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Case analysis big bazar


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Published in: Business
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Case analysis big bazar

  1. 1.  Lifestyle Retailing Big Bazar-Hypermarket Food Bazar-Grocery stores Value Retailing Pantaloons-Department store Central Mall-seamless malls
  2. 2.  Pantaloons departmental store provided aspirational yet affordable products Targeted upper and middle class Location in high traffic areas such as entertainment complexes gave it a good footfall Central Malls provided integrated place for customers to shop,eat and celebrate with broad mix of products and entertainment zones
  3. 3.  Located mostly in tier-1 cities for easy access and thus more appealing to high end customersChanges required in this format Introduce more private labels in central malls as they have higher margins and lower costs Market private labels aggressively at par with branded labels Move to tier-2 and tier-3 cities as the rental cost is less
  4. 4.  Cheapest prices with good quality products and discounts,freebies etc Features of modern retailing such as parking,ac and return privileges along with indianness of bazars Improved shopping experience with wide variety of products and ambience,décor and good display facilities Stands good in terms of understanding indian customers and providing the quint essential indian feel to shopping by letting them touch and examine food products before buying
  5. 5.  Introduce more private labels in different categories in big bazar for improving the consistency in stock As the cost of rental is going up,the big bazar outlets should have a layout that retains the feel of bazars but reduce the size Target more tier-2 and tier-3 cities Brand the private labels as superior quality at an unbeatable price
  6. 6.  There is a shift to giving more importance given to product prices Value retailing thus is a more profitable option Thus PRIL should consider giving up lifestyle retailing opportunity due to increasing competition from bigger brands,increasing real estate cost and fluctuations in demand causing mismanaged stocks