Louann that. 7/25 Available Louann Maggie Christians is training several others to be Flowers: able to work on the website. 7/4 Available A Mission statement for the Ministry is being 7/11 Available developed along with a list of activities in which 7/18 Available the ministry is typically involved. 7/25 Darryll & Sharon – anniversary Tentative dates for New Member Breakfasts are Oct 17, 2010 and a Sunday in April 2011. All dates available for greeters, readers and acolytes. The next meeting is planned for Saturday, July 31 at 9 am. New members always welcome! If you Thank You have ideas for the Evangelism Ministry but cannot attend the meetings, please contact any of its members: Chris, Nancy, Matt , Maggie, Pastor Thank you to those who served in June: Matt or Paul. Ushers: David & Julie, Dan & Jane, Joe & Jean, Dennis, Randy & Michelle Altar Aids: Elvera, Louann, Renee, Shirley Greeters: Jean Acolyte: Nikki
  9. 9. special thanks to Jen for Trinity Board Member these!), not to mention scooping Zesty's Frozen One of Hope's Trinity School delegate's (Jenn) Custard into cones, bowls school board term is up the end of July. She has and cups for Rootbeer Floats. served the past three years and would be eligible The final numbers are not in for another 3 year term if chosen. She is available yet but I am confident that to continue serving. Trinity's board currently this was one of our best years ever. consists of 10 members of which 7 are parents. The board would like to include more people with I would like to thank all of the volunteers that business backgrounds as they have grown so made the 2010 effort possible: Shirley, Evelyn, much. Hope council needs to appoint a delegate Darryll and Sharon, Howard and Leona, Romaine , at the July meeting. If you are interested in this Bob and Tia, Betty, Elvera, Matthew, Laurie, Dave position, please contact Meinie. and Julie, Dave, Ben, Paula, Myrna, Steve and Jen, Pastor Matth, Bruce, Brenda, Ryne and Benjamin, www.goodsearch.com Matt and Christian, John, Randy and Michelle , Rhonda and Walker, Judy and Liz, Derrick, Kathy, Joe and Jean, John and Ellie, Dawn and Alyssa , Search the web and earn 1 cent Deb, Hayden and Denzel, Helen, Scott, Jakob and for each search. Designate HOPE Cambria, Rick and Bette. Many more unnamed LUTHERAN CHURCH DE PERE as folks need to be recognized for donations, the cause you support. Click to patronage at the tent and prayers for good Goodshop for your on-line weather and if I missed anyone above, I apologize shopping. Proceeds benefit Angels and thank them privately for their service. of Hope Preschool. Participating stores are listed in the website and you can still use other coupon There are still a few leftovers available for codes. purchase. A 12-pack of buns or a Cheesecake-on-a Stick (Original or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) Funds raised in 2010: $33.31 are $2 each; both can be found in the freezer. The Funds raised since we first registered: $117.11 30-pack pillow of buns is also just $2. Purchase one of the four 2-liter bottles of A&W Root Beer Celebrate De Pere for just $1! The other unsold/leftover beverages by Michelle and brownies were enjoyed at the church picnic on June 27. If you purchase any of these items, It was an unusually beautiful Memorial Day please place your money in an envelope, mark the weekend at Voyageur Park in De Pere this year. envelope ‘Celebrate DePere sale' and place it in The sun was shining and no rain for three full the offering plate. days. Volunteers worked on Thursday to cut up veggies, on Friday to set up our tent and on If you have any comments, suggestions, etc. for Saturday, Sunday and Monday to cook and serve next year's event, I would be happy to hear them. Italian Sausage and Chicken Breast Sandwiches I know I have a few of my own after being in along with Hamburgers, Cheesecake on a Stick, charge of the tent for the first time since we Snickers Chunk and Rocky Road Brownies (a began participating in Celebrate DePere in 2002.
  10. 10. Decorating: Packer Games Are Coming VBS decorating will continue on Friday, July 30 LEVY - Online Alcohol Training – Non Profit from 9am until complete. Please come and help. Groups Sign up is on bulletin board. Instruction sheets are VBS Clean Up: on the bulletin board. Will begin on Thursday, August 4 following our This training must be VBS closing fellowship. We are looking for a few completed before good lifters and willing hearts. Sign up is on working any Packer bulletin board. games. It's basically the same as last year but, of course, a bit different. Friday, August 6 beginning at 9:00am until We have five people who have completed complete or as long as you can stay. Please sign training so far. Remember to e-mail Judy so we up on bulletin board. also have a record of who has completed the training. VBS Closing Program and Ice Cream Social: Thursday, August 5 will be VBS: High Seas Expedition our final day of High Seas Adventure VBS. Come and Attention VBS Volunteers: hear what the children have Training Session #1 is learned and feel the Sunday, July 11 at 7:00pm. excitement of Jesus' love. Please RSVP to Kim Our program will begin at regarding your attendance. 8:10 and followed by an Ice We will together prepare Cream Social. and familiarize ourselves Do you love scooping ice cream? Please sign up to with the High Seas help scoop ice cream on Thursday, August 5 at Adventure where we explore the mighty love of 8:30 following the closing program of VBS. God and set sail with Jesus. Help Us Put Our Sail in VBS: Training Session #2 is Thursday, July 29 at Our VBS is still in need of many items. How can 6:30pm. This is an important night where you will you help? Check out the list on our Website or get crew names and final directions. Following check the display in the narthex. You can take a the training, we will work on decorating. Please sailboat off the window indicating the item and plan on staying until 9:00pm if you are able. return it to the display at the time noted. We truly appreciate your willingness to help make our VBS Background Checks: program a success. If you are a VBS volunteer over 18 years of age, you must turn in your background check form to Invite a Friend, Grandchild, or Neighbor: Kim prior to July 11. VBS High Seas Adventure – New Friends – Amazing Crafts – Wild Games – Lip Smacking Snacks – Swashbuckling Bible Adventures – Incredible Music – and of course the amazing love
  11. 11. of Jesus. It all starts on Sunday, August 1 and ends projects in Haiti. What a great choice for our High Thursday, August 5 from 6:00- 8:30pm. Students Seas Adventure since it is an island country that should arrive the first night at 5:50pm for we could sail to! Haiti is also the poorest country registration. in the Western Hemisphere. If you have a child that you would still like to One of the mission projects is "Friends of Haiti." register, please call Kim. Even if you are not The Friends of Haiti is a nonprofit organization involved come in and take a peek as we transform operating as one interconnected family with the Hope into our High Seas Adventure. If you can't people living in the four sections of Thomazeau, be with us please keep us in your prayers. Haiti. They are a local group that is devoted, through mutual efforts, to improving the health, education and economic development of Haiti. VBS Truck, Trailer or Van and a Few Extra Hands: The second mission We are looking for someone that could help to project is an LCMS move VBS ship and mast from another church to missionary, Alyssa Hope on Monday, July 26 at 9:00am. Please Stone, seeking to contact Kim if you are able to assist. help the people of Haiti know Jesus Vacation Bible School Mission Projects: Christ as their Savior. This year our VBS will help to support a local Ms. Stone serves as a GEO missionary who mission that Hope Lutheran Welfare Committee is teaches a women's Bible study, helps with youth coordinating. We will be sponsoring a daily and children's ministries in the congregation she offering that will go to the local Christian serves, makes visits to families, sick community Outreach. Each year they members and the elderly and fills other diaconal help to provide backpacks service roles as needed. and school supplies to children in need. Each day Music CD's: we will suggest an item that We have CD's of our VBS music available for sale. you can bring to help with this program. Our VBS The cost is $10.00. If you would like one ahead of group has the opportunity to help others and time, they are available on the display. Please share Jesus' love as follows: leave your payment in the church office made out to Hope Lutheran otherwise you may purchase • Sunday: S is for scissors ( child size) one at registration. • Monday: M is for markers (wide washable Classic Colors) • Tuesday: T is for tacky, as in glue sticks Youth News by Kim Thompson and Beth • Wednesday: W is for writing (wide rule notebooks "But those who wait on the Lord shall renew • Thursday: T is for a TRUSTY pencil (#2 their strength; They shall mount up with wings pencils only) like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint" Our VBS children will also be invited to bring in a – Isaiah 40:31 – monetary donation that will help two mission
  12. 12. So it is with much anticipation and excitement Orleans. Meeting will be at Beth's house. Parents that a group of 8 youth and 2 adult leaders finish please let us know your availability. final preparations for the 2010 Lutheran Youth Gathering. It seems like we have been talking SUMMER STRETCH OPPORTUNITY: about this a long time -- 3 years in fact. Talking, We are sorry to report that we did not have any preparing, serving, fundraising and WAITING! youth sign up for this great summer opportunity Waiting for the day to arrive to experience for 4 days of service and fellowship. We hope to celebrating our faith in Jesus Christ with over work with the other area churches and have more 10,000 young people. information out earlier. There are so many periods of "waiting" in life that LCMS National Youth Gathering: make time seem long, while the rest of our life The 2010 LCMS National flies! There is waiting to finish school, waiting for Youth Gathering will begin exam results, waiting for the next birthday to with worship on Sunday, celebrate; there is waiting for unfortunate July 11 at 9:00 AM. The circumstances to end, waiting for a long illness to group from Hope will be traveling to New Orleans break and signs of recovery to be real; there is the on July 16 and return to Green Bay on July 23. waiting for that event all Christians most urgently They look to share about their experience at a desire for Christ to return and restore the fallen future service and time. Thank you to all for your world. That will be the true fulfillment with no support and prayers. shadow of disappointment for our waiting. Lifefest: So as we wait for our flight to depart....we can On July 11 come check out share in the ultimate wait that we all will share in Lifefest as we travel to the some day because together WE BELIEVE! 11:00 AM outdoor worship service. Worship Service L.Y.G. (Lutheran Youth Gathering Group): featuring: Luis Palau, Bob Our next bible study for Lenz, Kutless and Peder June 30th at 1:30 at Beth's Eide. There is free house. This is our third admission to the Sunday event. If you are bible study in the series for interested in attending, you should sign up on the "We Believe" the spiritual youth board. Youth and any congregational preparation for the 2010 members are invited. We will look to leave the National Lutheran Youth church at 9:30 AM and travel in car pools. Gathering. We will not be serving lunch but will have a snack. Bring your LCMS NYG 2010 Youth calendars as we hope to schedule one more The National Lutheran Youth Gathering (NYG) is gathering prior to our departure on July 16. held every 3 years and is set to begin on July 17- 21, 2010 in New Orleans. The theme of this We will have a final meeting for parents and Gathering is "We Believe." youth on Monday, July 12 at 6:00 PM to make sure all loose ends are in place for travel to New We live in a world in which we are constantly
  13. 13. bombarded with messages about how we should experience the Mass Events and worship service? dress, spend money, eat, drink, study, work, vote, believe, live, etc. There are so many different The Mass Events and worship service will be messages that it gets hard to know which streamed live during the NYG. You will be able to messages are true and which are just a bunch of find the live stream on www.lcms.org. A link to lies. And then there are those in-between the stream will be provided on the NYG Website. messages--the ones that aren't entirely wrong, The NYG thanks the LCMS Commission on but aren't entirely right either. So how do we Worship for providing video streaming services know what messages we should listen to? How do for Gathering Mass Events. we know what we really believe? In God's Word, we find this statement in John's Meet our 2010 NYG Youth & Gospel: Leaders But these things are written that you may Hope Lutheran has 8 youth and 2 adult leaders believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, that will travel to the NYG. They have been and that by believing you may have life in his working hard for the last 3 years with a name. commitment to the Lord, service and fundraising – John 20:31 – that have allowed them to experience this NYG. At the 2010 NYG, we'll be focusing on these The youth and the leaders would like to thank words. We'll look at what WE BELIEVE and at everyone in the congregation and parents who what that means for everything we do. have helped in anyway by assisting with events, encouraging their youth, supporting and We'll LOOK… participating in fundraising events, and prayers. It is truly appreciated. …and see the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. We would like to introduce the youth and the leaders that will be attending the 2010 LCMS We'll LISTEN… NYG. Read on….. …and hear the words of the Word made Flesh MEET: Sarah whose words are spirit and life. PARENTS: Dave and Kim ACTIVITIES SHE LOVES: Soccer, traveling, And we'll LIVE… shopping, and hanging out with friends IS THIS YOUR FIRST NYG: No, I attended the …because we have been given life in Jesus' name Gathering in Orlando in 2007. I am looking to to love others as He first loved us. attend again because of the great experience last time. It was truly inspiring and I left really feeling Mass Event News: the love of God within me. It was the greatest Do you know parents, grandparents, Bible study feeling being with so many people my age who all groups, or friends who are not able to attend the believe the same thing. Everyone being there National Youth Gathering (NYG) but would like to together praising God left me with a feeling of
  14. 14. certainty and safety. and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: "For by grace you have I think this verse applies to everyone. Everyone been saved through faith. And this is not your has a purpose and God has very specific plans and own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of reasons for what He does. works...." Ephesian 2.8-9a THE GATHERING THEME IS "WE BELIEVE" – WHAT THE GATHERING THEME IS "WE BELIEVE" – WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU: To me, it means that DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU: To me this means we we're all getting together to share our faith and all have a strong faith in Christ and are not scared celebrating the fact that we all BELIEVE! of it. It means we have recognized the faith and want to share it with others. We know that MEET: Tricia someday we will be with Him. PARENTS: John and Deb ACTIVITIES SHE LOVES: cooking out at friends' MEET: Katie house, home or school. PARENTS: John and Karen IS THIS YOUR FIRST NYG: Yes it is my first ACTIVITIES SHE LOVES: soccer, tennis, horseback FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: "The Lord is my light and riding, family vacations my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the IS THIS YOUR FIRST NYG: Yes. I am very excited to stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" meet new people and encounter new Psalm 27.1 experiences, while also continuing and THE GATHERING THEME IS "WE BELIEVE" – WHAT strengthening a relationship with God. DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU: It means to me that we FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: believe in Him and we care about what we learn "But God proves His love for us in that while we and what we talk about to others. still were sinners Christ died for us." Romans 5:8 THE GATHERING THEME IS "WE BELIEVE" – WHAT MEET: Sydney DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU: This means to me that PARENTS: Bill and Char by believing in God, I put faith in Him and follow ACTIVITIES SHE LOVES: playing softball at West De Him so that I may live in His glory after my life Pere and running, hanging out with friends and here on earth is complete. family and being outside. IS THIS YOUR FIRST NYG: Yes. This is my first MEET: Emily Gathering and I'm looking to attend to grow in my PARENTS: Scott and Lori faith. I want to worship God and understand the ACTIVITIES SHE LOVES: softball, reading, being things He did for us and I believe this Gathering with friends, snowboarding and cooking. will help me do that. IS THIS YOUR FIRST NYG: Yes, this is my first FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: "For God so loved the Gathering. I am very excited to attend so I can world that he gave his only begotten son, that grow in my faith in a new, more contemporary whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have way. I feel that as a teen, I'll be able to relate eternal life." John 3:16 more to the upbeat ways they share the love and THE GATHERING THEME IS "WE BELIEVE" – WHAT word of the Lord. Also, I am just excited to go to DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU: This means to me that New Orleans. I believe in Jesus and by believing we'll have FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: "For I know the plans I everlasting life. have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope
  15. 15. MEET: Krysta it will be a fun experience and I am looking PARENTS: Jeff and Dawn forward at meeting new people. ACTIVITIES SHE LOVES: playing sports (volleyball, FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: "My peace I leave with basketball, and softball) for West De Pere and you my peace I give you. I do not give to you as spending time with family and friends. the world gives, do not let your heart be troubled, IS THIS YOUR FIRST NYG: Yes, this is my first do not be afraid." John 14:27 Lutheran Youth Gathering. I am looking forward THE GATHERING THEME IS "WE BELIEVE" – WHAT to strengthen my faith in God. I also have several DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU: It means that we friends from other churches that I am hoping to believe in God and all that He did for us see there. FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: "God is our refuge and MEET: Beth, one of the NYG leaders strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Psalm FAMILY: Ben, Amber and Autumn 46:1 ACTIVITIES SHE LOVES: sports, outdoors, I like this verse because I always know God is kayaking, singing and contemporary worship. with me on both the good and bad days. Spending time with family and friends, teaching THE GATHERING THEME IS "WE BELIEVE" – WHAT and sharing Jesus' love with all ages. DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU: This means to me that IS THIS YOUR FIRSTNYG: No. I have attended everyone at the Gathering are like me and are several of them both as a youth and as a believers in Jesus. chaperone. I look forward to seeing youth connect with their faith in a real way. MEET: Briana FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: "For I know the plans I PARENTS: Michele and Brian have for you. Plans to prosper you, not to harm ACTIVITIES SHE LOVES: reading, playing baseball you, plans to give you hope and a future." with my family and playing the clarinet. Jeremiah 29:11 IS THIS YOUR FIRST NYG: This is my first Lutheran THE GATHERING THEME IS "WE BELIEVE" – WHAT Youth Gathering. I am looking to attend because I DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU: It means we are all want to share God's Word with other Christians united in a faith that we share in Jesus. It does and have fun praising and worshiping Him. not matter what our background is or what path FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: "Keep your lives free from we have taken to get where we are. What unifies the love of money and be content with what you us is that we have a Savior that loves us and has have, because God has said, "Never will I leave given us all the free gift of grace. Collectively we you; never will I forsake you." Hebrews 13:5 can share this gift with others and further God's THE GATHERING THEME IS "WE BELIEVE" – WHAT Kingdom here on earth. DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU: To me "We Believe" means that as Christians we believe in God even if MEET: Kim Thompson, one of the NYG leaders we don't see Him. FAMILY: Dave, Emily and Sarah ACTIVITIES SHE LOVES: speaking Portuguese and MEET: Bailey Brazilian music, travel, international exchange, PARENTS: Michele and Brian family vacations, sharing the love of Jesus, ACTIVITIES SHE LOVES: singing and listening to watching daughters play soccer, spending time music, shooting hoops or playing basketball. with Christian friends IS THIS YOUR FIRST NYG: Yes this is my first Youth IS THIS YOUR FIRST NYG: This is my third Gathering. I am looking to attend because I think gathering as I led a group in 2004 and 2007. What
  16. 16. awesome and faith building experiences they were. I love seeing the youth get excited about NEW Association Women's their faith in Jesus! Choir FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE: "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me." Philippians Come join in the NEW 4:13 Association Women's Choir THE GATHERING THEME IS "WE BELIEVE" – WHAT as we present special music DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU: "But these are written for the National Lutherans that you may BELIEVE that Jesus is the Christ, the for Life Conference service Son of God, and that by believing you may have on Friday, July 23 at 5:00 at the Tundra Lodge. We life in his name." John 20:31 will have one rehearsal on Saturday, July 17 at 11:00 -12:00 at N.E.W. Lutheran High School. If It means that we are so blessed that God loves us this rehearsal doesn't work for you but you would so much that he has given us a Savior and the like to participate, please still call and let me Hope of eternal life. Each day we are able to rise know. If you are interested in this awesome with this confidence of our salvation to carry us opportunity email Cindy Fosheim at through this life during challenging moments, fosheimc@hotmail.com or call Cindy at 362-6859. times of hurt and loss and the good times too. Camp Luther Bulgaria Mission Women's Weekend Out: The following items are requested: Quilts, Join us September 17-19 for blankets and towels; new or gently used our annual Women's sweatshirts and coats for men, women and Weekend Out Retreat. This children in all sizes; new or gently used socks and is an exceptional weekend shoes for children up to age 12; new or gently of laughter, friendships and used yarn for knitting, nativity sets and decorative fun for women of all ages. crosses. This year we are excited to welcome Jan Struck as our guest speaker. You will be filled with laughter Please bring donations to and encouragement as Jan shares stories that will the coatroom. A shipment touch your heart. Learn more about her ministry will be made to Bulgaria in at her website www.struckwithlaughter.org. August. See the poster on Gather the girlfriends and REGISTER TODAY for the bulletin board for this not-to-be-missed retreat! more information. Labor Day Weekend Family Retreat: This retreat, Helping Hands for Bulgaria is headquartered at held September 3-6, offers a very flexible Christ Lutheran Church, 308 Wet Linden St., schedule with a variety of activities. There are Abbotsfort, WI 54405. Linda, daughter of Myron age-appropriate Bible studies, with discussion and Gerry, is co-founder of this mission. based on "The Family of God." During the rest of the weekend, you can join in activities lead by our staff or just enjoy the beach. Activities will include a trip to Bond Falls, a golf outing, pontoon tours
  17. 17. of the Chain-o-Lakes, a cookout, minnow races, retreat for married couples of all ages held kayaking, trail biking, swimming, and so much September 24-26. You will find time to spend as a more. Start a new family tradition this year! Visit couple as well as in fellowship and Bible study www.campluther.com for more information. with other Christian couples. The theme for this year's retreat will be based on John 15, where Women's Craft Weekend: Whether you love to Christ commands us to "love one another as I quilt, scrapbook or stamp, women of all ages can have loved you." Activities will include couple bring their supplies and enjoy some intense time, a fall colors bike trip, winery tour, optional crafting time from October 22-24. Bring your trip to Bond Falls and much more! Meals will current project and share ideas. Consultants on include two "Breakfasts in Bed", a picnic lunch quilting, scrapbooking and jewelry making will be and a romantic candlelight dinner. Cottage available with lots of ideas and "make and take" housing is available on a first-come, first-served projects. Bible Study and devotions will focus on basis. what it means to have a multi-faceted faith. Just like craft projects have many different colors, Fall Cottage Retreats: textures and materials, our faith must have many Plan your individual or family two-night fall dimensions to stay strong and active. Optional get-away at Camp Luther. Cottages are available activities (biking, camp tours, coffee shop break, this fall for just $65 per night (for a two-night etc) will also be available to give you a break from minimum stay). That's half the regular rate! Hike crafting. Please indicate your hobby choice on the our trails, fish the chain, bike the Three-Eagle registration form. Trail, hunt the Nicolet Forest, or just sit back and enjoy a colorful autumn view from your cottage 3rd Annual Camp Luther Quilt Auction: porch. Offer good Labor Day through December Your handmade quilts are 15. Book your family or individual retreat needed for the 3rd Annual get-a-way by contacting Camp Luther at Camp Luther Quilt Auction! 1-877-264-CAMP. This year there will additional auction items, a "Every Kid to Camp" Auction: new auctioneer and The "Every Kid to Camp" additional advertising to boost this awesome auction, "Bids-for-Kids" event. Donate new quilts for twin, double and needs both silent and live queen-sized beds to Camp Luther no later than auction items. Silent October 1st. Table runners, wall-hangings and auction items range in price baby quilts are also great items that people love from $25-$75. Live auction items are anything to bid on. We also ask that enclose a quilt over $100. If you have an item you would like to information sheet so that we might catalog and donate, please let Sandi at the North Wisconsin display your work accurately. And then join us for District know at sandy@nwdlcms.org or the quilt auction on November 6th at Celebration 715-845-8241, ext. 23. Lutheran in Appleton. All proceeds directly benefit the ministry of Camp Luther. Items need to be in our hands by August 11, 2010, unless other arrangements are made. Your help is Couple's Retreat: greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. The From newlyweds to empty-nesters, this is a "Bids-for-Kids" Auction is September 11.
  18. 18. Camp Luther is a ministry of the North Wisconsin issues or pass on to others. The groups District-LCMS. Our mission is to build up the Body for whom we had previously collected of Christ for service to the church and witness to old copies no longer use them. the world. Publication Information Save This Stuff Bulletin information is due by Wednesdays at 8:00 pm. < General Mills Boxtops for Education and Information for the July Kemps and Morning Glory milkcaps newsletter will be due on which go to Trinity Lutheran School. They Monday, June 21. Please are worth $0.05 each. put information in the < Egg cartons go to Paul's Pantry. We are church secretary's mailbox. still looking for a volunteer to take the Please sign any notes in cartons during the summer months. case of questions. Thanks. Contact the church office if you can do this. < Campbell Soup labels go to Bethesda Please remember to check your mailbox in the Home. Only the UPC code with the little coatroom each time you are at church. Your point square next to it are needed. They name is above your box. recently sent a thank you for out labels. < Plastic and paper bags may be contributed directly to Christian Outreach or to Bethesda Thrift Shop. < Empty pill bottles (must be from prescriptions, not over the counter medications). < Food items for St. Anne's food pantry. < Used postage stamps – leave ½ inch around the stamp. There is a 3 drawer container in the coatroom for these. < Computer ink cartridges. Eligible brands are now HP, Dell, Lexmark, Brother, Epson, Samsung, Kodak, Sharp or Canon ink or toner cartridges. The highlighted brands were not accepted in the program before, but are now. The recycling rebates are used to offset office expenses (paper/ink/envelopes, etc) in the church office. Put these in the middle drawer in the coatroom. < Portals of Prayer. Please recycle your old