Copycat - Jak se stát světovou špičkou v reklamě


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Prezentace v rámci Master Classu: Všechno, co jste kdy chtěli vědět o reklamě (ale báli jste se zeptat)

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  • non-Hodgkinskélymfomy
  • was on vacation in London when Mr. Jobs died and was captivated by the visual tribute, which was published in several British newspapers. They said only that that it was "designed by a Hong Kong student.” "Because we didn't know the college, it took quite some time to get hold of him," Mr. Fink said. "I had my assistant in Shanghai calling all the colleges in Hong Kong.” After his vacation, Mr. Fink flew directly to Hong Kong to meet Mr. Mak.
  • In February, Mr. Fink offered Mr. Mak an assignment that he had just presented to his creative team. The brief was simply: "Sharing a Coke.”
  • "I think the way I approached the poster is quite similar to the Steve Jobs Apple logo,” I don't want to say it's my style, but I do enjoy combining elements together to create a joke almost. It captures people's attention. These kinds of images are quite appropriate to advertising. It takes a second to get, and then there's an 'aha' moment."
  • I got a call from Graham himself, telling me that the design had won in the festival. I asked him what, and "only the biggest award there is!" was his answer.The next day, I flew to Cannes, apologising to my professors for skipping their classes, and went up to the stage in the evening. To receive one of the biggest applauses of the night (so I have been told) was both a very proud and humbling moment for me. Every hand I shook as I walked down the street at Cannes was a bewildering experience - in the best possible way.
  • A record 34,301 entries from 87 countries have been submitted to the Cannes Lions 59th International Festival of Creativity7 ideas
  • The idea is not exactly the same ("Aids Kills" vs "Make love, not war" but the visual is yet 100% identical. Too bad for the creatives from Moldova, but MTV shot first!THE ORIGINAL MTV, To promote the use of condom “Aids kills” – 2006, Agency : Ogilvy Lisbon (Portugal)Love Store “Make Love, Not War” – 2012, Agency : Looma, Kishinev (Moldova)
  • Leo’s Sports Club – 2003Source : Culture Pub, Cannes Archive OnlineAgency : Xynias Wetzel Werbeagentur Munich (Germany)Orange Fitness Sports Club – 2012Agency : Unknown (Russia)
  • THE ORIGINAL: Peugeot Bipper “Downsize your business” – 2008 (Agency : Euro RSCG Worldwide Spain)LESS ORIGINAL TVN “shorter commercial breaks” – 2011, Cannes BRONZE LION )Agency : Lowe Porta Chile)Quite the same idea, but a different message. One gets a Bronze Lion, the other gets nothing! The difference is very thin between an awarded idea and another that nobody will remember..
  • Same idea and also same headline/baseline! How could creative team from Singapore ignore the fact that this kind of concept has been done to death? Original BankMed – 2009 “Make your money work for you” Agency : Impact BBDO (Lebanon)BT Invest – 2012 “Let money work for you” Agency : Wild Advertising and Marketing (Singapore)
  • Pottery installation “Ying Yeung” – 2003,Hong Kong Museum of Art,Artist : Tsang Cheung ShingZaini Coffee “The smoothest milk chocolate” – 2009,Agency : Leo Burnett (Italy)Advertising inspires itself from Art and it's perfectly normal. I have nothing to object to this. But in this case, as in many others, it's not inspiration or hommage it's just plagiarism. The original artist isn't credited anywhere, it's pure rip-off. Such a shame.
  • New York Pizza 2008 vs Hell Pizza 2012 Canneslions shortlist (Agency : Selmore – Netherlands vs. New Zeland) Hell yeah... what a copycat! You call this quality? I call this 100% pure déjà-vu! They really are serious schmucks at Hell Pizza if they thought it was an original idea.
  • Copycat - Jak se stát světovou špičkou v reklamě

    1. 1. Úvod (Kdo vlastně jsem?)0 Honza Marcinek - dreamer, copywriter0 Vzdělání: SOUtel, FAMO, CLCA, knihovna0 Samotvůrce0 Cannes Lions evangelist
    2. 2. Pět pravidel řečnickéhoumění Winstona Churchilla1. Začít důrazně.2. Mít jedno téma.3. Použít jednoduchý jazyk.4. Přinést obraz do posluchačovy mysli.5. Zakončit dramaticky.
    3. 3. Jak se stát světovou špičkou v reklamě… A moc se přitom nenadřít.
    4. 4. Pravidlo:Kopírujte aka “copycat”
    5. 5. Jonathan Mak0 Student designu na Hong Kong Polytechnic University0 19 let0 Žije v Hong Kongu0 Vytvořil poctu Stevu Jobsovi0 Viral effect
    6. 6. Chris Thornley0 Přes 20 let pracuje jako grafik0 Znám jako Raid710 41 let0 Získal několik ocenění včetně Adobe creativity award - character design0 Bojuje s rakovinou0 Dílo vytvořil dříve
    7. 7. Malá vsuvka
    8. 8. Zpět k tématu…Graham Fink (CEO Ogilvy&Mather China)
    9. 9. Brief: “Sharing a Coke.”
    10. 10. Výsledek:
    11. 11. Jonathan Mak – student (20 let) Nejmladší vítěz Grand Prix v historii festivalu Cannes Lions
    12. 12. Jak kopírovat? SPRÁVNĚ ŠPATNĚ0 Vzdát čest 0 Degradovat0 Studovat 0 Sesbírat0 Krást z více 0 Krást z jednoho0 Odkazovat 0 Plagovat0 Přeměnit 0 Napodobit0 Remix 0 Rip off
    13. 13. Čím víc ideastím víc Adidas
    14. 14. Copycat příklady
    15. 15. Louskáček
    16. 16. Nic vs. Bronz
    17. 17. Kreativní krize
    18. 18. Umění vs. Reklama
    19. 19. Drama na závěr
    20. 20. Děkuji za pozornost