Spicing Up Your Relationship With Lingerie


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Honey Gifts has everything couples need to spice up their relationships including sexy lingerie, adult toys & vibrators. Visit us today at honeygifts.com to view our selection

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Spicing Up Your Relationship With Lingerie

  1. 1. Spicing Up Your Relationship With Lingerie
  2. 2. 5 Ways to Turn Up the Sex Appeal with Seductive Lingerie Whether you're in a new relationship that needs a little inspiration or you're looking for ways to add some sizzle to your marriage, sexy lingerie is a great way to bring a whole new dimension to your sex life. Check out these five types of lingerie that will make him take a second look.
  3. 3. Corsets Men love a woman who takes charge, and a hot leather corset can really bring out the vivacious vixen inside of you. The combination of shiny black leather and a fitted bustier is sure to bring out your dominant side.
  4. 4. Corsets If you're aiming for a more innocent look, choose a lace- up corset in feminine colors like soft pink or light blue. Corsets are perfect for enhancing your bust and flattening your stomach while making you feel like you're ready to show off your new moves in bed.
  5. 5. Sexy Costumes Get ready to watch your hubby's jaw drop. Flirtatious costumes are one of the most seductive types of lingerie, and there's an endless variety of costumes to choose from.
  6. 6. Sexy Costumes Get some booty shorts and a black bra paired with a police hat so you can role play as a sexy cop, or let your man indulge in his ultimate fantasy by wearing a short plaid skirt and see-through white top that turn you into a naughty schoolgirl.
  7. 7. Cute Teddies Babydoll teddies are both alluring and comfortable. The flowing material around your midsection will hide any imperfections you're worried about, while the fitted bra shows off your best assets.
  8. 8. Cute Teddies If you're feeling extra confident, try a lace teddy with side cutouts to give you that sensual look, or choose a zip-up red teddy and pair it with crimson lipstick to give you that va-va-voom sex appeal.
  9. 9. Fishnets Lace and silk are used in all types of sexy lingerie, and they're sure to add innocence and charm to your ensemble. If you're aiming for something truly seductive, though, fishnet material is the way to go.
  10. 10. Fishnets Thigh-high fishnets add a come-hither vibe to a matching bra and panty set, while a fishnet mini dress is just risque enough to ensure your man won't be able to keep his hands off of you. Fishnets come in a wide variety of colors, from classic black to vibrant green to deep purple.
  11. 11. Animal Print Lingerie Looking for a way to show you're ready to go wild in the bedroom? Animal print lingerie is both suggestive and fun. A zebra print chemise will make your hubby do a double take while a tiger print thong is sure to set your primitive side loose.
  12. 12. Animal Print Lingerie A cute animal-themed headband or hat ties the look together. You can even pick out leopard print thigh-highs or tights paired with some sexy heels to make it look like your legs last for miles..
  13. 13. Conclusion Everything from long-term relationships to quick flings can benefit from some sexy lingerie. If your sex life is in a slump, slipping into a suggestive outfit can be all the motivation your man needs to try something new in bed.
  14. 14. Further Information… • Honey Gifts has everything couples need to spice up their relationships including sexy lingerie, adult toys & vibrators. Visit us today at honeygifts.com to view our selection