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Enterprise job vs Entrepreneurship @ Entrepreneurship Days Event, Lahti, Finland - January, 2014


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Enterprise job vs Entrepreneurship @ Entrepreneurship Days Event, Lahti, Finland - January, 2014

  1. 1. Hello! Lahti. It’s good to be here. Thanks for the invite. DUUNIEXPO YRITTÄJYYS PÄIVÄT Lahti, Finland – 29/1/2014
  2. 2. I’m Pankaj Saharan. Time for a little bit of bragging.
  3. 3. Originally from India, living in Finland from last 7 years!
  4. 4. Master degree in Mobile Computing – Aalto University Student of Master degree in Business – Metropolia UAS
  5. 5. Co-founder of
  6. 6. Board Member – Laurea Entrepreneurship Society Board Member – Hanken Entrepreneurship Society
  7. 7. Coffee addict.
  8. 8. Love to travel.
  9. 9. Minimalist.
  10. 10. Why am I here? And, why I’m gonna take about 30 mins. of your time.
  11. 11. So you want to be an Entrepreneur? What does it take to be an Entrepreneur?
  12. 12. Are you sure? It’s not the same as being a business person, or a team manager, or an executive!
  13. 13. It’s not just a career path! It’s much more of a mindset too.
  14. 14. It’s not just the desire to run a business or enterprise. But to create one from scratch!
  15. 15. Never satisfied with the status quo. Change. Improve. Innovate.
  16. 16. >90% of start-ups FAIL
  17. 17. At some point, you will fail. Surely. You must learn from your failure to find success.
  18. 18. No magic formula for success. Hard work. Careful listening. 100% commitment.
  19. 19. You must be comfortable in an uncertain environment. Risk cannot be eliminated!
  20. 20. Two core characteristics of a successful entrepreneur 1. Ability to Execute – Heart 2. Ability to Change - Soul
  21. 21. Embrace the change. Change creates opportunities.
  22. 22. What’s the first thing for succesful venture? Money? Good team? Time? Resources?
  23. 23. IDEA
  24. 24. I’ve a €1B idea. I’m Steve Jobs. Who am I kidding? Billion dollar ideas don’t exist. Billion dollar companies do.
  25. 25. "If you have an idea that you can't get out of your head, do a startup. Otherwise join a startup." - Fred Wilson
  26. 26. Original idea rarely is the successful idea. On average it’s the third or fourth pivot.
  27. 27. What if somebody steals my idea? Chill. Nobody is gonna steal your idea. Get perspectives.
  28. 28. Enterprise Job vs Entrepreneurship
  29. 29. #1. Believe in yourself. No MBA expert or a BOSS is gonna tell you what to do.
  30. 30. #2. Love the problem you’re solving. You got to be 100% passionate and believe in it.
  31. 31. #3. Uncertain environment Risks are inevitable. Accept, access & act.
  32. 32. #4. Lifestyle change. There are no fixed working hours. If you’re sleeping peacefully at night, most probably something is wrong!
  33. 33. #5. Keep learning. Better than doing an MBA. IMO.
  34. 34. #6. Build a team. Look and have a co-founder. Or two.
  35. 35. #7. Don’t be afraid to change course. Keep listening and iterating till you hit the Bull’s Eye!
  36. 36. #8. Basic technical skills. Basic programming help always. Take my word.
  37. 37. #9. Focus on customer. No once else comes first. Not even investors.
  38. 38. #10. Start early. Don’t wait. Start today.
  39. 39. Would love to catch up. @pankajsaharan on Twitter +358504863323