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Sms language my pres

  1. 1. DISCOURSE ANALYSIS Presenter: Hina Javaid ID# 100884006
  2. 2. TOPIC: Discourseanalysis of SMS language as a novel genre SMS language has revolutionary and influential effect on everyday language SMS language of teens differ from the elderly people
  3. 3. THINK LIKE A WISE MAN BUT COMMUNICATE IN THELANGUAGE OF THE PEOPLE. WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS (1865 – 1939) CMC Internet- based/PC Mobile/cell- based based IM chat Chat rooms Language: netspeak, anterior language: e-mails weblish, netlish, message texting, text, SMS, cyberspeak message, www MUD & MOO
  4. 4. WHAT IS SMS Short Messaging Service, otherwise known as text messaging, mobile messaging, or alphanumeric paging is a digital cellular network feature which emerged during the 20th century and now is widespread enough to be established as a novel genre within the domain of language and communication 
  5. 5. SMS LANGUAGE Wikipedia defines SMS language,“SMS language or Textese (also known as txtese, chatspeak, txt, txtspk, txtk, txto, txtk, texting language, txt lingo, or txt talk) is a term for the abbreviations and slang most commonly used due to the necessary brevity of mobile phone text messaging, in particular the widespread SMS (short message service) communication protocol. SMS language is also common on the Internet, including in email and instant messaging. It can be likened to a rebus, using pictures and single letters or numbers to represent whole words (e.g. "i <3 u" which uses the pictogram of a heart for love, and the letter u replaces you).”
  6. 6. FEATURES OF SMS LANGUAGE Abbreviations  Onomatopoeic, Contractions, shortening, exclamatory spellings (e.g. clippings haha! Arrrgh! WOOHOO! rahh, ahhh Acronym or initialisms  Deletion of parts of code-mixing speech: code-switching  subject pronoun Slang  preposition Syntactic reductions  punctuation Accent stylization  articles Asterisk emoting  copula Letter/number  auxiliary/model verbs homophones  contractions Misspellings an typos  ignore capitalization Emticons Smileys Rebus
  7. 7. DISCOURSE ANALYSIS OF SMS/TEXT ANALYSIS sample selection rationale Gricean co-operative principle and Maxim‟s Language play and ethnography and politeness Code-switching Psychoanalysis of the Sms language Critical Discourse Analysis
  8. 8. GRICEAN CO-OPERATIVE PRINCIPLE ANDMAXIM’S: Grice defined the principle of cooperation as follows:  during the talk the current stage, you talk to the party as a participant in your turn-out in the discourse should be in line with common speech recognition goals or direction.‟ A broad analysis of the sample messages indicates that these texts bolster three of the key discourse/ pragmatics maxims of Grice which all serves one general principle of „sociality‟. These being Brevity and speed Paralinguistic restitution Phonological approximation
  10. 10. PSYCHOANALYSIS OF THE SMS LANGUAGE the creative process of social and personal consciousness of the society and the texters profound effects on the cultures, societies and individuals unconscious mimicking of symbols, contraction, numeric use, acronyms etc reflects the hidden desire of texters to come up with the social status level Texters a kind of fashion freaks which clearly mirrors the core complexities of human personalities text bullying, anger shown via smiley and emoticons (:@ = angry).
  11. 11. CRITICAL DISCOURSE ANALYSIS “The strengths of CDA lie in making connections between social and cultural structures and processes on the one hand, and properties of text on the other”  (Fairclough & Wodak, 1997:277). dimension of discursive practice underlying power relations bound to the social production and social conditions
  12. 12. SMS/TEXT LANGUAGE AS A NEW GENRE useful genre-defining feature of texting SMS/text language  a creolizing blend of written and spoken discourse Distinctive Hybrid  speech-writing blend and in terms of their mixing of old and new linguistic varieties. Orthographic (or typographic) choices that texters make in their messages are motivated primarily by pragmatic and communicative concerns. form and function are mutually dependent  (a) the comparatively short length of text-messages;  (b) the relative concentration of non-standard typographic markers; and  (c) their predominantly small-talk content and solidary orientation
  13. 13. NEW DIMENSIONS US President Barack Obama and his campaign organizers announced his vice-presidential running mate in August 2008 via text massage. we are living in an age where the diminutive, the brief and the simple are highly prized in communication. Umberto Eco (2002) Language attitude
  14. 14. THANKS