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When Suburbs become Urban
RAND CITY: The Case for a Full-Scale Urbanization of the Rand around Brussels.
A presentation from Proff Alexander D'hooghe, Director, MIT
Platform for Permanent Modernity, ORG

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Rand city

  1. 1. When Suburbs become UrbanRAND CITY: The Case for a Full-Scale Urbanization of the Rand around Brussels.
  2. 2. Early suburbanization in Los Angeles
  3. 3. A Levitt development company postcard: its early post-war suburban homes celebrate 25 years of ongoingdevelopment success.
  4. 4. The USA East CoastA case of sociological urbanization: increased diversity,density, poverty-wealth oppositions, and a completedominance of hardscapes, tarmacs and infrastructures
  5. 5. = SUBURBIA is a development spacedefined by an idealized nature:
  6. 6. GREY GOO =A development space form whichnature as a perceived dominantstructure has been exhausted, but inwhich the city as a form of culturalattraction is not present
  7. 7. No r t h- Ea s t e r n Gr e y Go oDar k e s t = hi gh e s t i nt e n s i t y of d e v e l o pme n t Bo s t o n M l wa uke e i De t r o i t Ne w Yo r k/ Ne w J e r s e y Cl e v e l a nd Chi c a g o Phi l a de l phi a Pi t t s bur g h Ba l t i m r e o Washington DC St Lo ui s
  8. 8. 70,000,000 12,00060,000,000 10,000 oo Grey G n in latio50,000,000 opu es P ver ed Stat Co rn Unit nd 8,000 easte La oo North ry G40,000,000 Ge es tat dS i te Un 6,000 er n30,000,000 east rth No 4,00020,000,00010,000,00 2,000 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000
  9. 9. The material apparatus of grey goo is aging - it has gone through more thanone cycle of users or inhabitants, and as a result it has been depreciating,deteriorating, and patched up again...as one of the first parts of the worldsubjected to a long and merciless suburbanization, it is here that the long-term resiliency of the post-urban logic will be first tested.
  10. 10. Los Angeles:A case of gradual densification: lot by lot, parcel by parcel,this has become from the thinnest city (in the 1950s), bynow the densest city.
  11. 11. Edge Cities:Tyson’s Corner, VA is an example of an edge city – fasturbanization of an area with a priviliegd centrality in theinterstate and highway network, but no longer close to anyhistorical city.
  12. 12. The RANDAn urbanizing suburbia that dares not speak its name
  13. 13. ShenzhenThis suburb simply out-accelerated the city it firstdepended on and became bigger in size in less than 20years.
  14. 14. New Infrastructural Thinking for an Urbanizing Rand
  15. 15. Promenade Samuel de Champlain, Quebec, Canada
  16. 16. Burle Marx
  17. 17. Burle Marx
  18. 18. 2 De nieuwe Gordelboulevard. PrecedentenCopacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilie