Africa nationalism


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Africa nationalism

  1. 1. The Growth of Nationalism ● ● After the Scramble of Africa, in the late 1800s, many Africans dreamed of independence. To end colonial rule they would have to build a spirit of togetherness... Why do you think a sense of togetherness is important to a newly forming country?
  2. 2. The Birth of Nationalism.. ● This sense of “togetherness” gave birth to a feeling of pride in one's homeland. (nationalism) – Do you think nationalism can ever be a bad thing? – Is there a difference between ethnocentrism & nationalism?
  3. 3. Pan-Africanism ● ● ● In the 1920s, Africans formed a movement called Pan-Africanism. This movement stressed unity and cooperation among ALL Africans. Slogan: – ● “Africa for Africans” Africa should be proud of their culture!
  4. 4. Pan-African Flag Red= bloodshed Black= color of skin Green=rich land & natural resources
  5. 5. Impact of World War 2.. ● ● A major boost of African independence came from WWII. Africa played a major role... – – Provided airfields. – ● Supplied natural resources. Africans FOUGHT & DIED freeing Europe from conquest. In addition: – “We have been told what we fought for. That is “freedom.'We want freedom, nothing but freedom.” European countries were weakened after fighting the war. – European countries began getting pressured from other countries to dissolve their colonies.
  6. 6. Striving for Independence.. ● ● ● This growing sense of nationalism & the development of the Pan-Africanism movement all contributed to the growing desire for independence from Europe.. African colonies slowly began seeking independence from Europeans (violently or peacefully).. One way to help spread these ideas, African's used patriotic flyers and artwork..
  7. 7. Nationalism & Pan-Africanism Artwork Task: To create a piece of artwork that demonstrates African nationalism and/or the Pan-Africanism movement. Requirements: – Piece of art must be colored! – Must be an original piece of artwork – On the backside of the piece of art you must answer the following questions: 1. What is the message behind your artwork? (min. 5 sentences) (How does your picture show Nationalism or Pan-Africanism?) 2. How did Nationalism & Pan-Africanism encourage the independence movements of Africa? (min. 5 sentences)