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Fiancé                                         EligibilityA visitor to Hong Kong who is formally engaged to a Hong Kong re...
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Hong Kong Fiance Visa Factsheet


Published on - this is the Factsheet on the Hong Kong Fiance visa as found in the Hong Kong Visa Handbook. On the Hong Kong Visa Handbook website you will discover every possible resource required to effectively finish a Hong Kong visa application at the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

A visitor to Hong Kong who is formally engaged to a Hong Kong resident and who requires an extended period of stay to remain in the HKSAR prior to the nuptials and the legal ceremony, are able to apply to extend their visitor visa to cover the period before the ceremony takes place. This is known as a prolonged visitor visa application. After the ceremony is complete, an application can then be made for a dependent visa but not before.

For fiancés wishing to remain in Hong Kong until the completion of the nuptials, the exercise in getting the Immigration Department’s consent to remain is very much an administrative one. There is very little need to argue anything per se. When you make the application, you need to be formally engaged to be married to a Hong Kong resident; and on the basis that you are, you can make an application for a prolonged visitor visa and the Immigration Department will allow you to remain with prolonged visitor visa status until probably three or four weeks after the date of the nuptials have been completed. When you are making the application, you need to be able to prove to the Immigration Department the date of the legal ceremony and you do this by submitting the requisite official paper work showing the ceremony has been booked. Another thing that works towards proving that this is not just something that you have cobbled together at the last minute for visa purposes and it is actually a loving committed relationship and going down to the department when making the application with your partner is a very good idea. Normally, the visa extension is granted on spot and after the wedding you can apply for legal dependent visa.

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Hong Kong Fiance Visa Factsheet

  1. 1. Visa Information  Fiancé 
  2. 2. Fiancé  EligibilityA visitor to Hong Kong who is formally engaged to a Hong Kong resident and who requires an extended period of stay to remain in the HKSAR prior to the nuptials (legal ceremony) is able to apply to extend their visitor visa to cover the period before the ceremony takes place. This  (Click to Watch) is known as a prolonged visitor visa application.     Highlights  Approvability Test ● Prolonged visitor visa  available The path to approval requires proof that the ceremony leading to the legal marriage has been booked and the Hong Kong resident partner has the means to support his/her fiancé in Hong  ● Proof  that the mar‐Kong pending the nuptials. Subsequently, the applicant will be able to apply for a dependant  riage ceremony has visa predicated on the fact of the legal marriage.  been booked is essen‐ tial  Structuring Your Argument ● Period of stay granted  through to the date of This is all about documentation demonstrating the booked ceremony arrangements as well as proof of financial capability. Moreover, the applicant will have to satisfy the examining  the ceremony officer that he/she has  a suitable place to stay pending the formal nuptials.  ● Dependant visa avail‐ able after the cere‐ How to Apply mony The application  together with all of the supporting documentation is submitted to the  Visitors section at Immigration Tower. The application will typically be decided ‘on the spot’ .  Approval FormalitiesOnce approved and if you are planning to exit Hong Kong  prior to the nuptials you are ad‐vised to seek a re‐entry permit so that your prolonged visitor visa consents are not cancelled when you leave Hong Kong and upon your return to the HKSAR the examining officer will grant you a period of stay with the same expiry date granted at the original approval.  Documents Required 1.  Extension of stay application form ID91  2.  A declaration letter signed by the applicant declaring that he/she will not take up  employment, join in a business or study whilst holding prolonged visitor visa status.  3.  A confirmation letter to be signed by the sponsor confirming that he/she will be  responsible for meeting the applicant’s financial needs in Hong Kong.  4.  A letter detailing the sponsor’s relationship with the applicant and to be signed by  both parties.  5.  A letter from the sponsor’s employer/company in Hong Kong and/or a copy of the  Employment Contract showing the sponsor’s financial package.  6.  Copy of the both the sponsor’s bank statements for the past three months and/or  other supporting documents as proof of financial stability of  both partners.  7.  Original passports of both the sponsor and the applicant.  8.  Copy of the sponsor’s Hong Kong Identity Card.  9.  Proof that the marriage ceremony has been booked.