31 Day Fat Loss Cure Review


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31 Day Fat Loss Cure Review of what this diet and exercise program is all about and what kind of results that you may get following the fat loss program for 31 days.

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31 Day Fat Loss Cure Review

  1. 1. 31 Day Fat Loss Cure By Vic Magary Review by Sunny James How I lost 14 pounds & 5 inches off my waist the first 31 days & You Can Too!This digital report is to give you an inside view about the 31 day fat loss cure diet by VicMagary & what it is & my personal success story in using this product before you buy it!I have lost 14 pounds & 5 inches off my waist in my 1st 31 days.My goal is to lose 50 pounds. I currently have lost 45 pounds & 13 inches off my tummythanks to the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure by Vic Magary.Get started Now
  2. 2. IntroductionHello My name is Sunny James I am a country recording artist & a motivationalspeaker for youth & adults http://www.sunnyjames.com and you’ve receivedthis guide because you’re interested in learning more about 31 Day Fat Loss CureDiet by Vic Magary.Let me start off by saying this: I am not here to sell you on Vic Magarys 31 DayFat Loss Cure product. I created this guide so people would know exactly whatthe Diet Manual covers so they don’t buy it and realize they’ve just boughtsomething they’ll never use. Vic Magary’s 31 Day Fat Loss Cure is an amazing fatloss program for many people and has personally changed my life. What you willread in this guide is my unbiased opinion of the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure and mypersonal experiences with the program. I sincerely hope you find a way to loseweight and achieve the fat loss results that you are striving for. The 31 Day FatLoss Cure may be the product for you, and it very well may not. You will know bythe time you finish reading this review.At the bottom of each page, you will see a URL for you to purchase the product ifyou’re ready. I’ve put together multiple resources for students that buy the 31Day Fat Loss Cure because of this review or my website, and purchasing throughone of those links ensures that I will be able to track your purchase and deliverthe extra tips and support I promise. It’s also what allows me to provide all ofthese resources for free. I take very good care of my students by providing themgreat tips & support and extra resources, so if you decide to purchase the 31 DayFat Loss Cure because of something I said, I will do everything I can to help yousucceed with your weight loss. My motto is if you believe it you can achieve it!Thank you, & good luck. Sunny James : ) contact me any time sunnyjames@sunnyjames.com
  3. 3. When I found Vic Magarys fat loss program, I was 50 poundsoverweight & not very happy that I let myself gain that muchweight over the past 8 - 9 years. You know how it happens first yougain 5 pounds then 10 & the next thing I knew I was 50 pounds overweight & I had never weighed that much in my life except when I waspregnant with my son Sonny.Whats the difference since I bought the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure?In the first month alone I had lost 14 pounds of fat & took5 inches off my waist. Now I am 4 1/2 months intothe diet & have lost to date 45 pounds & 13 inches off my waist.I feel great & have so much more energy & I can wear all ofmy favorite clothes that I havent been able to wear in years,and I truly think your life can change the same way.As a country recording artist & motivational speaker I am always in front ofan audience &I just don’t feel good getting in front of an audience with all this extra weight Ihave allowed myself to gain I am so self conscious it was really driving mecrazy & I couldn’t wear all the beautiful outfits I use to wear.& as a motivational speaker for youth & adults I am always motivating &inspiring others to Believe In Yourself & follow your dreams & set goals.http://www.sunnyjames.com http://sunnyjames.podomatic.com& always take time to reflect & see where you are at & if you are happy or ifthere are some positive changes that need to be made to make you happy.need some inspiration & motivation sign up for my free digital guideHow to Unleash The Power Within! http://sunnyjames.com/guideWell for me that day of change finally came for me when I got the right mindset & set a goal to lose 50 lbs & used the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure to get me there.I am well on my way as I have lost 45 pounds & 13 inches off my tummy.Get started now
  4. 4. First off Vic Magary who is from Ohio is the creator of the program & uses thatprogram bothPersonally himself as well as he uses the program to personally train countlessmen & women to get great results.You get to see tons of testimonials as well as videos of him personally trainingboth men & women for a 31 day challenge which is very inspiring to see theirresults.Also it gives you the insight that Vic Magary is a real guy who really cares abouthelping others & is committed to help people reach their weight loss goals.Also it is really inspiring to see some of these testimonies where people arelosing anywhere from 10 - 20 pounds of fat in a month.I personally dropped 14 pounds & 5 inches off my tummy the first month!That sure kept me inspired to keep going I’ve now since lost 45 pounds &13 inches off my tummy!!!! Just shows what you can really achieve when you set your mind to it & havingthe right program to get you there.I Feel Great & I can wear al of my favorite clothes & I’m only 5 lbs away frommy goal of 50 pounds!!Get started now
  5. 5. The manual first off starts by recommending you visit your physician beforehand to get a good check up & ok from the doctor to start with.The manual for the 31 Day Fat loss Cure is broken down into 13 chaptersA through M for a total of 66 pages plus links to video training of how to doeach exercise properly as well as video of Vic personally training others on hisprogram and their fat loss before & after the 31 days.Vic has 5 levels of training 2 at home workouts which require no equipment.One is a beginner level & an advanced level both use exercises where you useyour body weight as the workout. & 2 gym workout programs one a beginner level & an advanced level both ofthese use various workouts with weights & equipment found in a gym.& a workout program for older people or sedentary or some who has limitationsdue to an injury.
  6. 6. Again he shows you in video how to do each exercise whether at home or in thegym so you know exactly how do to them correctly. With all these optionsanyone can use this program to achieve great fat loss results.I know personally this was a deciding factor for me because of upper & low backinjuries I was ablt to follow parts of Vic’s program & I got great results. Here is a basic run down of the different chaptersA – is an intro that welcomes you to the program tells you about the differentlevels of workouts & how to decide which one would meet your needs.Also a few inspiring stories of results as well as letting you know that Vic is aserious no BS guy who tells you like it is & if you will commit to the programboth heart & soul you will get great results.B – is Frequently asked questions about the programLike where to start because Vic shows you 5 levels you can use.Also Questions & Answers to anything from adding certain exercises or foodsOr what is the best times to work out.
  7. 7. C - Top Tips From The Trenches is about the top 10 laws that Vic absolutelyasked you to respect & follow if you want to get results. He Believes that it is80% diet & 20 % workout. So Stick to the Diet & Workouts he lays out for you.As well as other important things I really can’t go into too much detail here.I couldn’t do a lot of the main exercises in the program because of my backinjuries yet I walked 2 times a day for 40 minutes with may dogs & I still Lost 14pounds & 5 inches off my tummy the first 31 days.D – Which Workout Should I DO? Here Vic gives you directions to know whichof the 5 programs you should start out with.E – Warm up Workouts for Sedentary or Injured Individuals Here Vic gives youexactly what to do to warm up if you are someone who is sedentary or haveinjuries. I use some of these myself because of my back injuries.F – Beginners 31 Day Workout Plan (Body Weight Only ) This is a programtotally geared toward getting maximum fat loss without the use of equipment.You will only use the exercises that Vic shows you how to do. In a video heshows you how to do 7 different workouts without equipment & a schedule forwhich days to do which exercises & don’t think it won’t be challenging becauseVic is all about pushing yourself to the max with short but effective workouts to
  8. 8. get maximum results. He doesn’t believe in doing ab workouts or running on atread mill he has a shirt that reads treadmills are for gerbils.G - Beginners 31 Day Workout Plan (Gym Workout ) Vic shows you throughvideo which exercises to do in the gym he wants you to work out for 3 differentdays & a complete 31 day schedule for which exercises to do on which days &on your off days he suggests other strenuous activities for you to do to pushyourself. This way you know exactly what to do how to do it and when to do itso you aren’t lost or confused & you stay on target.H – Advance 31 Day Workout Plan (Body Weight Only ) no equipment neededas Vic says this workout is for those who already have low body fat & in goodshape but want to get a lower level of body fat & get in the best shape of theirlife. Again Vic shows you through video exactly how to do each exercise & askedthat you stay true to the diet as it is 80% your diet & 20 % the workout thatgets you the results. Vic lays out exactly what exercises to do how many sets &reps of each exercise so it leaves nothing to get lost or confused & keeps youright on target.
  9. 9. I - Advance 31 Day Workout Plan (Gym Workout ) This is for those men &women who are in great shape & want to get that last bit of body fat & be in thebest shape of their lives. Vic shows you videos for these work outs as well as afull 31 day schedule of what to do. You can also see videos of Vic doing personaltraining in the gym for the advance workout. Vic is a great motivator & helpspeople get the results they want.J - Common Sense Nutrition Vics philosophy is 80% diet 20 % workout hebelieves you can’t out train a poor diet. He has a very sensible down to earthapproach to the diet that follows how we ate for years before fast food &processed foods he tells you how much of each food group you should eat &how often & which foods you can eat as often as you would like.Vic gives you examples of daily meals so you won’t have to guess here. He alsotells you which foods you need to avoid & why such as fast food, pop, energydrinks, Dairy, whole grains & sugar.Vic talks about how you may experience some anxiety at first for the first 3-5day s because of the change in your diet but you will really like the end resultsof felling better & being more healthy.I know since I have been following the diet I have felt so much more energeticand better as a whole. I no longer get acne or have heartburn or indigestion.And best of all I can now wear my favorite clothes I haven’t worn in years!Get started now
  10. 10. K – Supplements That Work Here Vic gives his opinion about supplements &mostly he believes in eating healthy & taking a good multivitamin if anythingbut he touches on a couple of really good points about the different things thatsome people have questions about like protein powder & supplements. I can’treally go into too much detail here!L – 7 Day Action Plan To Get Started Here Vic tells you a 7 day action plan tohelp you get on the right track & get the maximum results possible for yourself.I found this part very effective in helping me to get in the right mind set & getprepared mentally & having the right types of food on hand for my meals &snacks. I felt this part was huge in helping me have the success that I have hadwith the diet.What To Do After The 31 Days Here Vic recommends that if you need to losemore fat then continue on the program & try the advanced part of the programor a different set of workouts. Then he encourages you to take action byapplying the 7 day action plan & getting started with the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure.
  11. 11. But by all means you can definitely get the results that you need with thisprogram. I know because I am well on my way of obtaining a 50 pound weightloss goal that I set for myself I am now 45 pounds lighter but I figure over thenext week I will reach it.I hope this 31 Day Fat Loss Cure Review has been helpful to you in deciding totake on the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure.Vic is always looking for new testimonies & offers if you send your before &after photos he will send you a Tread Mills are for Gerbils T- Shirt!I can’t wait to get mine.My Personal Tips & Tricks to help you with the dietStart off by writing down your current weight & measurementsWaistArmsChestThighsTake before pictureWith shorts & men no shirtLadies a bikini top or one piece bathing suit
  12. 12. ( just so you can actually see where you started) make sure there is goodlighting & take the picture as close up of you where you can see your whole selffrom your head to feet.Even though I took all of my measurements down in the beginning I wouldmeasure my waist & tummy at least once a week & weigh myself no more thantwice a week.In the 1st month I lost 14 pounds & took 5 inches off my waist!I’ve now lost 45 pounds & 13 inches off my tummy!!! YES!!!!Also make sure & write down a goal of how much you want to lose this helpsyou know what you are striving towards.I knew my goal was 50 lbs. I know that sounds like a lot & it is but that is howmuch weight I allowed myself to gain over the past 8 – 9 years.Also write down what size pants you are currently wearingOne thing that really kept me motivated is I would get a pair of pants or shortsthat I can almost fit into but not quite like I could put them on but not quitebutton them.
  13. 13. Then within a week or 2 I could fit into them.I would highly recommend trying the same thingBecause this will be your motivation & inspiration to see progress & want tokeep going. Then once you can fit into those get another pair that you canalmost fit into but not quite. You may already have some pants or shorts onhand that you can use but if not go to the second hand store & for a few bucksyou can buy a few pair that will get you started.Get a friend involved this helps to keep you motivated & you can do yourwalking & workouts together.I have a good friend of mine Terri & we would get together for walks.Because I have back problems I couldn’t do some of the workouts that Vicsuggests.So I started off walking with my dogs 2 times a day for 30 to 40 minutes once inthe morning & once in the evening.Even my dogs started losing weight!I have 2 dogs Buddy & Porshia,Buddy lost 15 poundsPorshia lost 13 poundsGet started now
  14. 14. So far I am on my 4th month & have lost a total of 45 pounds & 13 inches offmy waist.It is a struggle at first to get on track with changes to your life style.Vic suggests that you go through your fridge & cupboards & remove allOf your unhealthy foods & snacks so that you are not tempted by them.This is so helpful to helping you stay on track & not be tempted by the thingsyou shouldn’t have my weakness is chocolate.But I have to say that once I started to see the weight melt off there was no wayI was going to stray off the diet or exercise Because I was just that determinedto reach my goal.This is a 31 day program & Vic really pushes you to commit to these 31 days toeat what he tells you to & do the workouts.So your mind set going into this is very important otherwise you won’t stick to it& you will give up.Get started now
  15. 15. The 31 One Day Fat Lose Cure by Vic Magary offers work outs for older people.Work outs for at home for beginners through advancedWork outs for at the gym for beginners through advancedAlso people with limitations due to age or injury.So this way no matter what age or level of physical shape you are in you can getstarted with a level that will accommodate you.Since I couldn’t do a lot of the exercises because of my back problems. I wasusing 10 pound dumbbells & doing a few sets curls of up to 5 reps at firstbecause I was so out of shape then holding the weights at my side I would bringthem up to my shoulders & then do a shoulder press.Then I would take the weight again at my side & step forward with one foot tohelp keep my balance then I would move my one arm forward & my other armbackward like your arms move when you are running only moving them asthough you are running in slow motion. You would be surprised at how wellthis works your arms.
  16. 16. Then I would do one more exercise with the dumbbells I would start holdingthem at my side & at the same time I would lift my arms as far away from mysides as I could & then resist the weight as I would lower them & do as manyreps as I could & do 2 to 3 sets of all of the exercises with the dumbbells.& then I started doing the burbies which is an exercise that Vic teaches you todo where you are standing & jump up then drop down to a pushup then jumpback up & start over.Well I couldn’t do that because if my low back so I would jump up & then placemy hands one at a time on the ground then gently step one foot back at a timetill I was at the up position of a push up then I would go down as low as I couldat first I could only do 4-5.Now I can do around 25 but when I would do the push up I would keep my buttup higher than the rest of my body so that my back wasn’t straight this avoideda lot of strain on your low back.Then I would step my feet one at a time till both feet were together & then Iwould stand up straight & do it all over again.They are definitely a great exercise & it gives your whole body a great workoutall at once.
  17. 17. As a closing I must honestly say that I tried several times over the past 7 years tolose weight & I either couldn’t get any results with other diets or the resultswere so slow that you couldn’t stay motivated or the diets just weren’t right forme & I gained the weight right back.But with the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure by Vic Magary it is laid out so well both inwhat you eat & how you workout & even though I couldn’t do a lot of theworkout exercises & just consistently walked twice a day with my dogs for 30 –40 minutes rain or shine I consistently saw results.I know with my weight lose it has given me back my life & I feel in control & Ihave so much more energy & I’m constantly getting great compliments fromfamily & friends especially my husband Dale & my son Sonny : )So if you are looking for a diet program that is complete & gets great results Iwould highly recommend you give it a try for 31 days.Sunny : )Also for anyone who tries the program through me I will give you myBelieve In Yourself success system digital motivational program for freeIt has over 2 hours of video audio & ebooks to help you improve your life.Just email your receipt & I will send you the link to access my program.Contact me with any questions mailto:sunnyjames@sunnyjames.comGet started nowIf you don’t give it a try then you may be 6 months down the line still wonderingwhat kind of results you could have had in the 31 days.Get started now
  18. 18. As a side noteI am always trying my best to motivate & inspire othersSo if you know of a school, college or youth organization orA business or organization looking for a motivation speakerPlease pass my contact information onSunny James http://www.sunnyjames.comsunnyjames@sunnyjames.com (814) 657-8052Remember if you can believe it you can achieve it!!!& as alwaysKey positive thoughts in your headKind caring words on your lipsLove & forgiveness in your heart& a spring in your step to helping others!Here’s to your Happiness & Successp.s. if you try the diet email me your testimonyso it can help inspire otherssunnyjames@sunnyjames.comSincerelySunny : )