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Linus ed 2

  1. 1. LITERACY AND NUMERACY PROGRAMME ( LINUS )Transforming Education Through the Internet
  2. 2. NKRA -TO MEET THE CHALLENGES THAT PREVENT THE REALIZATION OF VISION 2020 EDUCATION ( ONE OF THE 6 NKRA) LINUS - SUB NKRA (SUB-NATIONAL KEY RESULT AREA) LINUS is an acronym Literacy and Numeracy Screening Objective – to ensure that all students master basic literacy and numeracy skills in BAHASA MALAYSIA at the end of the first 3 years of Primary Education Targeted at students with problems in Reading, Writing and Arithmetics/CountingTransforming Education Through the Internet
  3. 3. DEFINITION Literacy is defined as the ability to read, write and understand simple words and complex sentences in Bahasa Malaysia and apply knowledge of learning and communication Numeracy is defined as the ability to read, write, count and up to 1,000, be competent in mathematical operations such as add, subtract, multiply and divide, and to apply them in money, time and lengthTransforming Education Through the Internet
  4. 4. WHY?....... LITERACY AND NUMERACY STANDARDS IN MALAYSIA SHOWS: (BEFORE 2010) Number of students who do not Number of students who do not achieve target literacy standards achieve target numeracy standards at the end of Year 1 (% in brackets) at the end of Year 1 (% in brackets) 117,024 (24%) 100,000 100,000 80,000 80,000 50,253 51,486 54,272 60,000 (11%) (10%) (13%) 60,000 40,000 40,000 PROTIM 20,000 20,000 beginning in 2008 0 0 2006 2007 2008 2006 2007 2008SUMBER: KIA2M untuk kadar literasi dan PROTIM untuk kadar numerasi 4 Transforming Education Through the Internet
  5. 5. HOW ? ...... 6 STRATEGIES TO ACHIEVE 90% LITERACY AND NUMERACY SKILLS BY 2010 1. Screening process 2. Teaching and learning modules 3. Teacher training 4. Commitment of all stakeholders 5. Monitoring and Supervision 6. Facilitators at the district level.Transforming Education Through the Internet
  6. 6. 1. SCREENING PROCESS: - conducted 3 times a year  March,  June  and September each year until Year 3) - Students who do not achieve a certain level will be identified  to follow the LINUS programme OR  a Special Education program.Transforming Education Through the Internet
  7. 7. Screening Process - 3 times a yearTransforming Education Through the Internet
  8. 8. Basic LiteracyTransforming Education Through the Internet
  9. 9. Ayat Tunggal (Simple Sentence)1. terdiri daripada satu subjek dan satu predikat.Contoh : Lelaki gemuk itu sedang menembak burung. Dia sangat kaya , Dia sangat sombongSubjek = Lelaki gemuk itu Predikat = sedang menembak burung.Ayat Majmuk (Compound sentence)1. mengandungi dua atau lebih ayat - ayat tunggal disambungkan oleh perkataan Kata Hubung seperti dan, atau, kecuali, tetapi, dan lain-lain.Contoh: A) Razak mengambil sebuah buku cerita. ( Ayat Tunggal ) B) Razak membaca buku itu. ( Ayat Tunggal ) C) Razak mengambil sebuah buku cerita lalu membaca buku itu. ( Ayat Majmuk ) Transforming Education Through the Internet
  10. 10. Basic NumeracyTransforming Education Through the Internet
  11. 11. 2. Teaching and learning modules - Develop new teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy (Yr 1 – Yr 3) - Modules are based on the concept  from the easiest to the more difficult  emphasizing on application of concepts learned.Transforming Education Through the Internet
  12. 12. 3. TEACHER TRAINING - To overcome the shortage of teachers with expertise in teaching basic literacy and numeracy, - intensive teacher training to deliver effectively learning modules. - From November 2009 to February 2010, 17,000 teachers were trained.Transforming Education Through the Internet
  13. 13. ▪ Training includes the following: Professional Training  Integrate various pedagogical methods  Strengthen teaching skills using technology TEACHING REMEDIAL  Provide a variety of LINUS STUDENTS teaching and learning resources ▪ Development of new materials and  Reveal best practices modules for effective teachingand in the teaching of basic learning literacy and numeracyTransforming Education Through the Internet
  14. 14. Ratio of Remedial Teachers to studentsTransforming Education Through the Internet
  15. 15. 4. COMMITMENT OF ALL STAKEHOLDERSAwareness programs - State Education Department, District Education Office, school heads, parents, teacher unions and the community began in Dec 2009 - Jan 2010.Purpose : to increase understanding of the importance of all the LINUS program and to gain their support.Transforming Education Through the Internet
  16. 16. 5. MONITORING AND SUPERVISION• By officers at the district level and the Inspectorate and Quality Assurance officers - on 10% of low-performing schools.• To monitor the progress of students who attend the program - reports on the results of the monitoring will be produced twice in 2010,. Transforming Education Through the Internet
  17. 17. 6. FACILITATORS AT THE DISTRICT LEVEL• Conduct coaching and mentoring for LINUS program teachers• Help schools to plan appropriate strategies based on the results of screening tests• Serve as a liason officer between the schools and PPD, JPN and MOE. Transforming Education Through the Internet
  18. 18. DESIRED OUTCOME: Every child will have basic literacy and numeracy skills after three years of primary education 90Transforming Education Through the Internet
  19. 19. NEWSPAPER REPORT: BERITA HARIAN LINUS programme LINUS 2.0 FOR for BM since ENGLISH IN 2010 2013 ACHIEVED 99.84% 99.92 % Literacy Numeracy Transforming Education Through the Internet
  20. 20. Laman Web Rasmi BPK: Timbalan Pengarah Bahagian Pembangunan Kurikulum, Kementerian Pelajaran, Shamsuri Sujak explained: “…………….. students with English literacy problems will receive assistance and additional support through LINUS 2.0 to enable them to be on par with others in the mainstream," he told a press conference here yesterday. Basic screening will be carried out in Year One in June 2013 to determine the level of students literacy in English to students who need special attention are identified.Transforming Education Through the Internet
  21. 21. What can Frog VLE do for linus in 2013 ? • Frog VLE can be used to support LINUS for English in Primary schools starting 2013 and the ongoing LINUS for BM and Maths • Teachers can be encouraged to search for interactive and dynamic resources online / Frogstore • Collaborate on building teaching resources on Frog VLE • Share best practices in the teaching of basic literacy and numeracy through Frog VLE • Implementation Consultants – mentoring and coachingTransforming Education Through the Internet
  22. 22. Old Mac Donald…Transforming Education Through the Internet
  23. 23. Resources: Education Through the Internet