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Neurogaming #SomeTime2013

  1. 1. Mikko Honkakorpi / @honkakorpi
  2. 2. Asian kaksi puoltaNeurotieteiden hyödyntäminen viihdepelienkehityksessäPeliosaamisen hyödyntäminen neurologistenongelmien hoidossa, terapiatyössa jne.
  3. 3. LisäksiSensori- ja näyttöteknologiat, uudetkäyttöliittymät ja –kokemuksetPelisuunnittelun uudet välineetVirtuaalitodellisuuden paluu, osa MCMLXXXIV
  4. 4. Tech on has implications for education, health,defense, finance, but $$ going to gaming nowIntel launching a 3D SDK with multiple sensors with a$1Million contestStar Wars Force Trainer, GeorgeLucas “dont worry if its good. I have2MM fans wholl buy anything Star Wars
  5. 5. Can we make a suit with 10000 vibrators around it tocreate sensations on our body?Disney working on a "Tesla Touch" and "Aireal" Haptictechnology“TeslaTouch uses electric fields to replicate textures ona smooth touchscreen”“AIREAL: Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air byDisney. Pretty wild!”"psychology of touch" -Disney
  6. 6. NeuroSky CEO says his cos mostsuccessful product is its lowest-tech one: a pair of wearable catears that react to brain wavesThe 2 Zs that drivedevelopment: Lazy andeasyNeuro Tech shouldnt replace existing peripherals. Wellsee small additive evolution before we get toneurogaming extacyAfter a Neurosky video of motorized cat ears that respond toemotion got 1.56M hits in 5 days they decided to build it.pillow sensor that candetect if you fallasleep with lights andTV on and will turnthem off
  7. 7. "Can people open the box, get a product out, and play with itinstantly? If not then no one will jump in.”The great goal of intuitive interactionswont be physical inputs alone. Theres apervasive need for radical simplicity incontentWhat are the biggest challenges in theNeurogaming market? #NG2013. Oneanswer is content. Always comes down tocontent.
  8. 8. When we hear a story we processmore information fasterStory, design, animation, game dev arethe building blocks of emotionalgamingThe brain loves stories... video games are nodifferent. We need to experience the storywere hearingNeuroscience hardware is innovating thefastest in @Neurogaming. Once againgames lead UI
  9. 9. "Google Glass the Segway of the game world."Remember having towear headgear as a kid?According to manypeople with similarfashion sense in #ng2013audience, that is now thefuture.Its absolutely essential to get neuroscientists and professional gamedesigners to work together. Nobodyneeds shitty games
  10. 10. Mike Ambinder fromValve: We alreadymap player intent tobehavior. Want totap into playersemotional statePlayers dont want to feel likeheroes at the end of a hardday. ACTUAL heros feel terrorand uncertaintyValve created a Left 4 Deadmod w/ a time penalty forarousal, and a Portal 2 that youcould play with your eyesMike Ambinder @valve we are verycurious about biofeedback into games,stay calm time goes slower.Mike Ambinder says @Valve has testedw/ showing players their opponentsemotional states. Messing with themcan be a reward.
  11. 11. I focus story on the non-player characters. For them its life ordeath. Whereas I cant control the player characterThe big opportunity is creating emotions formore robust gameplay loops:novelty>challenge>friendship>meaning"You dont know what youre doing, but you get areflection of yourself in the game."for EEC brain wave controller: Incredible Hulkgame when you are Bruce Banner trying to stayclam and not hulk out
  12. 12. There have beenbiometric gamefailures for 30+ YEARS.We are not new, justbetter resourced.
  13. 13. The value proposition needs to be more than move a cursor with yourbrain. Emotion and social are the potential.Panel trying to separate entertainment from therapy gaming. I disagreeas the most impactful player experiences do both.1st rule of selling anything in #Neuro. Dont mention neuro.Talk about the customers pain and how you fix it#neurogaming may have future application in #education,@neurogameconf #ng2013, as we improve our measurement of#neuroplasticityCollaboration and multiple perspectives are key! Scientist dont oftenknow design. Designers dont often know science. Mutual respectrequired
  14. 14. You need something thatis scientifically provenAND have a metascoreabove 9.0
  15. 15. neuro-headsets MUST be inconspicuous, due toconsumer vanityBuild happinessrather thanfrustration. More so intherapeutic games.Apps for #brain healthand cognitiverehabilitation: will theyall be FDA regulatedmedical devices?There is no value to therapeuticactivities that are not engaging.Do we want gamified therapeuticsolutions or great games withtherapeutic qualities. Mindset matters
  16. 16. Fun is hardwhere are the reallyengaging therapeuticgames? all i have seenare poorly designed Health care payers may end upkickstarting adoption of cognitivehealth and neurorehab appsGames train our brains in 1 form oranother. Can a fun game be designedthat will train me to change my mood in60 secs?
  17. 17. Would be cool to measure and quantifyfun/playability with neurotools"Wonder is theemotion of magic"-@NicoleLazzaro. Lovethat. How great itwould be to be able tomeasure and enhancethat in games.#ng2013Anyone want to play Tekkenrealistically with Kinect?Personal responsibility of user whenyou are spending millions to hack thebrain??? Neurogaming ethics vs. bigdata
  18. 18. THE 4 KEYS TO FUN: THE GAME MECHANIC THATDRIVE PLAY• Easy Fun (Novelty): Curiosity from exploration,role play, and creativity• Hard Fun (Challenge): Fiero, the epic win, fromachieving a difficult goal• People Fun (Friendship): Amusement fromcompetition and cooperation• Serious Fun (Meaning): Excitement fromchanging the player and their world
  19. 19. The End GameGame Design+ Neuro Sience+ Big Data (Behavioral + Sensory)+ Neuromarketing = €€€
  20. 20. Thank You!Mikko Honkakorpi@honkakorpimikko@honkakorpi.com