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  1. 1. TED
  3. 3. The Accelerating Power of TechnologyRay explains that the evolution of technology is exponential.
  4. 4. He thinks we areon the verge of aparadigm shift in technology because of the quickly advancing changes.
  5. 5. Which in turn will lead to a technologically aided advancement in human evolution.
  6. 6. Ray follows TED’s thirdCommandment the best.
  7. 7. Ray is somewhat disorganized in his public speaking stylebut has passion for the subject.
  8. 8. Dynamism Rating: 2/5
  9. 9. Why? Seems nervous,no stories, hardly any humor--but has passion andknowledge of the subject
  10. 10. Ray used his visuals as a backdrop as Nancy Duarte suggests.
  11. 11. Ray’s messagewas delivered in a very factual and somewhat dry manner. However, the thought of theimplications of the content caused me to hang on every word.
  12. 12. Both Ray and Ken areknowledgable in their respective fields
  13. 13. Both are talking aboutparadigm shifts in their respective fields
  14. 14. Ray is not as captivating orentertaining as Ken
  15. 15. Ken uses humor andstories in a seemingly more organized approach
  16. 16. Using clear introductions,organized delivery of information,and stories/humorwould improve his public address. These are very important in holding the audience’s attention.
  17. 17. Image Sources