Mullet river presentation 6


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Mullet river presentation 6

  1. 1.  Ph- 7.5  Low in Phosphates.  High in nitrates.
  2. 2. For the pH we had 7.5 which means it was a neutral acidity level. We found readings of high nitrates in our tests. Nitrates are used for algae to grow and a main source of growth in the dna. We found reading of low phosphates in our tests. Which means plant have a hard time growing and staying alive.
  3. 3. We believe as group that dredging the mullet would be the best idea for now. The reasons why we think our statement is true is because of the following: •The contaminated sediment and pollution is removed. •Unhealthy sediment will be replace with new healthy sediment. •Benefits for recreational use. •Organisms would be attracted to the new healthy environment.