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Online Job Applications: Guide To Applying For Jobs Online


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Online Job Applications Guide

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Online Job Applications: Guide To Applying For Jobs Online

  1. 1. empowernet work.com Job Applications – Guide to Applying forJobs OnlineInformation on How To Do Online Job ApplicationsTh ere are th ousan ds of websites wh ere you can post your resume on lin e an d complete anonline job applications. Applican ts eith er apply on lin e via a job board, like Mon,or apply on lin e directly at th e compan y’s web site.In some cases, job seekers are required to reg ister an d to build an employmen t profile. On ceyou’ve built your profile, you can apply for jobs on lin e an d set up search ag en ts to email youwh en n ew jobs are added to th e system.Applican ts can th en apply on lin e for specific position s at an y time th at is con ven ien t forth em, with just a few mouse clicks. At larg er employers, an d on man y job sites, job seekerscan keep track of th e position s th ey h ave applied for.Here’s more in formation on h ow to apply for jobs on lin e.Some sites let you upload an existin g resume with th e click of a button . On oth er sites, youcan copy an d paste from your resume or use a resume builder th at is in corporated in to th eapplication system.On ce you h ave uploaded your resume, you will be able to search for jobs th at in terest youan d submit your on lin e job application s or resume with a click of your mouse.Online Job Applications – Applying For Jobs On CompanyWebsitesIf you are in terested in workin g for a particular compan y, visit th eir website. Careerin formation is usually listed in th e “Careers” or th e “About Us” section of th e site. Followth e in struction s for search in g for an d applyin g to jobs on lin e. Here’s h ow to apply for jobsat compan y websites.Online Job Applications – What You Need to Apply OnlineOn lin e application systems typically ask for your con tact in formation , education albackg roun d an d employmen t h istory. You will n eed to kn ow wh en you worked an d wh atyou were paid at your previous jobs. You may also be asked wh at days an d h ours you areavailable to work.Down load a sample job application an d complete it before you start your on lin eapplication s. You will h ave all th e in formation you n eed, ready to en ter.Online Job Applications – Online Employment TestsDepen din g on th e compan y, you may n eed to take – an d pass – an on lin e test to be
  2. 2. con sidered for employmen t. Pre-employmen t tests, also called talen t assessmen ts,employmen t tests, or career tests, are used to h elp an employer iden tify can didates wh o willbe a g ood fit for jobs at th e compan y.Employers (Walmart’s pre-employmen t is an example) th at utilize testin g often do it incon jun ction with an on lin e job application , so you will take th e test wh en you apply for ajob. Th e results of th e test will determin e wh eth er you are in vited to in terview. Read moreabout on lin e employmen t tests an d h ow to take th em.Online Job Applications – Check Your ApplicationBefore you click th e Submit button , it’s importan t to double-ch eck your online jobapplications for errors. Typos an d g rammatical errors coun t, so carefully ch eck yourapplication . If you’re n ot sure your spellin g is correct, use Microsoft Word an dspell/g rammar ch eck, th en copy/paste in to th e on lin e application .“THIS IS A RE-POST OF A BLOG I FOUND” By Allison DoyleP.S. Hey, my n ame is Valerie Jampolsky, an d I just wan ted you to g et some in formation onth e process of on lin e job application s… it CAN be daun tin g , in th e mean time - if you wan tto make an executive’s in come for part time effort, click th e lin k below or th e imag e aboveth is post, to your rig h t or at th e bottom to fin d out h ow.About T he Author: Karen ValerieJampolskyHi, Valerie Jampolsky h ere (yes, I g o by mymiddle n ame, just like my mom). Im a sin g le momwith two amazin g twin two year old boys (for youparen ts of multiples out th ere!). Im h ere toin spire you to brin g out your best, your in n er Badass!..with practical easy,n in ja tips for In tern et Marketin g (I learn ed it all h ere at e train in g is amaaazin g ), h ow to create th e life you wan t so you canspen d it with th ose you love, an d h ow to build a stron g er con n ection , a betterrelation sh ip with your kids (yes, train ed as a family th erapist/paren tin gcoach . an d will provide tid bits on an yth in g else I fin d cool, fun or in spirin g ..Im h ere to h elp you create massive success in your fin an cial an d family life!