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August 2010 Anchor Line

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August 2010 newsletter

  1. 1. THE ANCHOR LINE August 2010 Hope Lutheran Church and Angels of Hope Preschool 700 S. Superior St. De Pere, WI 54115 ~ (920) 336-9843 On the web: ~ e-mail: Matthew Christians, pastor Gail Thiel, preschool director office: 336-9843, home: 336-9582 office 336-9843 emergency cell: 615-5136 e-mail: e-mail: Our Vision at Hope: that we would be a growing, vibrant, praying, caring congregation– boldly reaching out with Jesus Christ in word and deed. A Word from your Pastor— May the fullness of the Word Made Flesh, Jesus Christ our Lord, dwell in you richly! G race, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen. nothing there to eat? The answer is simple: through His teaching Jesus had been providing the people with what they needed: the Word of God provides— do you remember the God. The people don't hesitate to stay all day account from the Gospels of how Jesus provided listening to Him— they trusted Him, even to the food for 5,000? (Mat 14, Mk 6, Lk 9). As I was point of fasting, rather than leave and get food. driving north last weekend for a much-needed Interestingly enough, neither does Jesus hesitate five-day vacation and as I passed field after field to teach them. He is the Teacher and He has of lush, well-watered crops, I was thinking about words for them that are, as the Apostle Peter the food which God provides to us, His children. said, "words of eternal life" (John 6:68). As we read in the Holy Gospel, at the time What a wonderful relationship is implied of the feeding of the 5,000, Jesus had been by these words! The people gladly hear Jesus’ teaching the large crowd of men, women, and teaching and Jesus gladly teaches His Father's children. They had followed Him to a desolate Word. place and there was nothing to eat. Of course, you know the situation which Have you ever wondered why the people develops... once Jesus is done teaching and have followed Jesus to such a place if there was evening has fallen, the people are hungry. But
  2. 2. does Jesus send them away hungry? He's fed and thirst for righteousness as we proclaim His their souls, will He now feed their bodies? Of death until He comes again. Just as Jesus "broke course! Jesus never sends us away empty. the loaves and gave them to the disciples" (Mat Instead, He has compassion on us... just as He had 14:19) to set before the 5,000, so He blesses the compassion on the crowd of 5,000 and provided a bread and wine, that are His very Body and Blood. feast. This blessed food is food that satisfies— for it is Truly, the words of the Psalmist are true, the Lord Himself. He is satisfied in giving this food when he teaches that "the Lord is the strength of to us and satisfied enough to send us away from His people" (Psalm 28:8). Not only does He give us each Mass in His peace. He fosters what is good His Word (His teaching to sustain in us the life of and guards what is fostered in us. our souls), but He also feeds us with the physical This is food from the One who frees us food which sustains the life of our bodies. It's not from sin. This food at the altar is that which helps a gift we can over-emphasize— for without food us to see beyond God's gifts of bread to see the we are not able to gladly hear and learn God's greater gift of eternal life which we have through Word. And without God’s Word we are left Jesus Christ our Lord. Truly, "the Lord is the hungry, lacking righteousness, never reaching the strength of His people" (Psalm 28:8). Amen. kingdom of God... we would be left instead to die Yours, humbly, in Jesus' name, in our sins. Pastor Matt But in His compassion, Jesus never "Hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so deprives of us of what we need. The same that [you] may be able to give instruction in teaching of repentance into the forgiveness of sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who sins which was given to the 5,000 is given to us. contradict it." (Titus 1:9) God turns His anger away from our sin and shows the compassion which led Jesus to lay down His life on a cross for our salvation. Because of this, in faith we can say that Jesus is ever and always The Catechism Corner "for us." The Introduction to the Lord's Prayer Jesus is the incarnation of God’s mercy Our Father who art in that does not end with His death on the cross. heaven. After His Resurrection and before He left them, Jesus sent His apostles to continue on with the What does this mean? same work that He was sent to do. This work is With these words that of preaching the Gospel, of baptizing, of God tenderly invites us to believe that He is our true absolving and of feeding His baptized believers Father and that we are His with His food, the Holy Supper. In truth, then, it is true children, so that with all Jesus Christ Himself who fully satisfies, even to boldness and confidence we salvation. may ask Him as dear children This salvation is best received in the ask their dear father. Church at the altar where we baptized believers (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) receive the Lord Himself. We come to Him weak and weary from hunger and thirst, seeking His mercy and forgiveness. He satisfies our hunger
  3. 3. Life Quote New Lutheran Quote of the "As one woman who was Month conceived in rape put it, 'It doesn't matter how I began. "The question of whether What matters is who I will this righteousness has truly become.' Every child, become ours is not to be regardless of how he or she answered by an appeal to our began, regardless of state of own feelings or sentiments. development or state of Such is the dialectic of the Christian faith that health can be used according to God's God's law finds him guilty even when he feels no purpose. It is no wonder to Him." guilt. God's Gospel, on the other hand, declares —Dr. James I. Lamb, Lutherans for Life him not guilty and righteous even when he feels (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) most despicable. God's promises are sure." — Ernest Koenker (AXD 1895–1976) Patristic Quote of the Month Retired LC–MS pastor and author (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) "By what seems His utter poverty and weakness on the cross, [Jesus] overturns the pomp and parade of idols, Every Sunday Sermon Prep and quietly and hiddenly Preparation wins over the mockers and unbelievers to recognize Him as God." To help you prepare for worship, here are the weekly — St. Athanasius (AXD 293–373) readings for Divine Services Bishop of Alexandria and Nicaean father in August: (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) August 1. . . . . Ecclesiastes 1:2, 12–14, 2:18–26 Colossians 3:1–11 Old Lutheran Quote of the Luke 12:13–21 Month August 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Genesis 15:1–6 Hebrews 11:1–16 "[Jesus] came as the Luke 12:22–34 PHYSICIAN to those who were spiritually sick, as the August 15 (St. Mary). . . . . . . . . . Isaiah 61:7–11 REDEEMER to the captives Galatians 4:4–7 of sin, as the WAY to those Luke 1:39–55 who had wandered afar off, as the LIFE to the August 22. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Isaiah 66:18–23 dead in trespasses and sins, and as a SAVIOR Hebrews 4:12–24 to the lost. As Moses was sent by the Lord to Luke 13:22–30 deliver the Israelites from the bondage of Egypt, so was Christ sent by the Father to August 29 (John the Baptist).. . . . . Rev. 6:9–11 redeem mankind from the bondage of the Romans 6:1–5 devil." Mark 6:14–29 (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) — Johann Gerhard (AXD 1582–1637) Lutheran church leader & professor
  4. 4. serves them. He attends to them; he sees to their The Biblical View of Worship needs; he fulfils their wishes; he nourishes them; (part 2 of 3), by Dr. John W. Kleinig, Professor he puts himself at their disposal. And not just Emeritus, Australian Lutheran then. As our risen Lord he continues to serve us, College whenever we visit him as guests in his house. Just (submitted to "The Anchor Line" by Pastor Matt) let the enormity of that sink in for a moment! Jesus serves you in worship. He works for you; he B. Receiving ministers to you. Unless you see that, you won’t 1. We call worship ‘divine service’, but we make any sense of the architecture of our usually get it back to front when we do so. We, churches, our orders of worship, and the whole naturally enough, dwell on what we have to do, business of worship itself! Here your Lord Jesus when we come to Church, or hold our devotions. rolls up his sleeves, lends a helping hand and puts But that is not really what worship is all about; it himself to work for us. is more a matter of receiving than doing; it is first 2. Well, what does he do for us in the divine and foremost what God does for us, not what we service? There are two simple ways of looking at do for God. The activity of God lies at the heart of God’s service of us in worship. First, our order of Christian worship. Human activity is secondary worship is designed to show what God does for us and dependent on God’s initiative with us in it. there. Secondly, the gospel stories tell us how This comes out most clearly for me in Luke Jesus ministers to us in worship as he once 22:24-27. The context here is important for the ministered to the people in Palestine. understanding of this passage. The story is set on Take the common order of worship. It the Thursday night before the crucifixion of Jesus. bears witness to the mysterious presence and Jesus has just instituted his Holy Supper and has activity of the Triune God with us. It begins with just announced his impending betrayal by one of the Invocation that announces the presence of the twelve. This is what happens then: the Triune God. After that the main accent falls A dispute arose among them, which of them on what God does. He makes us his children in was to be regarded as the greatest. And he said baptism, forgives our sin in the Absolution, and to them, The kings of the Gentiles exercise receives us as beggars of favours from him in the lordship over them; and those in authority over Introit and Kyrie. In the Salutation we them are called benefactors. But not so with acknowledge our Lord Jesus as the chief celebrant you; rather let the greatest among you become and liturgist in our worship. After that our as the youngest, and the leader as one who heavenly Father speaks powerfully to us in the serves. For which is the greater, one who sits at Readings from the Scriptures and in the Sermon. the table, or one who serves? Is it not the one He listens to our requests for his help in the who sits at the table? But I am among you as Prayer of the Church, gives us the body and blood one who serves. of Jesus for the healing of our bodies and souls in The last sentence interests me here. Note Holy Communion, and dismisses us with the the present tense of the verb. It indicates blessing of His Son. So worship is always first and continuous activity. The service of his disciples is foremost God’s gracious doing. He does, to be based on their ongoing service by Jesus. In Holy sure, judge us, but only in order to give us more Communion Jesus is present as the servant of his of himself and his blessings. Here the Gospel disciples. Even though he is their host and they sit happens for us as we receive a portion of God’s as guests at his table, he waits on them and measureless grace. Here we are encouraged and
  5. 5. invigorated, healed and helped, revitalized and is reversed in the worship of the new age. enriched by God. God is the doer and we are the According to Zephaniah 3:17, God delights in his objects of his activity; God is the giver and we are people and rejoices over them with singing. The the receivers of his spiritual gifts to us. prophecies of Isaiah come true wherever the The Gospel stories also tell us how Jesus gospel is proclaimed. God rejoices over his people serves us in worship. That’s why they were as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride (Isa 62:5; remembered, retold, and included in the New 65:1 9). Whenever we meet for worship God is Testament which reports only a small fraction of overjoyed to have us with him. He rejoices in us all that Jesus said and did. They don’t just tell us and expresses his approval of us. He voices his what Jesus did for people some 2,000 years ago, delight in us and enjoys our company. And his but also inform us about what he continues to do enjoyment of us doubles our enjoyment of him, right now in the church through the operation of so that our joy is full. He then has instituted the his holy word and the life-giving sacraments. His divine service, so that he can rejoice in us as his ministry, his work, you see, did not end with his dear children. death, resurrection and ascension. That was Worship is God’s service of us. It is what merely the inauguration of it. St. Luke makes that the Triune God does for us and gives to us who quite clear in his two-volumed history of the Early have confidence in Him. In worship he gives us as Church. In his Gospel Luke had shown how Jesus much of himself as we can receive this side of served people by teaching the good news and heaven so as to prepare us for eternal intimacy healing the sick in body and soul. When he begins with him in heaven. It is the place where he Acts, the second part of this history, he refers to communicates his wonderful grace to human what he wrote in the Gospel. He says: “In the first beings. # book, O Theophilus, I have dealt with all that Jesus began to do and teach until the day when he was taken us, after he had given commandment through the Holy Spirit to the apostles whom he had chosen”. In other words, Jesus continues his ministry through the means of grace in the church. He continues to teach the good news of God’s grace and to heal broken people in his hospital, the church. So then, each Gospel story has its obvious point of application in worship, for we believe that the same Jesus is now physically present and active in worship as he was then in Palestine (Matt 18:20). 3. With Christ’s service of us in our worship comes a most remarkable reversal of roles. In the Old Testament, God had commanded David to institute the Levitical choir to sing his praises as daily the burnt offering was presented on the altar in the temple. The choir announced his presence, proclaimed his acceptance of his people and rejoiced in his grace. Well, this order
  6. 6. on August 11 and staying for at least one year. He Welfare Committee is in need of both prayer and financial support. If you want to support Mr. Derricks financially, Please contact the committee's elder, Ben at if copies of the insert with donation instructions are you are interested in serving. A meeting date will available in the church office and on the bulletin be set up soon. board. July Church Council Mini- Minutes The meeting was held on Mon, July 12 at 7:00 pm. Olivia and Michael were married on June 25. Pastor Matt and Maggie will be attending the third portion of the Doxology conference which if from Aug 27 – 29. New windows were installed in the living room Office Position Update and dining areas of the parsonage. The AC in the parsonage was cleaned and the AC in the A 10-15 hour office fellowship hall was recharged. The church has secretary position maintenance contracts with several business for (mornings hours upkeep of furnaces and AC. preferred) will be available in the Hope Other topics discussed are covered in other areas office. of this newsletter. Applicants must be computer literate (Windows), Next Council meeting is have experience with MS Office applications, be Monday, August. 9 at 6:00 pm. self-motivated and organized with good people skills. Basic accounts payable experience and/or Voters’ Assembly is willingness to learn a plus. Monday, August 9 at 7:00 pm. Interested parties are asked to contact Judy at church for an application. Mission Presentation Since the interviewing committee would like to Elliot Derricks, a 2010 graduate of Concordia – interview more than one candidate, we have Mequon, spoke to the congregation on opened up the position to area LCMS Wednesday, July 21 and Sunday, July 25. Mr. churches. The deadline for submission of Derricks will be serving as an LCMS World Mission applications is Sunday, August 15. English-as-a-Foreign-Language teacher in the European country of Slovakia. He will be leaving
  7. 7. can to bring honor to God and blessings to others. Stewardship Since each day is a gift from God there is really no such thing as “a useless, boring day” unless we “Who needs August?” choose to make it that! What do you do when you are in a “waiting As God’s children by grace through faith in Jesus, room?” Browse through some magazines, read a we are also stewards or managers of all that God book, day dream or do some people watching? has entrusted to us—time, money, talents, skills, We often find ourselves in “waiting rooms” of relationships, work and so much more. Good various kinds. We stewards seek to use all that they are and have might be in a real according to the will of the Owner who is God. As “waiting room” or we St. Paul wrote to the Galatians: might be in a “waiting room” of our own “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do making. When we are in a “waiting room” ours good to all people, especially to those who belong lives seem like they are put on hold. We have to the family of believers.” (Galatians 6:10 NIV) finished what we were doing and we’re waiting to get on to the next project or activity. So, “waiting” In this way, “we let our lights can be pretty boring. shine before men, so that they may see our good works August is perhaps the most boring month of the and praise our Father in year. The early summer crops have been heaven.” (Matthew 5:16 NIV) harvested. The crops planted in the spring are now growing and corn and soybean farmers are So, fellow redeemed, there is watching and waiting. Summer vacations are really no such thing as a boring hour, day, week or winding down. Even children are getting bored month for us. Time is God’s gift to us to use. With with summer and looking forward to the start of a the Lord’s blessing let’s make the most of our new school year. Imagine that! Many people time as well as all of life and life’s resources. might be tempted to say “let’s just get August over so we can go on to better and bigger things.” Financial Figures Life is sometimes like that. We often find ourselves “in between.” We may have just June 2010 total: $9725.18 finished one project and are waiting to take on June 20/20 total: $181.00 the next one. When someone asks us what we’re doing we may answer “just waiting.” In the Bible 2010 average per week: $2996.42 the terms “wait or waiting” can mean many Budget per week: $3765 things. Some of these include: “wait quietly, wait Difference: ($768.58) and watch, wait patiently, wait impatiently or wait with hope and expectation.” 2010 20/20 offerings: $4375.03 The bottom line is that God has given us each day as an opportunity to rejoice and be glad in it (Psalm 118:24 NIV ) and use it in the best way we
  8. 8. Greeters: Those Who Serve in August 8/1 Available Ushers: 8/8 Available Sunday, 9am Wednesday, 7pm 8/15 Available 8/1 Dan & Jane Dennis 8/22 Available 8/8 Available Dennis 8/29 Available 8/15 Available Dennis 8/22 Available Dennis Thank You 8/29 Available Dennis Thank you to those who served in July: Readers: Sunday, 9am Wednesday, 7pm Ushers: Dan & Jane, Joe & Jean, Dennis, Darryll, 8/1 Tom Christian Available Altar Aides: Elvera, Louann, Betty, Carol 8/8 Available Available Greeters: Jean 8/15 Acolyte: Nikki Christian Available 8/22 Available Available 8/29 Available Available Search the web and earn 1 cent Altar Aides: for each search. Designate HOPE Sunday, 9am Wednesday, 7pm LUTHERAN CHURCH DE PERE as 8/1 Carol Louann the cause you support. Click to Goodshop for your on-line 8/8 Available Louann shopping. Proceeds benefit 8/15 Available Available Angels of Hope Preschool. Participating stores are listed in the website and you can still use other 8/22 Available Available coupon codes. 8/29 Available Available Funds raised in 2010: $37.81 Flowers: Funds raised since we first registered: $121.60 8/1 Available 8/8 Available 8/15 Available 8/22 Available 8/29 Available
  9. 9. Adventure. If you can't be with us please keep us Lambeau Concessions in your prayers. The Packer football season is upon us! The list for VBS Mission Projects: Family Night (Saturday, August 7) workers needs This year our VBS will help to support a local to be sent in on Monday, August 2 – as of this mission that Hope Lutheran Welfare Committee is writing, we have only 3 workers for the 9 people coordinating. We will be sponsoring a daily needed. All funds raised from Lambeau offering that will go to the local Christian concessions goes Outreach. toward the payment of the building loan Each year they help to provide – last year it was backpacks and over $9,000. If we school supplies to children in cannot continue the need. Each day we will suggest Lambeau an item that you can bring to concessions due to lack of staffing, we will be help with this program. Our needing to increase offerings and/or find other VBS group has the opportunity to help others and ways to have these funds available. share Jesus’ love as follows: Signup sheets for the August 14 and August 26 On Sunday: S is for scissors (child sized) games are also on the bulletin board. On Monday: M is for Markers (wide & washable Classic Colors) LEVY Online Alcohol Training: On Tuesday: T is for tacky, as in glue sticks Instruction sheets are on the bulletin board. This On Wednesday: W is for writing, as in wide training must be completed before working any rule notebooks Packer games. Remember to e-mail Judy so we On Thursday: a TRUSTY #2 pencil also have a record of who has completed the training. Thanks. In addition, every day, you are invited to bring a monetary offering that will help two mission VBS: High Seas Expedition projects in Haiti. Haiti is an island country so what It all starts on Sunday, a perfect pick for our High Seas adventure. Haiti is August 1 through the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Thursday, August 5 from Then in January 2010 the country was struck with 6:00 until 8:30pm an earthquake. Many groups continue to help to provide assistance, medical and dental care to Students should arrive the Haiti’s people. first night at 5:50pm for registration. If you have a One of the projects is Friends of Haiti which is a child that you would still like to register, please nonprofit organization operating with the people call Kim Thompson. living in the four sections of Thomazeau, Haiti. They are a local group that is devoted, through Even if you are not involved come in and take mutual efforts, to improve their health, education a peek as we transform Hope into our High Seas and economic development of Haiti. We have
  10. 10. members of our church and also Our Savior Lutheran Church who assist and travel to Haiti Sunday School with this group. First day of Sunday School will be Sunday, September 12. The second project is a LCMS Our first Sunday School teachers planning missionary seeking meeting for 2010-2011 will be Sunday, August 29 to help the people at 10:00am following the 9:00am church service. of Haiti know Jesus Christ. Alyssa Stone If you are interested in teaching Sunday School, serves as a please contact Kim Thompson or Alice. missionary who teaches a women’s Bible study, helps with youth and children’s Youth News ministries in the congregation where she serves, makes visits to families , sick community members and the elderly, and fills other service LCMS National Youth Gathering Youth roles. will share their experience with the congregation in the church service on VBS Closing Program and Ice Cream August 22. Social: Thursday, August 5 will be our final day of High Seas Adventure VBS. Come and hear what the “There is a time for everything, and a season for children have learned about Jesus' love. Our every activity under heaven.” program will begin at 8:10pm and followed by an Ecclesiastes 3:1 Ice Cream Social. Summer… it truly is a gift from God. I love hot VBS Clean up: summer days to play with family and friends. It is Clean up will begin on Thursday, August 4 a great time to make memories on family following our fellowship. We are looking for vacations, cookouts with friends, pool parties… a few good lifters and willing hearts. Sign up is on the list is endless. Yes indeed summer is a gift. the bulletin board. Isn’t funny though how when we get that first hot day we get so excited and now that we have had Music CD’s: many hot days the thrill is gone. In fact, we even We also have CD’s of our VBS music available for complain. What once brought us great excitement sale. The cost is $10.00. If you would like one we now grumble about. We are blessed that we ahead of time, they are have a God that did not look upon us in the same available in the church fashion. He did not create us and then get office, 336-9843 bored of us. In fact, He loves us despite our otherwise you may grumbling and our short comings. What an purchase one at amazing God. registration.
  11. 11. As I was up at the family cabin just a week or so Youth Announcements: ago I became awestruck once again over the The month of August the Sr. Youth will be simple beauty that God has created for us to meeting on Monday, August 16 for a Pool and enjoy. I enjoyed Youth Gathering Presentation Meeting. We will several mornings enjoy some warm weather pool fun and also plan sitting on the deck out the presentation we will share with the looking out at the congregation later this month. We will meet at lake watching the church at 11 a.m. and return approximately 4pm. loon dive down and reappear. I enjoyed Youth Event Calendar Meeting: listening to his tune as if it was music with the bull On Monday August 30, from 6:30pm until 8:00pm frogs adding percussion in the background. With we will be having a planning meeting for parents all of the noise this world fills our lives with I and youth as we look forward to a great year in realized I was missing some of the simplest Youth Ministry. Please come and bring your ideas pleasures God gave us. The very breath we take is and any school and sport schedules you have that a gift. you would like us to work around. Snacks provided. The children He entrusted to both Ben and I, are a gift. The special friends He sent down our path Kick Off to Sunday School and Youth Ministry are a gift. Just the same is the work He entrusts us Carnival and Cookout: to do – that is a gift. Once again the youth will be sponsoring a fun all congregational event on Sunday, September 12 So, I urge you now to take time and relax because 11:30am. Young and old come enjoy, lunch, that is a part of summer. It is a time to recharge fellowship, games and more! What better way to but it is also a time to do the work of the Lord. off a new year of Ministry at Hope? Whether reaching out hands of love or offering the heart of forgiveness God is still working – Thank you: through you. So go ahead kick back and enjoy Special thanks to all who helped our youth get to summer but continue to shine and share that love the National Youth Gathering. Please know your He has for you with those around you in your kindness and generosity did not go unnoticed! On words, and actions. behalf of us all, THANK YOU! He doesn’t take a vacation from us – so don’t take Beth one from Him. Jesus didn’t let the noise of this world take His eyes off His heavenly Father. He stayed on course and on the path to the cross Bulgaria Mission while taking time to heal the sick, feed the hungry and love the unlovable along the way. Sure He PLEASE BRING ALL DONATION AS SOON AS had his times of summer – quiet time in prayer a POSSIBLE!! place to relax and recharge. He never got stuck there- He pressed on. So, go ahead – I dare The following items are requested: Quilts, you to serve the Lord with gladness and recharge blankets and towels; new or gently used and press on! sweatshirts and coats for men, women and
  12. 12. children in all sizes; new or gently used socks and BLAZIN’ IN THE SUN Annual Benefit Auction: shoes for children up to age 12; new or gently We are accepting donations of items for the used yarn for knitting, nativity sets and decorative auction now! The goal for this year is to have all crosses. donation included in a preview booklet which will Please bring donations to be available prior to the auction. To do this, we the coatroom. A shipment need to have the information and/or item. will be made to Bulgaria in Contact Judy at Hope to make a donation or for August. See the poster on more information. the bulletin board for more information. Thank you: Starting a new school year is always exciting, Helping Hands for Bulgaria is headquartered at there are blessings and challenges as we start this Christ Lutheran Church, 308 Wet Linden St., year and it takes a lot of people and support to Abbotsfort, WI 54405. Linda, daughter of Myron keep our Lutheran Schools going. We depend on and Gerry, is co-founder of this mission. your emotional, financial and prayer support. NEW Lutheran High Camp Luther Football Second Annual Brat Fry: Women's Weekend Out: Please come out and enjoy a brat or hamburger at Join us for our annual Olsen’s Piggly Wiggly on August 20, 21 and Women's Weekend Out 22. Thank you for supporting the football team Retreat, September 17-19. mission. This is an exceptional weekend of laughter, Volleyball Kiddie Camp: friendships and fun for Both girls and boys are welcome to camp August women of all ages. This year we are excited to 18 through August 20. welcome Jan Struck as our guest speaker. You will be filled with laughter and encouragement as Jan First Day of School: shares stories that will touch your heart. Learn High school starts Tuesday, August 24. It is not more about her ministry at her website too late to register for what promises to be Gather the a very memorable school year, please direct any girlfriends and REGISTER TODAY for this questions to Mr. Chris Nelson Executive Director not-to-be- missed retreat! or the school office, 469-6810. Camp Luther Mission Trip Opportunities: First Ever- Powder-Puff Football Game: Attention college students, December 27 to Join us September 18 for the first powder puff January 3, we are embarking on our 6th annual football fundraiser to occur at NEWLHS and, we Peru mission trip to the orphanage Hogar De Los think, the first in the area high school community. Ninos in Chilca, Peru. We will spend the week at Thank you in advance for coming to the game and the orphanage helping with work projects, playing your support. with the kids, putting on a New Year’s party, going to the beach, and sharing Christ’s love to the people of Peru.
  13. 13. Please contact Camp Luther at 877-264-CAMP for give you a break from crafting. (Please indicate more information. your hobby choice on the registration form.) Attention women, January 22 to 29 is our first Your Handmade Quilts are needed for the 3rd ever women-only mission trip to Peru. We are Annual Camp Luther Quilt Auction: going to be working with a church that has a This year there will ministry outreach center to the community. The additional auction items, a community offers free meals to about 25 children new auctioneer and in the area, a public library for kids, classes and additional advertising to help for young moms, and also group activities for boost this awesome event. kids in the area. We will be working alongside the Donate new quilts for women who work at this ministry, as well as twin, double and queen-sized beds to Camp taking a day trip to the orphanage in Chilca. If you Luther no later than October 1st. (Table runners, are interested, please contact Jet at wall-hangings and baby quilts are also great items for more information. that people love to bid on.) We also ask that enclose a quilt information sheet so that we Labor Day Weekend Family Retreat: might catalog and display your work accurately. September 3 to 6, this retreat offers a very And then join us for the quilt auction on flexible schedule with a variety of activities. There November 6th at Celebration Lutheran in are age-appropriate Bible studies, with discussion Appleton. All proceeds directly benefit the based on “The Family of God.” During the rest of ministry of Camp Luther. the weekend, you can join in activities lead by our staff or just enjoy the beach. Activities will include Couple's Retreat: a trip to Bond Falls, a golf outing, pontoon tours September 24-26, 2010, from newlyweds to of the Chain-o-Lakes, a cookout, minnow races, empty-nesters, this is a retreat for married kayaking, trail biking, swimming, and so much couples of all ages. You will find time to spend as more. Start a new family tradition this year! Visit a couple as well as in fellowship and Bible study for more information. with other Christian couples. The theme for this year’s retreat will be based on John 15, where Women's Craft Weekend: Christ commands us to “love one another as I Whether you love to quilt, scrapbook or stamp, have loved you.” Activities will include couple women of all ages can bring their supplies on time, a fall colors bike trip, winery tour, optional October 22 to the 24 and enjoy some intense trip to Bond Falls and much more! Meals will crafting time. Bring your current project and share include two “Breakfasts in Bed”, a picnic lunch ideas. Consultants on quilting, scrapbooking and and a romantic candlelight dinner. Cottage jewelry making will be available with lots of ideas housing is available on a first-come, first-served and "make and take" projects. Bible Study and basis. devotions will focus on what it means to have a multi-faceted faith. Just like craft projects have Fall Cottage Retreats: many different colors, textures and materials, our Plan your individual or family two-night fall faith must have many dimensions to stay strong getaway at Camp Luther. Cottages are available and active. Optional activities (biking, camp tours, this fall for just $65 per night (for a two-night coffee shop break, etc) will also be available to minimum stay). That's half the regular rate! Hike
  14. 14. our trails, fish the chain, bike the Three-Eagle < Food items for St. Anne's food pantry. Trail, hunt the Nicolet Forest, or just sit back and < Used postage stamps – leave ½ inch enjoy a colorful autumn view from your cottage around the stamp. There is a 3 drawer porch. Offer good Labor Day through December container in the coatroom for these. 15. Book your family or individual retreat getaway < Computer ink cartridges. Eligible brands by contacting Camp Luther at 1-877-264-CAMP. are now HP, Dell, Lexmark, Brother, Epson, Samsung, Kodak, Sharp or Canon Fall Workbee Weekend: ink or toner cartridges. The highlighted October 1-3, 2010, join other volunteers in joyful brands were not accepted in the program service and fellowship. Make it a family affair; before, but are now. The recycling there are even age appropriate projects for rebates are used to offset office expenses children over five. Housing and meals are (paper/ink/envelopes, etc) in the church provided free of charge. We also welcome those office. Put these in the middle drawer in who are only able to participate for one day of the coatroom. the weekend. See you there!! < Portals of Prayer. Please recycle your old issues or pass on to others. The groups Camp Luther is a ministry of the North Wisconsin District-LCMS. Our mission is to build up the Body for whom we had previously collected of Christ for service to the church and witness to old copies no longer use them. the world. Publication Information Save This Stuff Bulletin information is due by Wednesdays at < General Mills Boxtops for Education and 8:00 pm. Information for the July newsletter will Kemps and Morning Glory milkcaps be due on Monday, June 21. Please put which go to Trinity Lutheran School. They information in the church secretary's mailbox. are worth $0.05 each. Please sign any notes in < Egg cartons go to Paul's Pantry. We are case of questions. Thanks. still looking for a volunteer to take the cartons during the summer months. Contact the church office if you can do Please remember to this. check your mailbox in the < Campbell Soup labels go to Bethesda coatroom each time you Home. Only the UPC code with the little are at church. Your name point square next to it are needed. They is above your box. recently sent a thank you for out labels. < Plastic and paper bags may be contributed directly to Christian Outreach or to Bethesda Thrift Shop. < Empty pill bottles (must be from prescriptions, not over the counter medications).