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The Hootsuite Employer Brand Playbook


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We’ve always been an organization with strong values, but scaling our Employer Brand with such rapid growth takes more than a compelling Employer Value Proposition (EVP). We needed to find a way to iterate on our current frameworks. To articulate and capture what makes Hootsuite special, and make it easy for current and future employees to sing from the same sheet of music.

Our answer was to develop an Employer Brand playbook, “A Guide to #HootsuiteLife.” The playbook was developed to share the why, what, and how we approach Employer Brand; including examples of Employer Brand campaigns and how our peeps can bring them to life. Focused primarily on equipping our talent department, we also wanted to build something that our employees felt equally empowered by.

Use this playbook to inspire your own employer brand.

Published in: Recruiting & HR