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http://www.hongkongvisahandbook.com - this is the factsheet on the Hong Kong Visitor Visa Extension as found in the Hong Kong Visa Handbook. On the Hong Kong Visa Handbook website you will discover every possible resource required to effectively finish a Hong Kong visa application at the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

So, once you have been admitted into Hong Kong as a visitor, first extensions to your stay as a visitor are readily grant by the Immigration Department. When you apply, you as a visitor visa holder must be able to satisfy the Immigration Department that you remain a bona fide visitor in Hong Kong. Particularly, the examining officer is looking to ensure that you will not be breaching your conditions of stay if they allow you to remain in Hong Kong as a visitor for a further period of time.

So, if you seek to extend your visitor visa, there are three things that we need to discuss. The first is the first extension. Well, when you approach the Immigration Department down in Wanchai, you are going to have to be able to satisfy them that you are still a bona fide visitor. This will effectively mean that they are going to do a little bit of analysis as to why you have been in Hong Kong for as long as you have, what have you been doing, and what are your intentions if they are able to grant you an extension? Whatever the reason is that you have in your request to remain for a longer period of time, you will need to submit that down in writing and as part of your justification they will expect that you will have a final date of when your visit will terminate and that you will provide an undertaking that you will in fact leave on or before that day; but the reality is the Immigration Department is very flexible, they are very receptive to these applications and indeed they are readily granted.

The problems then begin to pile up for you if you seek further extension subsequent to your first extension. The key question will be why and particularly because you have already given written justifications previously and you have given a written undertaking first time out. So, whilst this is not impossible, certainly the Immigration Department will be looking very carefully at your rationale for any further extension in those circumstances.

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Hong Kong Visitor Visa Extension Factsheet

  1. 1. Visa Information  Visitor Visa Extensions  www.hongkongvisahandbook.com 
  2. 2. Visitor Visa Extensions  EligibilityOnce admitted into Hong Kong, first extensions of stay to visitor visas are readily granted.   (Click to Watch)    Approvability Test Highlights Upon application, the visitor visa holder must be able to satisfy the HKID that he or she remains a bona fide visitor to Hong Kong. Particularly, the examin‐ ● Apply at Immigration  Tower in Wanchai ing  officer  is  looking  to  ensure  that  you  are  not  breaching/will  not  breach your conditions of stay if they allow you to remain in Hong Kong as a visitor  ● First extensions are for a further period of time. readily forthcoming  ● Need to provide repre‐ Structuring Your Argument sentations in writing  ● The support of a local When  applying  at  the  HKID  Immigration  Tower  in  Wanchai,  you  will  need  to  contact is invaluable prepare  in  advance  a  letter  justifying your reasons for the extension andalso provide a written undertaking as when you will finally end the visit and ● No right of appeal if exit Hong Kong. First extensions are usually granted for the period of time your application fails requested, such being no longer than the original visa granted upon orprior to arrival. If you believe you will be requiring a further extension it is ● Beware the Shenzhen wise to anticipate this and provide for it in your written representations the Shuttle first time around. Securing the support of a local business or social contactis very helpful in promoting your case, especially if the same writes to sub-stantiate the essential rationale for your extension request. Further Extensions & AppealSecond and subsequent applications are not granted lightly and are scruti-nized thoroughly. Hence the importance of anticipating the possibility of afurther extension when you make your first application. A similar processto the first is followed for subsequent applications; namely the same typeof representations and third party communications in support (which areeven more critical). If refused, there is no right/process to appeal. Documents Required Immigration Department Form ID91  Letter from Applicant  Third Party Letter of Support  The Shenzhen ShuttleIn a practical sense, you may choose to leave Hong Kong just prior to theexpiry of your current period of stay as a visitor and immediately (or aftera relatively short period of time, in any event) re-enter the HKSAR with afresh period of stay. This often involves a quick visit across the boundaryto Shenzhen or Macau. Whilst seemingly common practice, it is not recom-mended. The immigration officials are alert to these techniques and stillsubject the traveller to the Approvability Test each time they present atimmigration control. There is a real risk of refusal of entry. www.hongkongvisahandbook.com