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Table services

  1. 1. By: Honey Turqueza
  2. 2. Seated Service French service American Service English Service Russian Service Self-Service Buffet Service
  3. 3. “ No one style of service is better than any other. Each form of service meets the specific need and demands of individual circumstances.”
  4. 4. Seated Service/ sit-down meals The manner in which the diner receives the food. The number of courses offered The servants required to wait on the table
  5. 5. Table setting (preparing) When seating, the server should assist the guests When taking the order, the server should also assist the guests The server should deliver the food to the guests And serve them Toward the end of the main course.
  6. 6. French service American Service English Service Russian Service
  7. 7. Service à la française, Portions of foods are brought to the dining room on serving , platters are placed on a small heater called Rechaud that is on a small portable table called guéridon, Much of the food was cooked or finished tableside from a voiture, or cart, or guéridon, or side table, in the dining room.
  8. 8. guéridon Chef de Rang Commis de Rang
  9. 9. Table is wheeled up beside the guests table and here the Chief Waiter or Chef de Rang, completes preparation. An assistant waiter or Commis de Rang carries the plate and serves each guest. It is his job to bring the food and clear the dirty dishes from the guest’ table.
  10. 10. guéridon Chef de Rang Commis de Rang
  11. 11. Very stylish and formal Guest can enjoy food prepared at side table required a highly skilled staff Expensive on labor and equipment needs necessitates wide aisles
  12. 12. The food is prepared and plated in kitchen.The food brought to the dining room and served by the server. Each serving dish is passed from one hand to another in one direction – until all in the table have served themselves. Someone at the table removes the main course and serves the desert.
  13. 13. In this service, the dishes are prepared and decorated or garnished in the kitchen. Unlike English service here the service will done from the right side of the customer..
  14. 14. known as platter service similar to French service It employs the use of heavy silver serviceware, and the table setting is identical to the French setup. The two major differences one server is needed and that food is fully prepared and attractively arranged on silver platters in the kitchen
  15. 15. • Standing to the left of each guest and holding the platter of food in the left hand, the server show each guest the food and then, using a large spoon and fork in the right hand, dishes up the desired portion on the guest’s plate
  16. 16. only one server is need and this service is as elegant as French service, yet faster and less expensive. No extra space is needed for special equipment the large investment is silver service ware and the number of platters needed.
  17. 17. Often referred to as the "Host Service" Food is brought on platters by the waiter and is shown to the host for approval. The waiter then places the platters on the tables. All food fully cooked in the kitchen All sauces and side dishes are on the table to be passed by the guests
  18. 18. The advantage of English service is that it the Service is quicker and easier each guest are allowed to choose the portion they wants The disadvantages are that the host may be required to do a lot of the work by dishing up some of the food, and with only one person serving the entrée, the service can be very time-consuming.
  19. 19. 1. Buffet 2. Staffed buffet
  20. 20. A buffet is a dining table or other suitable surface, that will accommodate a stack of plates and serving dishes of foods. Guests are invited to serve themselves at the buffet With buffet service, guests select their meals from an attractive arrangement of food on long serving tables
  21. 21. diners may bring their own plate along the buffet line and are given a portion by a server at each station The guests either help themselves or are served by server standing behind the buffet tables
  22. 22. Meal period buffet Brunch buffet Fork buffet Display buffet Occasion buffet Regional and ethnic buffet Event oriented buffet Seasonal buffet International buffet
  23. 23. Served during particular time of day Includes in between (happy hour) Service of late night buffet snack
  24. 24. Made of breakfast & lunch foods Offers a full array of hot and cold food Includes (egg dish, fruits …….)
  25. 25. Bite-sized food Easily handled with the fingers Flatware consists of fork & small plate
  26. 26. Presents a particular or group of item Most appropriate for particular holiday or theme
  27. 27. Everything focus on specific occasion Offers challenge to menu planner
  28. 28. Dominated by particular area or nationality Customs , methods of food should be studied carefully
  29. 29. Celebrates an occasion wanted by the restaurant or client. Slightly different from occasion buffet
  30. 30. Mark all the four seasons Food offered-plentiful,readily available
  31. 31. God bless!