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  • STELLA: Introduction- From Pepperdine in Malibu. Seaver rep, residential learning, Sakai as an extension of my course, and Hong San Jose from Technology & Learning.
  • Seaver is one of 5 schools. Differences in campuses.
  • STELLA - Purpose: 1) Consider why your school should select Sakai/positive features of Sakai 2) Explain how to get started in Sakai, view the platform/interface. 3) Highlight favorite tools & tips
  • HONG: What attracts you to Sakai? What attracted us?
  • HONG
  • HONG: BB – Sakai – Courses (our branding). Note website address. Also can be accessed through wavenet. Note free tutorials and LENGTH of tutorials. Share that support from IT is available.
  • HONG
  • HONG
  • STELLA: Faculty- How to Get Started. Site Info is the new Control Panel. Edit tools allows you to view all the tools that can be turned on/off for your site.
  • STELLA: Example of Edit Tools page.
  • STELLA: UG vs. Grad; face to face vs. remote. Level 1 user: Syllabus, Resources, Assignments, Forums. Level 2 user: Dropbox, Blogs, Gradebook. Level 3: Elluminate, Quizzes, Modules (WHAT ARE THESE, HONG?).
  • STELLA: Click Publish site. (like cell phone)
  • STELLA: After customizing the site, Sakai works as the hub for all my resources. This way podcasts, handouts, grade, quizzes can all be accessed in one place. I can even add my own website to this space.
  • STELLA: Extensions and not substitutions of my regular course.
  • STELLA: Example of a forum to get feedback from students after a class activity or exercise.
  • STELLA: Dropbox
  • HONG
  • HONG
  • Purpose: 1) explain how to get started in Sakai, view the platform/interface. 2) use of Sakai as a hub of resources for my courses. 3) highlight favorite tools
  • Sakai2012 erbes san_jose

    1. 1. 59610
    2. 2. Courses: Pepperdine’sLearning Management System Dr. Stella Erbes Teacher Education, Seaver College Hong San Jose Technology & Learning
    3. 3. • selecting Sakai• getting started• favorite tools & tips
    4. 4. Questions We All Asked• Where did it come from?• What does Sakai mean?• How do you pronounce Sakai?• What does Sakai look like?• What makes Sakai better than what we have?• What questions do you have?
    5. 5. Sakai ~ Where did it come from?• Originally funded by a grant from the Mellon Foundation• Feb 2004: Indiana, MIT, Stanford, Univ. of Michigan, uPortal & Open Knowledge• University of Michigan’s “CHEF” course management system
    6. 6. Refers to Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai
    7. 7. Selecting Sakai• community• ease of use• classroom management tools• cost
    8. 8. • What does Sakai look like?
    9. 9.
    10. 10. Getting Started: Site Info
    11. 11. Edit Tools
    12. 12. Levels of Users• Level 1: Beginner syllabus, resources, assignments, forums• Level 2: Intermediate dropbox, blogs, gradebook• Level 3: Advanced elluminate, quizzes, modules
    13. 13. Publish Site
    14. 14. TheHUB
    15. 15. Favorite Tools & Tips • extensions of my regular course • project submission/drafts
    16. 16.
    17. 17. Tips• backup when migrating• similar interface• brand your LMS early (“Courses”)• speak up if you want a new feature• tech & learning support
    18. 18. Next steps• conference attendance• faculty discussions• video tutorial• tech & learning support• collegial support• faculty pilot
    19. 19. • selecting Sakai• getting started• favorite tools & tips