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Worksheet 5 evaluation


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Worksheet 5 evaluation

  1. 1. Worksheet 5 - Evaluation Step 1: Developing the Model Consider the following for each activity in your program. There may be multiple inputs, outputs, and outcomes for each activity. 1. What are the inputs, or resources (both tangible and intangible), that need to be in place for the activity to happen? 2. What are the outputs for each of those activities? What will be the resulting products (usually tangible)? 3. What are the expected outcomes of the activities and outputs (usually intangible)? That is what are the results you hope to see?
 Inputs Activities Outputs Outcomes/ Outcomes/ short-term Long-term Example: Example: Using Example: Tweets Example: Example: Messages Twitter to promote posted; tweets Increased Increased developed by vaccination retweeted by awareness of likelihood of communication campaign to moms others; followers of vaccination vaccinating specialists; of young children Twitter profile campaign children personnel; internet access