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How to improve the health of the mullet


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How to improve the health of the mullet

  1. 1. Group One: Shane, Ethan, Jake and HarrisonHOW TO IMPROVE THE HEALTHOF THE MULLET RIVER
  2. 2. Test Results We took four tests on the Mullet River. The four tests we took are temperature, total phosphate, pH and nitrates. In the temperature test we measured 6 and 7 degrees Celsius. When we measured the temperature near the drain we got 12 and 10 degrees Celsius. In the nitrates test we got the reading of 13.2 mg/liter. On the scale for pH, the nearest color relating was 8. Total Phosphate we got 0.
  3. 3. Overall Health Of Mullet Our opinion of the overall health of the Mullet River is fair/decent. The phosphate reading we had was zero which means, we did it wrong according to Harrison. Otherwise though it means there is little or no algae and fertilizer or maybe there is so much there that it took away all the phosphates, or when they dredged the river it took out most or all of the phosphates. Nitrates we got 13.2 mg/liter which is not necessarily good because high levels of nitrates can poison fish and block it’s gills from cleaning out ammonia from their bloodstream. We also have an opinion just by looking at the river and seeing the pollution and muck that’s in the Mullet.
  4. 4. How To Improve Health OfMullet We need to be careful of littering and polluting the water. Stop polluting. We can dredge the river, because then we can take all the crap that was in the river out and then put the water back in the river and it will be all good. Also because of what we said before about phosphates sinking into the soil.