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Introduction to CircleCI


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Introduce the key feature of circleci, including the executors/orbs/commands and then demo those cool features.

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Introduction to CircleCI

  1. 1. CircleCI Hung-Wei Chiu
  2. 2. About Me Hung-Wei Chiu (Hwchiu) DevOps @ Thundertoken Microsoft  MVP (CDM) Co-Organizer of SDNDS-TW/CNTUG COSCUP CFP SDN X Cloud Native X Golang Open Source Contributor
  3. 3. What CirclecCI Host Cloud: Price: based on concurrent jobs Server: Host by yourself Price: per host Projects Github/Bitbucket
  4. 4. Cool Features SSH Debug Integrate ssh key with github/bitbucket Parallelism Reduce running time
  5. 5. Cool Features Configuration Yaml Command Line Tool/WebPortal Workflows Orbs Command/Executors Cache/Workflow
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Executors Running Environment Container (Custom Image) Virtual Machine MacOS
  8. 8. Commands Remove duplicate code Function based Parameter Simplify config
  9. 9. Orbs Package your commands/jobs Share with others Only support public orbs now.
  10. 10. Demo