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Adma digital-marketing-yearbook-2010

  1. 1. ASIA PACIFIC Digital Marketing Yearbook 2010“ Stay engaged with your customer and flexibly “ follow the trends across multiple platforms. Edited by Rachel Oliver
  2. 2. ABoUt the ASiA DiGitAL MARKetinG ASSoCiAtion Making The ears, eyes and voice of digital ❚ Why join the ADMA? Being a member gives you access: SUCCESS marketing in Asia • Unified voice for the industry to promote the use of digital and the Internet (in the media and with potential customers) • Forum for standards and best practice sharing The Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) • Spokespeople to represent members and respond to criticism is the voice of, and advocate for, the digital • Industry contacts and networking opportunities • Sponsorship opportunities to raise awareness of your marketing industry in Asia (excluding Japan). brand • Discounted rates for regional events The ADMA is guided by senior executives in the • Notification of relevant speaking opportunities tangible. industry and is charged with gaining consensus • Professional digital marketing qualifications – discounted enrolment fees for members and providing leadership on key industry issues. • Entry in the online Membership Directory and annual Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook The ADMA actively promotes the benefits of • Job matching service to help you find staff using mobile and the Internet as channels to communicate with consumers as well as lobbying ❚ hoW to join the ADMA and public relations assistance for member Membership fees are set low enough to encourage universal membership among industry players, and taken companies. together provide sufficient revenues to underwrite regular activities. Other activities are funded by sponsorship (cash and in kind) and by charging admission fees for some The ADMA is a non-profit organisation with a events. membership base representing online publishers/ Visit and complete the online registration form. portals, agencies, research companies, technology/ service companies and marketers/advertisers. Visit for more details. The ADMA gives heartfelt thanks all our members for their support and contributions: ADMA Patrons:Welcome to the new Fortune. Re-imagined, With unrivaled access to the world’s most ADMA Corporate members:refined and re-focused to deliver the insight influential leaders and companies. And the ad:tech, Admax Network, AGENDA Group Asia, BBE, British Council, comScore, Coremetrics, draftFCB China, Dow Jones Publishing you need now. In brief and in depth. trusted perspective you need to succeed. Company (Asia), Edipresse, Experian Hong Kong, eyeblaster, Financial Times, Google Hong Kong, Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Asia Pacific, KatalystM, Lucini & Lucini, Mediaplex, MRM Worldwide, NDS Asia Pacific, Nielsen Online, Omnicom Group, Omniture, PGi, Publicis Modem Singapore, Pulse Mediatech,, Singapore Press Holdings, SingTel Digital Media (inSing), The Economist, The Hyperfactory, The Rubicon Project, The Upper Storey, TIME & Fortune, Universal McCann, Vocational Training Council, Wunderman, wwwins Isobar, ZUJI And all our individual members. asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 1 ©2010 FORTUNE is a registered trademark of Time Inc.
  3. 3. Contents ❚ ASiA PACifiC 6 ❚ inDoneSiA 34 ❚ SinGAPoRe 54 Essential reading ❚ AUStR ALiA 12 ❚ jAPAn 38 ❚ SoUth KoReA 58 ❚ ChinA 18 ❚ MALAySiA 42 ❚ tAiWAn 62 Anytime, anywhere THE WORLDS LEADING BUSINESS NEWS IN PRINT, ONLINE AND ON MOBILE ❚ honG KonG 26 ❚ neW ZeALAnD 46 ❚ thAiLAnD 66 The Wall Street Journal Asia reaches Asias business elite where they live, work and play by delivering unparalleled news and analysis through a variety of print, online and digital platforms. Online, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network includes an ever-growing network of Asia-specific offerings thattarget the regions most influential business decision makers including,, and Digital offerings, including WSJ Mobile Reader for BlackBerry and iPhone, also continue to grow as the desire for news on-the-go inspires new technologies, expanded functionality and enhanced delivery from the worlds most trusted source for global news and analysis. To find out more about integrated advertising solutions, please contact your Dow Jones sales representative or call: Hong Kong 852-2831 2504; Singapore 65-6415 4300; Tokyo 81-3 6269 2701. ❚ inDiA 30 ❚ the PhiLiPPineS 50 ❚ VietnAM 70 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 3
  4. 4. • When it comes to making online purchases, Asians Another trend to watch is the balance of paid, owned 2010: Multiple Platforms, across the board listen closely to their friends. Nearly and earned media. Paid media such as rich media, display, half (48%) of South Korean internet users said they search and sponsored content remain the dominant forms had bought something in the past because it was of online marketing expenditure. Companies and brands continue to trust the control over the media plan and the Infinite Choices either discussed or recommended by one of their online friends, as have 38.2% of Malaysians, 40.4% of content that paid media offers. Japanese, 42.2% of Vietnamese, 48.4% of Indonesians Owned media such as corporate websites, brand and one third of Filipinos. websites and microsites have always been an important • Mobile shopping is taking hold of the region, with nearly component of the online marketing mix. Now increasingly eight out of 10 Asian mobile users engaging in some social media such as Facebook pages and Twitter feeds form of mobile shopping activity in the past year. are being added to the mix (except in China, where they D • The Koreans are the top shoppers, with 97% of internet are blocked, and marketers use other similar services). igital marketing in Asia Pacific in 2010 users say they have shopped online. These owned media feeds provide both controlled content offers an almost infinite combination of ways • Indians spent the least amount of time online of any distribution opportunities, as well as platforms for customer to engage customers, participate in their Asian nation, at 11 hours per month. and community interaction. communities, sell them products and services, • 63% of Singaporeans online watch TV at the same The dynamics of earned media are different, when and build brands and corporate reputations. time. customers become the channel, and brands have no control Content can be highly personalised, relevant • Japan leads the pack with mobile social media – more of what is said or shared. However, when brands get and localised deeply to take into account than 75% of social network users only access the sites positive word of mouth from earned media, it is credible factors such as language, location, time of via their mobiles. and powerful. Earned media, and to some extent the social day, past behaviour and stated preferences. • The Filipinos lead the world in SMS, with two billion text media aspects of owned media, have more in common with The range of available media is staggering, messages sent every day. public relations than traditional advertising. value-priced, and offers exceptional • Hong Kong people take the instant message crown, After we waded through terabytes of statistics on targeting. And this year the true "internet spending twice as much time IMing as anyone else in platform usage, media consumption, and broadband and experience in the palm of your hand" is now the region. mobile penetration in order to compile this Yearbook, available in many urban centres across the • More than half the Asia Pacific regions online population its easy to see why some marketers lose sight of their region, thanks to the spread of smartphones, 3G is Chinese, but they are the least prolific users of search customers and become pre-occupied with the technology. networks, and the applications that run on them. in Asia Pacific. Our hope at the Asia Digital Marketing Association is that There is a battle of epic proportions going on to • Australians spend more time on social networking this Yearbook helps you get beyond facts and figures, and determine which platforms will host the majority of online sitesthan anyone else in the world (seven hours a provides you insights that will make you a better and more users activities. The days when a portal was a web month) and 27% of all Australians blog. successful marketer. users main access point to the internet are long over, At the end of the day, there really is no such thing as a but its not yet clear what will take its place. Will the Online advertising spending has rebounded, following digital strategy, just solid marketing strategies that happen future be driven by search? Social networking? Mobilility? recovery from the recession, and continues to grow. to use digital channels. No one has a crystal ball into what A device? An application? A browser? Microblogging? However, there is no consistent pattern across the region. devices, applications, web services, and sites tomorrows Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Skype In 2009, Japans online ad revenue grew just 1.2% over customer will use, so stay engaged with your customer and and Yahoo! are just a few of the international players 2008, but hit a milestone: more money was spent on online flexibly follow the trends across multiple platforms. experimenting with different mixtures of applications, media than on newspaper advertising for the first time. In content and devices in their quest to be dominant. And Last year it seemed that social networking – and more China in 2009, 16.69% of all ad spend was online. Contrast David Ketchum is Chairman, Asia Digital Marketing in Asia Pacific, some world-class companies are looking particularly Facebook – might take over as the dominant this statistic with the Philippines, where just 1% of total Association and President of Bite Communications, to meet local needs or expand globally, such as Alibaba, "operating system" of the internet. Now its clear there are advertising expenditure is online and SMS reigns supreme. Asia Pacific. Rakuten, Livedoor, Orkut, Rediff, Sina, Baidu, Daum, Telstra multiple players. For example, people on Windows Mobile For reference, Singapores percentage of online spending and others. Of note: Tencent is now among the top five phones access Gmail. Someone is searching Baidu using stands at approximately 6%. sites visited globally. a FireFox browser. A teenager is playing a Playfish game These developments are exciting and empowering on Facebook. People are transferring money with Alipay. A Were back! for marketers, advertisers, and their agencies. The YouTube video is streaming through a Yahoo! site. Someone consolidation of major players in the global internet is Skyping on an Apple laptop, while someone else is IMing industry such as Googles purchase of DoubleClick on their Nokia. A Chinese teenager just connected with a friend on RenRen with a email address. T and the Microsoft/Yahoo! search deal, offers scale, and unprecedented reach and frequency for online marketing. The platform companies continuously refine their his is the fourth edition of the Asia Digital Marketing Yearbook, compiled by the Asia Digital Thats matched with localised innovation that is bubbling revenue models and try to grab market share, which Marketing Association (ADMA) with the help of our members and supporters. Thanks to all up and providing new, highly relevant opportunities for is healthy because their platforms interconnect and our contributors for this years collection of information, insights and case studies. And, a huge engagement. The reality is that no one platform is going produce hundreds of thousands of customer touchpoints to win the markret outright, and whether each competitor for marketers to engage. How marketers deploy these thank you to the ADMAs tireless director Kay Bayliss, to Yearbook editor Rachel Oliver, and to purports to be "open" or not, they all have the potential to platforms and what campaign ideas will be most successful designer Garry Tipping who once again made this mammoth project a reality. overlap and underlie one another. To quote author David is far from universal and, as in past years were seeing The Yearbook is produced by the ADMA as a service to marketing directors, agency Weinbergers book title, the internet remains "Small Pieces increasing diversity in consumer habits across the region. executives and business people who want to know whats happening online in the Asia Pacific Loosely Joined" rather than a monolithic, consistent entity, Heres a look at some of the trends in Asia Pacific, and despite various companies attempts. The iPhone (and now of course there is much more detail in each of the country region. the iPad) and its apps-and-content ecosystem as helped sections of this Yearbook. Printed copies of the complete Yearbook are available to full members of the ADMA, so join blaze new trails in mobility, e-commerce and content. today if you are not yet a member at As always, the PDF download However, there are also plenty of other cutting edge • Internet users in Asia Pacific spent more than version of the full Yearbook is available free at devices (30% of the worlds smartphone market is in Asia 5.6 trillion minutes online in 2009, and bought Pacific) and plenty of other platforms driving the trend. US$7 billion in virtual goods.4 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 5
  5. 5. ASiA PACifiC In September 2009 alone, the regions internet users made 38.6 billion searches, averaging up to 88 searches per user Asian search engines now easily compete with the rest of the world. Chinese site came third behind in that month. Google and yahoo! in a ranking of top sites by search (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) traffic in July 2009. While Google had 76.7 billion searches that month, giving it 67.5% market share, yahoo! received Nearly half of all search activity (44.1%) across the region 8.9 billion searches (7.8% market share) with Baidu very in September 2009 took place on Google, representing close behind with 8 billion searches and 7% market share. 17 billion searches. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) An Asian brand is now in the global top five online how Long Asia Pacific Spent online in 2009 2009 AVeRAGe 2009 totAL 2009 AVeRAGe 2009 AVeRAGe properties ranked by time spent. Tencent joins Microsoft, MonthLy UniqUe MinUteS SPent MonthLy MinUteS MonthLy Google, yahoo! and Facebook as the sites internet users ViSitoRS (000) onLine (MM) SPent PeR ViSitS PeR ViSitoR ViSitoR spend their most time on. Globally, internet users spent WoRLDWiDe 1,139,370 18,830,995 1,376.7 49.0 893 million minutes on Tencent in September 2009. ASIA PACIFIC 465,291 5,641,870 1,008.4 40.8 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) CHINA 211,684 2,374,432 858.3 44.6 JAPAN 66,176 887,023 1,114.5 42.4 INDIA 34,766 270,697 646.9 23.1 The average online user in Asia Pacific receives 170 SOUTH KOREA 28,606 618,618 1,797.8 59.2 promotional emails a week, nearly half as much as the AUSTRALIA 12,444 178,922 1,198.0 38.5 TAIWAN 11,750 145,324 1,030.6 37.7 average North American (300 emails a week). (SoURCe: ePSiLon inteRnAtionAL) MALAySIA 9,271 94,742 851.6 29.8 HONG KONG 3,896 65,684 1,402.5 43.6 SINGAPORE 2,651 41,899 1,315.8 39.3 Special offers and discounts seem to work well across Asia, NEW ZEALAND 2,543 28,303 926.1 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 15+ At ASiA PACifiC hoMe/WoRK 33.6 with 58% of Asian (ex Australia) internet users saying they LoCAtionS) made online purchases as a result of a coupon or offer they received in an email. Asia Pacifics online Gaming Usage in 2009 (SoURCe: ePSiLon inteRnAtionAL) 2009 AVeRAGe 2009 AVeRAGe 2009 AVeRAGe 2009 AVeRAGe MonthLy MonthLy UniqUe MonthLy MinUteS MonthLy ReACh (%) ViSitoRS (000) SPent PeR ViSitoR ViSitS PeR Asia Pacifics top 50 Sites of 2009 ViSitoR Site 2009 AVeRAGe MonthLy UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) WORLDWIDE 37.5 426,884 105.8 9.1 GOOGLE SITES 277,307 ASIA PACIFIC 30.9 143,636 51.9 7.1 yAHOO! SITES 225,320 SINGAPORE 41.2 1,093 66.5 7.2 MICROSOFT SITES 211,123 SOUTH KOREA 34.2 9,777 138.1 11.9 TENCENT 150,396 NEW ZEALAND 34.1 869 86.2 8.0 BAIDU 146,974 AUSTRALIA 33.9 4,230 72.2 7.7 SINA 104,565 CHINA 32.4 68,458 30.3 7.4 ALIBABA.COM 83,956 ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS Asia Pacifics internet Users 2009 HONG KONG 29.5 1,151 118.5 7.9 NETEASE 78,509 MALAySIA 28.3 2,628 56.0 5.3 SOHU 77,641 CoUntRy inteRnet PenetRAtion USeR GRoWth % of USeRS TAIWAN 26.6 3,133 24.9 4.5 WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION SITES 77,374 USeRS (M) RAte (%) 2000-2009 (%) in ASiA JAPAN 24.4 16,194 82.1 8.6 XUNLEI NETWORKING 70,454 The Asia Pacific region is easily home to the biggest ASIA PACIFIC 764.43 20.1 568.8 100 INDIA 17.6 6,117 45.0 4.1 CBS INTERACTIVE 67,693 internet audience on earth, with more than 764 million AUSTRALIA 17.03 80.1 158.1 – (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 15+ At ASiA PACifiC hoMe/WoRK FACEBOOK 66,339 CHINA 384.00 28.7 1,606.7 50.2 LoCAtionS) internet users as of early 2010. To put this in context, the HONG KONG 4.87 69.2 113.7 0.6 TUDOU SITES 56,537 AMAZON SITES 53,115 rest of the world has around 995 million internet users INDIA 81.00 7.0 1,520 10.6 Asia Pacifics Social networking Users KUGOU 51,506 INDONESIA 30.00 12.5 1,400 3.9 between them. JAPAN 95.97 75.5 103.9 12.6 MARKet totAL inteRnet SoCiAL netWoRKinG % of inteRnet yOUKU 49,235 (SoURCe: inteRnetWoRLDStAtS) USeRS*(000) USeRS (000) USeRS OAK PACIFIC INTERACTIVE SITES 48,418 MALAySIA 16.90 65.7 356.8 2.2 CHINA 215,460 105,379 49 APPLE 46,398 NEW ZEALAND 3.50 83.1 321.7 – HONG KONG 3,921 2,502 64 PCONLINE.CN SITES 45,974 Its not only the biggest, its the fastest growing too. Asia PHILIPPINES 24.00 24.5 1,100 3.1 INDIA 35,432 22,259 63 EBAy 40,479 SINGAPORE 3.37 72.4 180.8 0.4 Pacific now plays home to the fastest growing internet SOUTH KOREA 37.47 77.3 96.8 4.9 INDONESIA 6,014 5,074 84 RAKUTEN 39,079 population in the world. China, India and Japan were JAPAN 67,586 24,276 36 FC2 38,357 TAIWAN 15.14 65.9 141.9 2.0 MALAySIA 9,400 6,344 67 AOL 37,328 mainly to thank for Asias 22% increase in usage in the THAILAND 16.10 24.4 600.0 2.1 PHILIPPINES 4,526 3,924 87 GMO INTERNET GROUP 36,849 VIETNAM 22.77 25.7 11,289.9 3.0 year up to September 2009, with China taking home (SoURCe: inteRnetWoRLDStAtS; APRiL 2010) SINGAPORE 2,696 2,085 77 NTT GROUP 35,588 SOUTH KOREA 28,978 16,632 57 56 35,311 the prize for the fastest-growing country in Asia. China TAIWAN 11,932 7,565 63 ADOBE SITES 35,030 experienced a 31% surge of internet users in that period, VIETNAM 5,625 2,947 52 PPSTREAM 34,928 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix RePoRt, AUGUSt 2009; * hoMe AnD WoRK USeRS, 15+ on PeRSonAL bringing its own total audience to 220.8 million. LIVEDOOR 32,834 ❚ USeR BehAVioUR CoMPUteRS) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe/MARKetinG-inteRACtiVe) NHN 31,497 CyBERAGENT 31,059 WORDPRESS 30,961 Asia Pacific will also be the main driving force behind the The Asia Pacific regions internet users spent more than LyCOS SITES 30,665 global adoption of broadband moving forward. By 2013, 5.6 trillion minutes online between them in 2009. ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG THE MOZILLA ORGANISATION 29,560 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) NIFTy 29,425 the region is expected to be home to 49% of the global ASK NETWORK 27,656 broadband market. There are anticipated to be more than Half of the top 20 sites across the Asia Pacific region are PHOENIX TELEVISION 27,472 On average, internet users across the Asia Pacific region 640 million broadband users worldwide by 2013. There based in China. SONy ONLINE 27,260 each spent 1,008.4 minutes online per month in 2009, (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) RECRUIT CO 25,738 are currently more than 160 million broadband subscribers lower than the world monthly average of 1,376.7 minutes. QIANQIAN 25,713 across Asia Pacific. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) On a regional basis, Asia Pacific is now only slightly behind KAKAKU 25,651 (SoURCe: infoRMAtion WeeK/PARKS ASSoCiAteS) PCPOP SITES 25,459 Europe and the Middle East (EMEA) in the spamming XINHUA NEWS AGENCy 25,028 Search is a considerably more popular activity today FOX INTERACTIVE MEDIA 24,732 Four out of the top 10 countries in the world ranked by stakes. In October 2009, nearly one quarter (23%) of all amongst the regions internet users than it was a year CHINAByTE TECHNOLOGy CO. 23,536 home broadband use are from Asia. South Korea tops spam globally orginated from Asia, compared to the 28% SAKURA INTERNET 23,513 ago. In the space of one year (from September 2008 to the list, with 95% of its homes now having access to that came from EMEA. TOM.COM 23,121 September 2009) the number of searches conducted by (SoURCe: SyMAnteC) KINGSOFT 22,587 broadband; followed by Singapore (88%) in second place; Asia Pacific users jumped by 33%. 4399 22,457 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 15+ At ASiA PACifiC hoMe/WoRK with Taiwan and Hong Kong in joint fifth place (81%). (SoURCe: MeDiA/CoMSCoRe) LoCAtionS) (SoURCe: AfP/StRAteGy AnALytiCS)6 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 7
  6. 6. Asia Pacific online Ad Spend: 2009-2012 Why Asians Unsubscribe from emails Money talks, particularly if its made of plastic. Of the Mobile service revenues for the Asia Pacific region are MARKet yeAR (US$ MiLLion) ReASon % of APAC % of noRth AMeRiCA regions internet users who do shop online, a sizeable 83% tipped to hit US$326.37 billion by the end of 2013, an 2009 2010 2011 2012 ReSPonDentS ReSPonDentS AUSTRALIA 1,597 1,748 1,888 2,002 IRRELEVANT CONTENT 62 67 of them said in a survey that they would continue to do so increase of more than 16% from the end of 2009. CHINA 3,271 4,089 5,152 6,594 RECEIVE TOO FREQUENTLy 56 64 with the aid of electronic payment cards. (SoURCe: teLeCoMPAPeR/infoRMA teLeCoMS & MeDiA) HONG KONG 138 146 157 169 THINK ADDRESS BEING SHARED/SOLD 30 50 (SoURCe: SinA.CoM/ViSA) INDIA 101 117 134 154 DONT RECALL SIGNING UP 20 48 Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market in terms of mobile INDONESIA 0.9 1.0 1.4 1.8 PRIVACy CONCERNS 29 32 JAPAN 7,324 7,910 8,724 9,509 (SoURCe: ePSiLon inteRnAtionAL) When the regions internet users do shop online they dont multimedia revenue, and is expected to generate US$13.3 MALAySIA 26 34 41 48 just stick to local retailers. According to one survey, more billion in 2013, representing a CAGR of 13.8% from 2008. NEW ZEALAND 214 251 343 349 Why Asians open Permission-Based emails (PBes) than one third (39%) of online users said they had shopped (SoURCe: ieMARKetReSeARCh) SINGAPORE 16 17 18 19 tyPe of SUBjeCt % of APAC % of noRth AMeRiCA from overseas websites. The countries which showed the SOUTH KOREA 1,236 1,397 1,536 1,690 Line Content ReSPonDentS ReSPonDentS Music is expected to drive the regions mobile multimedia TAIWAN 208 229 252 277 DISCOUNT OFFER 66 59 biggest tendency towards shopping internationally are THAILAND 7 7 7 8 market moving forward. Revenue generated from Asia FREE PRODUCT OFFER 63 57 China and India. VIETNAM 0.8 0.9 1.1 1.3 CONTAINS FAMILIAR BRAND NAME 60 50 (SoURCe: ViSA eCoMMeRCe ConSUMeR MonitoR) Pacifics mobile music sector is expected to reach US$6.72 ASIA PACIFIC 14,142 15,949 18,258 20,827 (SoURCe: ZenithoPtiMeDiA, DeCeMBeR 2009) BREAKING INFO/NEWS 49 34 billion by 2013, a significant leap from the US$2.27 billion NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT 48 29 FREE SHIPPING OFFER 42 36 What Asia Pacific is Doing online generated in 2008. Asia Pacifics top Social networks in 2009 CONTAINS RECENT PURCHASE INFO 43 34 Key Site CAteGoRieS (% ReACh) (SoURCe: ieMARKetReSeARCh) PRoPeRty 2009 AVeRAGe MonthLy UniqUe ViSitoRS (000) LIMITED TIME OFFER 48 31 ENTERTAINMENT 71.2 TOTAL INTERNET: TOTAL AUDIENCE 465,291 CONTAINS My NAME 37 16 EMAIL 59.0 There were expected to be 1 billion mobile subscribers in SOCIAL NETWORKING 254,209 OTHER 5 7 SOCIAL NETWORKING 56.1 FACEBOOK 66,339 (SoURCe: ePSiLon inteRnAtionAL) NEWS/INFORMATION 55.2 North Asia alone by the end of 2009, with 80% of them BAIDU SPACE 48,212 RETAIL 54.4 living in China. Those subscribers were anticipated to QQ.COM ALUMNI 28,410 BLOGS 48.5 WINDOWS LIVE PROFILE 22,792 What Asians do After opening PBes TECHNOLOGy 47.6 generate as much as US$183 billion in revenues for that ORKUT 22,454 ACtion % of APAC % of noRth AMeRiCA COMMUNITy 47.5 year. ReSPonDentS ReSPonDentS GAMES 47.1 CyWORLD 19,377 (SoURCe: neWSWiRe toDAy/fRoSt & SULLiVAn) CLICK ON A WEBSITE 87 69 BUSINESS/FINANCE 39.9 QQ.COM MINI WORLD 17,919 ENTER SWEEPSTAKES OR PROMOTION 57 67 PHOTOS 34.2 KAIXIN001 16,405 WATCH VIDEO CLIP 63 46 INSTANT MESSAGING 31.8 By 2014, the number of mobile subscribers in North Asia HI5 15,886 FRIENDSTER 15,832 PURCHASE ONLINE 62 46 SPORTS 26.3 should exceed 1.37 billion, reflecting a CAGR of 7.7% PURCHASE OFFLINE AT RETAIL STORE 58 48 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 15+ At ASiA PACifiC hoMe/WoRK LoCAtionS) SIGN UP FOR MORE INFORMATION 67 38 EDUCATION 23.6 (2008-2014). Mobile revenues meanwhile are expected to TRAVEL 22.7 CLICK ON ADVERTISED LINK IN NEWSLETTER 62 34 CAREER SERVICES AND … 20.8 jump to US$229.8 billion by the end of that 2014 – a CAGR Asia Pacifics top 20 Digital Brands of 2009 PLAy A GAME (SoURCe: ePSiLon inteRnAtionAL) 55 39 AUTOMOTIVE 17.6 of 5.2% for the same period. RAnK BRAnD HEALTH 14.8 (SoURCe: neWSWiRe toDAy/fRoSt & SULLiVAn) 1 MCDONALDS GOVERNMENT 10.1 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix, AUGUSt 2009) 2 NOKIA 3 KFC There were expected to be as many as 453.3 million 4 COCA-COLA ❚ e-CoMMeRCe Asia Pacifics top online Retail Product Categories mobile subscribers in south east Asia by the end of 2009. 5 NIKE RetAiL SUBCAteGoRy (% ReACh) Currently just 6% of them – or 22.9 million people – are 6 SONy 7 SAMSUNG The "virtual goods" industry in Asia is worth US$7 billion, RETAIL 54.4 3G subscribers. COMPARISON SHOPPING 21.4 (SoURCe: fRoSt & SULLiVAn/inteLLASiA) 8 ADIDAS putting the US$1 billion that is generated in the US BOOKS 17.8 9 PIZZA HUT 10 NESTLE considerably in the shade. Asias top market, China, was COMPUTER HARDWARE 11.3 The south east Asian mobile market is currently valued at CONSUMER ELECTRONICS 11.0 11 PEPSI expected to generate around US$5 billion in virtual goods COMPUTER SOFTWARE 9.2 US$32 billion. However, while the number of subscribers 12 CANON 13 TOYOTA transactions in 2009 alone. Other markets leading Asias APPAREL 8.9 rose at a rate of 18.4% over 2009, the billings rate for that HEALTH CARE 5.1 14 HEINEKEN dominance in the virtual goods market include Japan and MALL 5.1 period rose by a more modest 13.6%. Much of this has 15 CITIBANK South Korea – both playing home to thriving online and FRAGRANCES/COSMETICS 3.8 to do with the newest batch of subscribers coming from 16 OLAy 17 HONDA mobile gaming industries. RETAIL-MUSIC 3.5 emerging markets such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia (SoURCe: +8*/ViRtUALGooDSneWS.CoM) RETAIL-FOOD 3.0 18 PHILIPS 19 VISA DEPARTMENT STORES 2.8 and the Philippines, all exhibiting lower ARPUs. TICKETS 1.9 (SoURCe: fRoSt & SULLiVAn/inteLLASiA) 20 HEAD & SHOULDERS In a survey of six countries across Asia Pacific, an FLOWERS/GIFTS/GREETINGS 1.7 (SoURCe: tnS/DiGitAL MeDiA) overwhelming proportion of the regions online population JEWELRy/LUXURy GOODS/ACCESSORIES 1.4 By the end of 2014, south east Asia could have as many as CONSUMER GOODS 1.4 how Asia Pacific Defines Spam vs north America (89%) said they had shopped online in the past year. The SPORTS/OUTDOOR 1.4 606 million mobile subscribers, generating around US$36.2 Definition % of APAC % of noRth AMeRiCA Asian countries who show the biggest preference for online HOME FURNISHINGS 1.3 billion in mobile revenues in that year. ReSPonDentS ReSPonDentS TOYS 1.2 shopping are South Korea (97% of respondents who said (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; % ReACh of RetAiL SUBCAteGoRieS By CoUntRy; AUGUSt 2009) (SoURCe: fRoSt & SULLiVAn) EMAILS THAT INTEND TO TRICK ME INTO OPENING THEM 67 83 EMAILS OF AN OFFENSIVE SUBJECT MATTER 69 71 they shopped online), China (94%), Japan (94%) and ANy EMAIL I RECEIVE THAT I DID NOT ASK FOR OR SUBSCRIBE TO 54 73 Australia (89%). Asians continue to lead the world when it comes to the EMAILERS FROM SENDERS WHO ARE UNKNOWN TO ME 52 76 (SoURCe: ViSA eCoMMeRCe ConSUMeR MonitoR) love of mobile shopping. In a survey, almost eight out of ALL EMAILS THAT ARE FILTERED INTO THE JUNK MAILBOX ANy EMAIL I RECEIVE THAT I DONT WANT, REGARDLESS 42 45 ❚ MoBiLe ten mobile users in Asia Pacific "reported some mobile OF WHETHER I SUBSCRIBED 39 39 What are internet users across the region buying online? shopping activity", while nearly a quarter of them (23%) ANy EMAIL SENT TO ME FROM A SENDER WHO IS NOT Much the same as always, according to one survey which Asia Pacific buys more phones than any other region on made some form of mobile purchase in the month of ON My ADDRESS BOOK OR APPROVED SENDER LIST 29 45 AN EMAIL FROM A COMPANy I MAy HAVE GIVEN PERMISSION TO found the most popular items purchased online over the earth. Nearly 480 million mobile devices were sold across December 2009. SEND ME MAIL AT ONE TIME, BUT THAT I NO LONGER past year have been clothes (55%), books (50%) and Asia in 2009 (compared to less than 200 million in Western (SoURCe: MotoRoLA/eMARKeteR) WISH TO RECEIVE 32 39 music downloads (49%). Europe). And this year, the number will surpass half a EMAILS FROM COMPANIES I HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH (SoURCe: ViSA eCoMMeRCe ConSUMeR MonitoR) billion, according to estimates, with nearly 547 million While Asia does not currently lead the world in terms OFFLINE, BUT TO WHOM I NEVER GAVE PERMISSION TO CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL 28 34 expected to be sold across the region. of mobile payments, it is showing strong growth in this EMAILS FROM A COMPANy I HAVE DONE BUSINESS WITH BUT And why do the regions internet users shop online (SoURCe: GARtneR) area, with payment transaction values estimated to reach THAT COME TOO FREQUENTLy 23 31 anyway? According to the same survey, the most popular US$29.8 billion in 2013. Pre-paid top ups are expected ANy EMAIL THAT TRIES TO SELL ME A PRODUCT OR SERVICE, EVEN IF I KNOW THE SENDER 27 26 reasons are the convenience of being able to shop anytime There are currently around 2.03 billion mobile subscribers to account for 50% of this amount, followed by money (SoURCe: ePSiLon inteRnAtionAL) (80%); to be able to compare prices and get better deals in Asia Pacific. Thats expected to increase to 2.53 billion transfers as the next largest mobile payment category. (79%); to find and compare products (78%); and to hunt by the end of 2013, an increase of nearly 25%. China and (SoURCe: ieMARKetReSeARCh) around for bargains (75%). India wont be the only countries to drive this growth – By 2012, it is expected that there will be around 123 (SoURCe: ViSA eCoMMeRCe ConSUMeR MonitoR) Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam are expected to million mobile payment users in the Asia Pacific region. (SoURCe: ieMARKetReSeARCh) display subscriptions booms as well. (SoURCe: teLeCoMPAPeR/infoRMA teLeCoMS & MeDiA)8 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 9