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Leadership styles--how-to-crack-the-universe-and-inspire-change-in-an-instant


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Leadership styles--how-to-crack-the-universe-and-inspire-change-in-an-instant

  1. 1. e m po we rne t wo mhttp://www.empo wernetwo m/startmassivesuccess/blo g/leadership-styles-belief-ho w-to -crack-the-universe-and-inspire-change-in-an-instant/?id=startmassivesuccessLeadership Styles – Belief – How To Crack The Universe andInspire Change In An InstantKaren Valerie Jampo lskyLeadership Styles – What’s Common? – What REALLY works? here f or a sneak peak video into the leadership secret that crack’s the universe with possibilities–I have a wild story that will blow your mind about to the bottomMost leadership styles are:–authoritarian (my way or the high way)–or take people by the hand and — one on one help each person–or model and leverage your training so all can duplicate it
  2. 2. …but even of all the leadership styles – if you take the third choice above… it will not be ef f ective unless(a) you believe that “irrational” universe cracking change in an instant is possible f or anyone – (includingYOURSELF) and(b) you convey your belief in YOUR ability to have irrational universe cracking change in an instant and yourbelief in EVERYONE in your T EAM …T O…your team…then the universe bends...and then insane possibilities You’re looking at someone, their face tone shifts and they make $40,000 the next month, having never had more than a $3,000 month. People change in an instant, not a period of time. Everybody thinks change takes forever; evolution takes forever, if you want to become great, it takes a long time, but the change that creates the greatness, happens instantly always. People don’t quit smoking gradually. It might take gradually, but they make the decision, they shift, in one moment, not even a second, one moment in time. I didn’t succeed in three months, I succeeded in the original decision.” -David Wood Leadership Styles – Legacy Building The Empower Network gives you the opportunity to create a legacy. If you are in, it is time to get serious, and get all in. I’m not just talking financially, but emotionally. You have to believe that you can do it. You have to be clear on your vision. You must know your “Why.” If you’ve wanted to be in the right place at the right time, there is good news because you are there right now. I want you to take a deep breath and pay very close attention to the words you are about to see and hear. Click here and watch this video that has changed the lives of thousands around the world, and produced some of the most ‘ridonculous’ incomes that you have ever seen. When you pay very close attention to every word, you’ll understand the true nature behind the magic that has produced this “phenomenon…” …this “Movement.” -Ahi Wood Be the change that you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi
  3. 3. Leadership Styles – My Universe Bending StorySo…here is my blow your mind story -..I recently spoke to someone who had $20 to her name..I told her touse just ONE of the tools we have because it resulted in a huge amount of money f or me in a f ew days..andI suggested that she do the same- that night..she f elt the certainty I had – I had living proof – and she f eltmy belief in her..and she did it– that night- and she manif ested T HAT night – $10,000 coming to her ..…here’s a pic of me and David Wood the next day right af ter I told him this..P.S. … you may notice a certain f eeling…stirring inside you..that spark of belief in yourself …take action — there are no accidents..leadership styles–f or your new one in your lif here oweit to yourself … and those you care aboutAbout The Aut hor: Karen Valerie JampolskyHi, Valerie Jampolsky here (yes, I go by my middle name, just like my mom). Im a single momwith two amazing twin two year old boys (f or you parents of multiples out there!). Im here toinspire you to bring out your best, your inner Badass!..with practical easy, ninja tips f orInternet Marketing (I learned it all here at Empower Network..the training is amaaazing), how tocreate the lif e you want so you can spend it with those you love, and how to build a stronger connection, abetter relationship with your kids (yes, trained as a f amily therapist/parenting coach. and will provide tid bitson anything else I f ind cool, f un or inspiring.. Im here to help you create massive success in your f inancialand f amily lif e!