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Forms of government


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Forms of government

  1. 1. TheocracyTheocracy is a form ofgovernment in which thegovernmental rulers are theleaders of the dominantreligion, and governmentalpolicies are either identicalwith or strongly influencedby the principals of themajority religion.Modern examples:● Iran● The Vatican
  2. 2. AnarchyAnarchy is the type ofgovernment where there isno government at all.This can happen after a civilwar in a country, when agovernment has beendestroyed and rival groupsare fighting to take itsplace. :
  3. 3. Anarchy in Somalia● No centralized government since 1991. Whats it like?● No public spending● 15% of kids go to school.● Kidnappings and ransoms.● No set currency.
  4. 4. Oligarchy● Definition: A form of government in which the majority of the power lies in a small segment of the society.● Examples: – Apartheid South Africa
  5. 5. Dictatorship Description: A form of government in which all the power is held by one person. Examples: – Saddam Hussein (Iraq) – Mao Ze Dong (China) – Kim Jong-Un (N. Korea)
  6. 6. Representative Democracy● Is a form in which citizens elect individuals to represent them in the government process.● Example: – United States
  7. 7. Feudalism (Japan)● Definition: A system that was organized under a rigid class system with no social mobility.