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Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co. Limited


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description: Second hand wheel loaders for sale at China’s top leading website for buying high quality brand name used construction machinery.

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Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co. Limited

  1. 1. Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.
  2. 2. What We offer We offer wide range of second hand construction equipments like Excavators Wheel Loaders Backhoe Loaders Bulldozers Truck Cranes Rough terrain Cranes Crawler Cranes Motor Graders Road rollers Forklifts Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.
  3. 3. Excavators We have the following line of used excavators: Hitachi: EX100, EX100WD, EX120, EX200, EX200LC, EX220, ZX55, ZX70, ZX75 ZX120, ZX150, ZX200 Caterpillar:70, 120, 305, 306, 307, 312, 320, 330, 324, 325, 345 (From Model B to Model D) Komatsu: PC35, PC45, PC50, PC55, PC56, PC58, PC60, PC120, PC130, PC200, PC210, PC220 Kobelco: SK60, SK100, SK120, SK200, SK210, SK250-8 Daewoo: DH55, 60, 130, 150, 220, 225 Hyundai: 60W, 130w, 150w, 200, 210, 220 Volvo: EC210, 240, 290, 360, 460. , etc. Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.
  4. 4. Wheel Loaders We have following second hand wheel loaders: Caterpillar:916, 924, 928, 936, 938, 950, 966, 980, 988 (From Model C to Model H) Komatsu: WA300, 350, 360, 350, 380, 450, 470, 500 Kawasaki: 70B, 70Z, 80Z, 85Z, 90, 90Z, 95Z , etc. Backhoe Loader JCB3CX, JCB4CX , etc. Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.
  5. 5. Bulldozers Caterpillar: D5G, D6D, D6H, D6R, D6G, D7H, D7G, D7R, D8K, D8R, D8N, D8L, D9N, D9R, D10N Komatsu:D65, D85, D155, D375 , etc. Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.
  6. 6. Truck Cranes KATO:NK200E, NK250E, NK300E, NK350, NK400E, NK500E, NK800E, NK2500E TADANO: TG250, TL250, TL250E, TL300E, TG300E, TG350E, TG450E, GT550E, TG5 50E, TG650E, GT650E, TG1000E, TG1200E, TG1200M, TG1600M Rough terrain Crane KATO: KR25H, KR45H, KA300, SS500.KR250E, KR450 TADANO: KR250E, KR350E, TR250M, TR300M, AZ300D, AR350, TR450E, TR500M Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.
  7. 7. Crawler Cranes HITACHI:KH700, KH120T, KH125, KH150, KH180 KOBELCO: 50T, 100T, 120T, 300T SUMITOMO:50T, 100T, 200T Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.
  8. 8. Other Machinery Motor Grader: Caterpillar: 12G, 14G, 120G, 140G, 16G, 140H, 160H, 140K , etc. Road roller : DYNAPAC:CA25, CA30 Forklift Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any machinery. Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.
  9. 9. Contact Us Contact Person: Ms. Jessie Mao Company Name: Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co, Ltd Street Address: Lane666,Guangnan Road ,Minhang District City: Shanghai Province/State: Shanghai Country/Region: China Telephone: 86-18701974650 Fax: 86-02134553938 Or you can visit our official website: Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.